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February 05, 2007 04:20 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Let’s have a nice, clean fight today.


20 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. “Congress may repeal…” may come true.  REAL ID was a bad law, and if even a few states give the Feds the finger, it’s essentially DOA.

      The underlying idea has merits, but this country does not need to hear “papers, please…” to protect its security.  Stronger background checks on individual state IDs are sufficient to the job that REAL ID proposed to take over.

  1. Everyone asks why Hillary hasn’t repudiated her vote on Iraq. She, of all people, understands the skillful use of the presidential position(stop it! You have a dirty mind).

    To this day, she can’t understand why “The President” doesn’t fix this problem! She’s overly patient…even, perhaps, overly gracious. She’s not alone.

    1. Hillary is the Senator from New York, where the attack occured and her constitutents were killed….I saw that vote has one giving the President bargining power…Her real problem is she trusts the wrong guys.

  2. Last week, I mentioned on this blog how many people who contact our leg office aren’t even voters.  It is true that such non-voters have every legal right to ask for help, I just find it rather hypocritical to choose to not partake of the process and then expect to use the same process when there is a problem.

    Today’s Sorta Rant is about letting your representative know how you feel.

    1. Don’t use form letters sent by a special interest group or your employer.  Today I had two small piles of emails about the “Qwest Bill”, HB1222.  One pile were all the same, but at least they were honest enough to say that they were Qwest employees.  The other pile had no reference to Comcast being their employers, but who outside of those small groups really care?  I assure you, that although those mails are considered, it isn’t a whole lot.

    1.a.  If you really feel strongly about the topic, write your own letter!  These are the ones read, pondered, and given priority in deciding.  They are the ones I love to read, no matter how poorly composed or whether I agree with them or not.  Democracy in action.

    2.  Be sure to include a bill number if at all possible.  I realize that sometimes one doesn’t know it, but it really helps.

    3.  At the state level, email is preferred, if only because it is easy to respond to. (Again, be original if you want to be counted.) I’ve heard that at the federal level, email doesn’t get much respect, and snail mail has to go through anthrax detection, delaying it. FAX is best for the US capitol. 

    4.  Don’t call and complain about a bill that has been signed by the governor.  But you already know that here on Pols.

    5.  Here’s a radical concept: Know what you are talking about, have the facts.  Take all meds before picking up the phone.

    6.  If you are retired or home on disability, we, the ones who support you, do NOT have as much time as you.  (Boy, did my siblings and I notice the increase in phone calls after Mom retired.  She even calls to say that nothing has changed.)

    7.  Call YOUR representatives and senators, you just clutter the inboxes when you blast every legislator to voice your opinion.  Only one of them represents you.

    8.  Call the right office!  I spent 40 minutes today trying to be polite to a guy with bitches about FEDERAL issues.  He knew they were, he was smart, he knew the system.  Yet, he insisted on wasting my time.  He was a WSOF, Whining Selfish Old Fart.  It was hard to control my mouth, since it is my taxes that supports his SS and food stamps.  As far as he was concerned, the world rotates on senior’s problems.

    So there’s the rant from the capitol!

    PS, Amendment 41 seems to have severely crimped the flow of office food.  This MUST be rectified!

      1. I didn’t work there before last year, which was when the Dems got rid of the rather transparent “office account” donations.

        Let me tell you, the previous Republican controlled legislature operating budget is so tight Rush Limbaugh’s ass would squeak.  Leg’s don’t even have one full time aide, the pay being an overly generous $10/hour for an average of 30 hours a week.  (I’m a volunteer.) 

        They supply a phone and a laptop, and a miniscule supplies budget.  What happens is that the leg’s buy their own printers, their own additonal computer for the aide to use, printer supplies, etc. This is Grover Norquist’s wet dream, a close to paralyzed legislature insofar as being able to support constituents, to respond to them in a timely fashion, etc.

        Of course, the Republican solution to this mess they made was to allow lobbyists to give money to the leg’s “office accounts.”  Can you spell corruption?  At least that’s gone.

        The foodstuffs that we had so much of last year were just “gifts.”  The high price of ethics, I guess. 

        1. I suppose it’s not all bad: unless you were used to getting health foods for snacks, you’re probably eating better…

          I’m mostly aware of the vast sums of money that *aren’t* in the Legislative coffers; just wasn’t sure how to read your ongoing postscripts about the food shortage that’s developing “down there”.  I’d send you a supply, but I’d want to supply more than just you, and for more than just a day or three – and that would definitely rise above the $50 limit.  Sorry; hope you’re a rich (or at least financially stable) volunteer.

          1. I bring good food from home.  But it’s always fun to have “brought food” that one wouldn’t have bought or otherwise indulged in. 

            As I discovered as a kid, stolen fruit always tastes better!

            Well, it seemed like it.

    1. Just what it is that all these “traitors” have in common that makes them want to support other candidates…  Maybe then the Republicans won’t find themselves on the short end of the political balance in a few short years.

      1. They just keep digging their own political grave.  One day, it will be Lambourne, Marilyn, Schulteis, and Doc here down deep in that hole wondering where all the people went. 

        A real leader would have gone to this guy and asked, “What’s wrong, why did you vote Dem?”  But these hyper-righties can only think ideology.

      2. A one party state tends to be more corupt and berefit of new ideas. We need them (hopefully usually in the minority, but close) to keep us on our toes.

        What needs to happen is for the wingnuts to self destruct so that the vast majority of Republicans say enough and take back their party. It’s happened elsewhere.

        – dave

        1. It is a whole other animal. I think your last paragraph is what/will happen. I dont know if it has reached the pinnacle of radicalism, but I would assume that it is close.

          1. America is amazingly resilient.  Americans are sometimes slow to see the big picture, but so far they catch up sooner or later.

            I think the return of Dems in the state and nation is only the firs t step of cleaning out the Gingrich “Republicans.”  History will look on 1994-2006 with amazement, “How could that happen here?”  Similar to the Germans in 1946.  No, I’m not saying it’s THAT bad, just a parallel.

            For the righties who would never listen to Left Wing Radio, I can tell you that many hosts and guests express the sentiment that is here; Where are the traditional Republicans?  Please step up, we need you!

    1. ….to reflect on his misdeeds?  Could he always get it up, Ruby?

      Ever since we admired Betty Ford for her candor, we have had this phenomena of politicians hiding behind the skirts of alchol or other drugs. 

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