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February 02, 2007 07:32 PM UTC

Vote for President: Democrats

  • by: Colorado Pols

You can read the explanation for this post in the post below. On to the polls…

Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee for President?

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59 thoughts on “Vote for President: Democrats

      1. From the daily KOS
        Votes and comments from that site…
        In ratings:

        Edwards A+
        Obama A
        Hillary B+
        Clark B
        Kucinich C 

        “Edwards is a masterful orator. He is simply brilliant and his rhetorical skills outshine the rest of the competition. He truly CAPTURED and got the crowd to stand up and cheer more often than it sat down. His speech was well orchestrated with supporters cheering and holding up signs. By using repetitive phrases like “It doesnt have to be this way”, “Will you stand up with me for …” and “Silence is betrayal” he formed a clear narrative of what he sees as the most urgent problems (poverty, lack of health care, getting out of iraq) and why he is running for president. He sounded optimistic and still strong and forceful. He clearly put pressure on congressional democrats to go beyond nonbinding resolutions and use the power of the purse to stop the war. He reminded me a lot of Howard Dean at the DNC meeting in 2003. His message clearly resonated here. He voiced strong support for organized labor. His message: Change things now, dont wait for tomorrow or 2008. At some points during his speech it was noticable that some people were enthusiastically cheering while others kept silent, maybe distrusting the antiwar rhetoric of someone who had cosponsored the Iraq force resolution. But thats just a guess.”

  1. It seems like almost every four years there’s talk of some major non-candidate staying out of the fray to swoop in at the last minute as a “consensus” candidate, after everyone else has been knocked silly.  This year it is Al Gore.  When  is the last time someone actually won a nomination that way?

    1. Gore can hold out until the end of the year and still come in to win it.  He’s got an Oscar nomination that he’s likely to win, a Nobel Peace Prize nomination that he might win…  His name recognition is through the roof and winning both of those will make keep him in the news without his needing to form a candidate committee.

      But that assumes he wants the job.  He’s often quoted as saying he’s in step 7 of a 12-step recovery program from politics.  Does that mean he’s out?  No, but it means I didn’t vote for him with the current poll wording.

      Ask who I like the most in a fantasy poll, and he’s it.

        1. that Gore had the most votes but lost the Presidential election, and he may also lose this poll but have the most votes, since he is listed twice ?

            1. Come on Gecko, stop with the raw name calling.

              Why are they “nutjobs?” Both are some of the most lucid, well informed, experienced, intelligent, and coherent politicians in America.

              And compared to the master psycho Bush?  (Narcisstic, ADD, Addictive Personality, Oedipus complex, Borderline Personality Disorder, Megalomania, Sadist. Just off the top of my head.)

      1. If he got into the race, I might back him.  But I would feel better about his chances if I knew of a single other candidate in the last forty years winning a major-party nomination after announcing as a candidate late in the game.

        1. The question was which winning candidate announced this late in the game.
          The answer is Clinton……We are still a year away from the first state caucus/primary…..I have dem friends who think that the convention is coming to Denver THIS August…….because of all the focus on the race…

          This is early, early, early in the game….I keep getting an apprehensive feeling which I can not shake…… a whole lot can happen in a year…I just don’t think this is the field we will be looking at next year….

  2. Can some one please explain the Obama hype to me?  Everyone says “he is so charismatic” yet everytime I’ve seen him on the news he comes off soft spoken and almost timid.  All the policies I’ve heard him suggests seem middle of the road.  Why is the media swooning over this guy so much?  He seems like nothing but fluff and spin to me.

    1. He’s got more charisma in his left jacket pocket than most people wield in their lifetime.

      He does seem to be a middle-of-the-road type, but I’m good with that considering the righties seem intent with putting up someone who drives on the right-had sidewalk and not on the road at all.

      1. People who watched the speeches of the top DNC candidates voted Edwards as giving the best speech over everyone else.

        From msnbc
        ‘Silence is betrayal’ on Bush troop plan
        Former senator John Edwards of North Carolina, who won the award for best audience participation, got the crowd to stand up when he urged them to stand up for poor people and for families without health insurance.

        From huff post
        Edwards, on the other hand, who preceded you on the dais, was on fire. Maybe it’s because he’s been developing this speech for three years, and didn’t need to swivel his head from one prompter pane to the other. Maybe it’s because he’s not a sitting Senator any more, and is less afflicted with the stentorian disease that chamber inflicts. Maybe it’s because he’s blessedly unaware of what the polls and focus groups are saying, and isn’t advised by an army of political veterans of previous, irrelevant political wars.

        “Better than Obama”
        Best speech: John Edwards. He really hit the audience’s sweet spot, and showed the difference between a candidate restrained by the senate and one who just lets go and talks like a normal person. Sen. Obama brought his “A” game as well, but Edwards beat him fair and square.

        The Key to the presidential race is not being “flashy” as Edwards learned 3 years ago, or about being politically calculated (hillary). It is about substance. He has been ahead of the curve on Redeployment of troops (40,000 immediately), universal healthcare, working class poverty, and UNFAIR TRADE AGREEMENTS.
        In case you didn’t know, (especially people more concerned with hair than healthcare) he hired David Bonior -former Democratic Majority leader, and leading opponent of NAFTA, to be his campaign manager.

        When Edwards starts talking about renegogiating NAFTA, GATT and CAFTA- for our farmers, blue collar and white collar workers, as well as preventing the NAFTA superhighway, he will win not only the D’s but R’s to his side as well – not with flash (or hair) but with substance.

        1. I am a huge edwards fan. My money is on him to win, and this only confirms my assumption. The only thing that bothers me is that he gets very little press coverage.

              1. showing the little prince getting all gussied up?

                This guy has no chance to win. He is already boasting about raising taxes (if all the rest of the candidates drop dead and) he wins (by default.)
                You guys have some real winners on board.
                Gore is a loser. Lost once, will lose again. His tree hugging bullshit will drive a wedge between him and normal people.
                The Hildabeast is out too. Her baggage and shifty ways will bury her.
                This Edwards character is a big time tax loving liberal. He is out.
                Your only chance, and it is slim, is Obama, but his name alone can do him in. Sounds a lot like Osama………

                  1. As a Dem from a family of Republicans, i really wish more of you R’s would take a look at how this Bush Corporatist has cost you everything Reagan and Gingrich earned.
                    Bush not only cost a lot of moderate repubs their jobs in the midterms, he is going to cost the R’s the 08 Senate races, the 08 House races, and the Presidency. Mccain is already starting to tank because he is still supporting an unsupportable war.
                    The people know that Bush will probably leave us in the middle of an all out middle eastern war.
                    But don’t take my word for it, ask a republican like Joe Scarborough. He sees the writing on the wall.

                    Demise of GOP just took turn for the worse
                    Scarborough: Bush willing to take his party over a cliff to prove his point


                    i would encourage you R’s to get Allard to sign up on with the opposition to the war resolutions.

                    1. of BS in this thread and the R thread, don’t matter.
                      Tax raisng liberals will have a real hard time getting the presidency.
                      Especially a little princess liberal that is boasting, before he is even in the final count, that he is going to raise taxes.
                      Oh yeah, that will bring the votes in, uh huh.

                      Wish in one hand and piss in the other, see which one fills up first.

                1. At least Edwards bathes and grooms, you know?

                  The Democratic bench, even at this early date is SO much deeper than the ‘Pubs it isn’t even close to funny.  Your predictions based on the fact you don’t like anyone with a D after their name is meaningless. You pull your reasons out of your ass, a bunch of platitudes that mean nothing.

                  Gore is a loser?  I think not.  He won the popular vote, you know.  And he actually won the Florida vote as a long, slow, painstaking, unofficial media consortium investigation showed.  Hanging chads, pregnant chads, aborted chads, no chads, no matter how it was counted, he won. 

                  And THAT’s after Katherine Cruella Harris did the bogus voter purge in Florida. 

                  So don’t just blather about him losing when you don’t have your facts right, dude.

                  BTW, every hear of a guy named Nixon?  He truly DID lose the 1960 election.

                  1. Gore lost. He is not and was not declared President.
                    Being upset that he lost will not change the facts.
                    If he had won, he would be president.
                    If he in fact lost, he would NOT be president.
                    Even The Running Away Bravely One knows that.
                    You keep saying Gore won. Funny cause he doesn’t live in the white house. Hmmm.

                    Hence the name….. LOSER!

                    Chads, pregnant chads, dike chads, girly chads, hairy chads, manly chads, smelly chads, don’t matter.
                    He lost

                    1. Gore did not become president because of the Supreme Court.  I never said that he won and became president. 

                      He won the popular vote.

                      He wond the popular vote in Florida we found out months later. 

                      That means he SHOULD have wond the electoral vote, but because of the court, he didn’t.

                      So how can you say he is a loser?  Well, you can say anyone you want is a loser, but the facts I’ve mentioned are the ones you will have to deny to keep any consistency in your alleged thought process.

                      “You are entitled to believe anything you want, but you aren’t entitled to your own facts.”

    2. but his speech was killer and he comes across as very sincere and likable. The downside is his lack of experience, but I’m sure he’d be at least as good as Bush. (Oh stop, I’m just tweaking you guys!)

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