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February 01, 2007 04:16 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“When we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”

–George W. Bush


64 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

    1. We’re not losing our democracy because we have a bad President.  The county has been through much worse than this. 

      737 bases in 130 countries ensures that the United States is able to maintain her many interests throughout the world.  Could we reduce the number of bases, sure, but we’re in a Catch-22 aren’t we?

      1. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, by John Perkins.  As he points out, we don’t take over countries with battleships like we used to.  We use economic subterfuge. 

        I have three hours of interview with Perkins that I downloaded from Coast to Coast radio.  Seems he came on for the obligatory 20 minutes and they kept him for 3 hours! A friend told me, so I joined “the club” just to get this.

        If you are interested, you can download the first file (all are about 15mb) at http://www.radiofree

        The second is at http://www.radiofree

        The third is at http://www.radiofree

        Yes, that’s my domain name.

        1. Isn’t that the old Art Bell show?  Didn’t Perkins write Psychonavigation? …the way to solve the energy crisis is for everyone to learn to fly…..I am probably too old for that.

            1. I think telling people they can fly is goofy.  I think, PR, he was selling his book….I wouldn’t call him well rounded……I’d call him a really good saleman……

              1. By “well rounded” I meant in both his experiences as an economic shill, left hemisphere stuff, and shape shifting, which would be a more intuitive, right hemisphere stuff.

                Dat’s all!

                1. The man has a knack for making money. I like my theories more fact based.
                  He makes a lot of assertions that can’t evidently be independly verified……the whole notion of how the US works in the world is too critical to be bandied about…mis dos centavos.

      2. …through market force and economic means.  Been doin’ it for some time now.  Not exactly new news.

        We shouldn’t sanction North Korea, we should buy it, that would be a good example of the US actually reducing a threat in the world.

        If we stop using our economic muscle in the global economy, how are we going to stay competitive with China, India…?

        I don’t like it, but hey, it is the American way.

        1. No, thank you, I prefer my country to be as moral and ethical as possible.

          What Perkins reveals is the very intentional, long term, policy we have had in doing this. We, the taxpayers, pay for it both in dollars and in destroying the cultures and ecomies of our victim nations.

          Listen to the interview if you don’t want to read the book.

            1. We can’ claim the high ground when we are looking out for our interests, the rest of you be damned.

              If the world has shrunk and we are now a community, we all need to give up some ways of being so that we can live togther.  That’s why we have laws, to define those ways of being.

              It doesn’t mean we can’t carry TP’s big stick, but we shouldn’t be offensively sticking our noses in every other nation’s business. We’ve dona damned poor job of figuring out friend or foe doing that, and have created many foes.

          1. When Castro dies, we buy Cuba from his brother. Build a couple new hotels, refurbish a couple of the cigar factories so they have cigar bars (you know like at Coors, but with tobacco) then flip the property to a bunch of Eastern Europeans.
            Then with those proceeds we buy Kim out, put up a couple McDonald’s and Burger Kings so people aren’t starving any more and then hold an auction with the the ROKs, Chinese and Japanese and sell it off to the highest bidder.
            It’s just the American way puddin.

      1. Not real sure on the fine, but hey, what’s a mere $1,825,000 a year?  If a hospital has 1,000 patients, that’s only $5 each to bury into the billing!

        1. Now my $10 bandaid can go to $15.  That’s one way to control the exploding cost of health care, forced employment numbers or fines.  Who is sponsoring this garbage?

          1. Even I, a certified liberal pro-labor person thinks that this is over the top.

            Even if the hospitals really wanted to fully staff the wards (and I’m not sure that they do), there is still that huge nursing shortage to deal with. 

            And that, in turn, is due to the lack of instructors. The nursing schools are training as many as they can. 

            And once more I will boast about my daughter getting her second BS so that she can become an RN.  Started back at school while divorced with two kids. She’ll graduate in May from UT.  Since she is also a CU alum, I expect a lot of schizophrenia in the fall.

            1. Do you know who is sponsoring it?  I remember quite a while back hearing about hospitals shipping nurses in from all over to fill the shortages, is it still this bad?  UT?  Is that Univ of Texas?  (Hook ’em!)

              1. Frangas and Trochtrop.

                Summarized History for Bill Number SB07-010
                (The date the bill passed to the committee of the whole reflects the date the bill passed out of committee.)

                01/10/2007 Introduced In Senate – Assigned to Health and Human Services
                02/01/2007 Senate Committee on Health and Human Services Witness Testimony Only

                One of the things “we” are doing is importing nurses from other countries.  Besides language barriers, this also takes away those same people from the countries who need them even more than we do.

                Yes, “Hook ’em!”  Go Buffs!  I mean,……

                1. Do they not know how expensive health care is already?  I understand nurses wanting adequate staffing patterns, but this is a mighty big club to hit hospitals (and patients) with.  This loser has to die. (The bill, not the sponsors.  The sponsors should just be flogged publicly)

  1. A number of people commented that I did not have some major issues in my first poll (water, tax levels, etc). Fair enough.

    So I created a second poll with the major additional items listed. But it has not been promoted to the home page.

    So, if you want to vote in the new poll, please click here

    Or maybe it will get moved to the home page today…

  2. In effect, the 2002 FEC ruling allowing candidates to use campaign funds to pay salaries to themselves or their family members enables them to evade the federal law that prohibits candidates from using campaign funds for personal expenses. This is a loophole big enough to drive a truckload of money through. Campaign accounts should be used for legitimate campaign expenses, not as a slush fund that candidates or their family members could use to pay for their personal expenses. Coloradans expect their elected officials to act ethically and appropriately and I’m pleased that Rep. English has sponsored this important piece of legislation. I’ll work with him to get it passed in the House,” said Udall.

    Udall comment dissin’ McGinnis and other candidates who pay themselves or family members with campaign contributions.

  3. Poor ExxonMobile, they would spend more on alternatives but 1) that would force the CEO to sell one of his numerous houses, autos, wife or mistress and 2) they would have less money to fight (the science proving) global warming…

  4. that Hickenlooper had a poll in the field testing a Senate run in 2008, however he is falling all over himself denying it.

    Worse, he was pretty vocal while in DC about talking to some folks about running for the Senate, but when confronted by a reporter about those comments he is doing the: ” I was just kidding around.”

    He did want to run for the Senate, but the recent problems in Denver combined with his luke warm support for Ritter; failure to deal with DEC problems over the summer to the consternation of the Denver Dems and Ritter folks; and his active lobbying of Andrew Romanoff to oppose the Labor Peace Act bill, have a lot of Dems actively opposed to him in a primary against Udall.

    He couldn’t get the nomination, and that fact might finally have penetrated, thus his denial that he was ever interested.

      1. Pro business Dems are attractive to disgruntled R’s and pro business independent voters sick of the right wing social agenda.  I wish he would run against Udall, but I can’t see him doing it.

  5. Bush went to Wall Street today and told his corporate check writers that they should be paid based on how much they make for their shareholders, which is just what they wanted to hear. Therefore, it follows that the more American workers you sack and jobs you offshore, the more the Bush Administration will endorse what you are doing. I doubt there was much if any talk at all about the roles and responsibilities of the corporation to their workers, their communities, or to their country.

  6. I think it’s a crack up.  The authority’s reactions remind me of the guy who is the victim of a practical joke and goes ballistic, even thought the joke was harmless.

    Was there any kid who didn’t get it?

    “Placing a hoax device!”  Gimme an effin break. It was only a hoax if you were so stupid to think that a flat board with lights and batttereis in plain view is a bomb.  Where was the plastic explosive? 

    “Disorderly conduct.”  Maybe littering?

    America!  Chill out!  They ain’t after us, and if they were to be, it wouldn’t be so obvious. 

    Public morons caught with their IQ’s down.

      1. those guys have huevos!

        It sort of great irony, the MSM and so many focusing on those dreadlocks. OK, let’s talk about them, and hair!

        It’s like Alice in Wonderland; the “authorities” are castraing themselves by their own absurdity. 

  7. Reminds me of Colorado’s most knuckleheaded response to 9/11-closing the Eisenhower tunnel bathrooms to the public.  Now the truckers just go in the parking lot.  But at least the world is safe from the godless terrorists who might flush M-80s down the loo.

    1. I know what the conversation went like:

      “Jeez, we can stop worrying about people throwing themselves from the dome now.  Close it up.”

      “Yeah, it was a pain keeping those junior high kids from dropping water balloons of of there.”

      “One less thing to do.  More time for donuts.”

      While the “authorities” pretend that they are doing something by taking those meaningless steps, a nine year old kids bullshits his way onto two flights and almost made it to Grandpa’s. 

      When are going to start treating nine year olds like the threat that they are?

      It’s been 5 1/2 years since anything has happened.  Osama had long said that the only thing he cared about was having US troops in the Muslim Holy Land, and that the world should pay more for the oil that belongs to the people of Saudi Arabia.  Both things have happened.

    2. After all, the Mooninites might have attacked the city of Boston using the Quad Laser!  Or perhaps used the awesome powers of the Foreigner belt against the eponymous band Boston:

      Overreaction indeed.

      “We do whatever we want whenever we want, at all times.”

  8. How pathetic is the U.S. media or what some called Infortainers. CNN, i.e, Contains No News, had time for a mayor having an affair in S.F.; time for beating to death a minor story about Biden; a 22 lb. baby; and here’s a great article on CNN’s web site “Is Obama black enough”, boy that’s great “journalism”.

    What’s missing, 31 CIA agents indicted in Germany, and since cbs “news” or cnn “news” have time for prince Charles stories, or Di stories or hyping some “terrorist arrest” (which most end up being released anyway, You’d THINK they would at least mention BLAIR being questioned by SCOTLAND Yard for his “CASH for Honors Scandal”..nope nothing reported. You also would think, CBS “news” would mention the name of at least of ONE Company ripping off Tax Payers in fraudulent business deals, in Iraq. NOPE.

    1. You just explained why I never watch TV.  “Vast wasteland,” indeed.  Even Drudge has a wider variety of happenings around the world, albeit with spin on the titles.

      1. His observation is partisan only to the extent that the MSM keeps the American public pretty much in the dark about real events in the world, which generally are anti-administration.  He isn’t responsible for the criminality or stupidity of Bushco.

        1. He is responsible only for his own stupidity, like the rest of us.

          I think you’re smiling when you’re saying the media is biased toward Bush.  You must be…

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