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January 24, 2007 10:02 PM UTC

No Do-Over For John Kerry

  • by: Colorado Pols

As if, CNN reports:

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, won’t make a second bid for the White House, sources familiar with Kerry’s thinking said Wednesday.

A source close to Kerry and a Democratic operative who worked for him in 2004 said the four-term senator has decided to sit out the 2008 race, which already has drawn more than a dozen contenders from both parties.

A Democratic operative who worked for Kerry in the presidential race said that the senator “came to the realization a lot of people want something new.”


25 thoughts on “No Do-Over For John Kerry

      1. Brownback at least seems to understand Iraq War escalation is not productive, not what Americans voted for, and would kill his 2008 candidacy.  Romney…who cares.

    1. The only losers are the ones who believed the Swift Boat Veterans. And the Right claims to support our troops and Vets. How sad it is that they use them for war, and their name in vain after the fact.

        1. …who isn’t one of the Swift Boaters, or the fools who believe them.  Commendations, good enough for me.  What the SBVFT really did is open the doors to question vet candidates forever.  Thanks, guys.  What assholes.

        2. yes.  Both Chuck Hagel (whom your party cannot seem to get far enough away from these days) and John McCain respect John Kerry.  Former Senator Bob Kerrey also respects him.

          BTW, Ed, what part of Iraq are you submitting your comments from?

      1. They have been going after Kerry since the end of the Vietnam War for making up stories of atrocities.  They also called Bush a draft dodger.  They worked with Kerry and knew what a pandering scumbag he was, and that we couldn’t afford to have him be the President. 

        I’ll buy you a steak dinner if you read the book.

        I can’t believe that any other legitimate candidate wouldn’t have beaten Bush last election. Not the Kuciniches and Sharptons of the world, but I think Hillary could have won in ’04 even if she’s entered in September. Kerry is that disliked.  Ask anyone you know who’s a veteran what they think about him.

        1. Although not until after the ’04 election was over. I wanted to see what credibility this group had. The book was soft on facts and most of it debunked by other crew members.

          Kerry was not a strong candidate, and there were many instances that the Republicans could have attacked him, but to lie, and to use his military record against him is disgraceful.

        2. There is something most conservatives fail to understand, that this world is not a zero-sum game. It’s not all or nothing. There are many Vets I know personally who voted for Kerry.

          1. I think the SBVFT have credibility because they weren’t bush supporters; they have been making the same argument for 30 years.

            Kerry suddenly began accumulating suspect Purple Hearts as soon as he was put in harm’s way, and knew he could get out of theater with three awards.  If he’s right, then he should unseal his medical records.

            I’ll buy you a steak this summer when I’m back, and I mean it.  I’d love to talk politics over a good meal.

        1. Kerry: War hero.
          Tancredo: Deferment for mental health reasons.
          Kerry: Respected Senator.
          Tancredo: House back-bencher.
          Kerry: Honest.
          Tancredo: Dishonest.
          Kerry: Slips up on one joke punchline and he’s crucified.
          Tancredo: Speaks from a Confederate-flag-bedecked podium, seriously talks about bombing holy places in terroristic reprisal to terrorism, strong support from neo-Nazis and fringe groups like Tanton, sings “Dixie” along with Sons of Confederacy, tries to have a kid honor student deported for daring to write a letter, violates repeated pledges to the public, condemns bilingualism but uses “Viva Tancredo” yard signs, is against flag desecration but then publishes a book with an attention-getting gimmick of a desecrated flag on the cover – and he gets basically a free pass because “he’s just Tom.”

          No comparison. 

          I’m glad Kerry’s not running in ’08 – he had his chance, and he made mistakes – but to compare him to that pathetic joke Tancredo is crazy.

  1. John Kerry,
    Though you left my political life 2.5 years ago, you are still near.  Your ego is stretches from coast to coast (that is, the Atlantic Coast to the Normandy Coast).  You are unforgettable.  I hate to beg–it’s just unbecoming out here in Colorado–but pretty please will you come out for our circu–um–convention?  Please?  We need some of your pomp(osity) and circumstance here in downhome Denver.  Thank You,
    the Doc 

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