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January 15, 2007 04:23 PM UTC

MLK Day Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“When you are right you cannot be too radical;
when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative.”

–Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


51 thoughts on “MLK Day Open Thread

  1. MLK showed us what the Constitution was all about. He risked and ultimately lost his life to show that justice could be achieved from the courts and not from violence. He showed us what we could truely be as a nation. He also showed with his life that the pursuit of justice take tremedous courage and a lot of hard work. He blessed this country. We should celebrate his life and grieve his death.

    1. The left has tried to weed out King’s profoundly, fundamentally Biblical vision.  But without it, Rev. King would have never been able to accomplish what he did.

      1. The religous right and the godless left could both gain from emulating King’s blend of religion and politics.

        King was unusual among religous leaders in that he did not invoke his religous principles to justify condemning or harming others.  Even though he was at the front of a major, controversial social movement, his religous principles stood for non-violent civil disobediance — also unusual in today’s world dominated by jihad and intolerant, fundamentalist religous views.

        His ethics and courage were clearly rooted in his religous beliefs.  Yet, his religous beliefs were never a source of division and disenfranchisement.

      2. Found their strength through their faith in God. And their base of operations were almost always churches.

        And yet they talked about their faith a lot less than Dr. Dobson. I wonder if there is an inverse corelation there…

      3. between MLK and the current mainstream fundamentalist leaders of today is that King was struggling for equal rights for the oppressed while the fundamentalist leaders struggle to maintain their privileged position of influence in our society, and rally to keep another group (homosexuals) from attaining full equality in our society.

        King was a true Christian; you can’t say the same of Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, et al.

          1. I know you’ve been in a lather over the possibilities of the open Senate seat, but I’m sure you can address these points.

            Or, maybe OQD was right and you are FFF. That guy never could answer those points either. (Plus, with a handle like yours, you’ve obviously been reading this site for a while…)

      4. As both a liberal and a Christian, I am often having to explain to my secularist friends the role of the prophet and faith as both a compass and energy store for social change.

        Very, very few Americans know about Walter Raushenbush (sp?), his book The Social Gospel, and the impact it had on Americans one hundred years ago.  It turned the churches from being partners with the Rober Barons to fonts of social change.

        Liberal evangelicals are out there aplenty, and are reclaiming “the Good News” with a vengeance.

  2. Today’s the big day for our ’08 Senate race.  I still think Allard may not be retiring.  But in case he does…

    Latte Mark, D-Boulder will be quaking in his Birkenstocks because Homeboy Bob Schaffer is coming down the pike.  And he will NOT be stabbed in the back this time.  Conservative leadership for a conservative state.  What a day!

    1. Mark doesn’t drink Latte’s (Americano’s), and he’s not “D-Boulder,” but rather Eldorado Springs, so you are wrong on two counts, but continue to perpetuate those lies. You must be a Bushie.

      1. He moved from Boulder about 3 miles south precisely so he COULDN’T be called a Boulder liberal.  He’s not fooling anyone.  And I’m POSITIVE he drinks lattes.

        Bob Schaffer will beat Latte Mark, D-Boulder

        1. You’re still wrong on both counts. It’s not about fooling anyone, but rather keeping the facts straight. He did move, and doesn’t drink latte’s. He is All Americano Rep. Mark Udall D-Eldorado Springs.

          Bob Schaffer is not going to beat McInnis in a primary either, so I guess that’s three strikes and you’re out.

  3. was a mailman.
    They have yet another day off paid………….
    My neighbor (a good friend and a biker) is a mailman. He has more days/weeks off paid than can be justified.

    Yeah, I’m jealous.

    1. Let me tell you….it is glorious with all of this days off!  The bad part is that we never get snow days.  Private businesses are a lot easier to work with in the snow.  This Winter I’ve felt more like a Samoan Candian Parliament worker in Nunavut–I haven’t had to get the Iditarod sleigh out yet but we’ve got a lot of Winter left.  If you see some guy in a sleight led by Huskies it’s not one of those new Smart Cars–it’s me trying to get to work when neither man nor beast should be out!


        1. And yes, the public employee crowd is ovewhelmingly liberal–especially in libraries.  But somebody has to be a beacon of conservative thought.

          1. …as my landlord who constantly bitches about taxes.  He and his wife both worked for the city of Englewood!  He retired 7 months ago at age 62.

            To his credit, in the six years I’ve known him, he’s starting to see the light about the cons.  He’s now anti-Bush and he proudly announced that he bought my new door at Lowe’s.  He found out about the Home Despot mismanagement and obscene salaries of the CEO, et al. \

            DDHGLQ, I do give you major creds for sleeping with the enemy!

      1. Being a government employee, conservative that you are?

        Whining about the weather, as if you didn’t know this was part of your job description when you hired on?

        Point of curiosity, how many paid holidays do federal employees get off?  My last job had eight.  I’ve never had over ten.  And in my self-employment times, zero.

      1. You apparently have me mistaken with a liberal.
        I have worked almost my entire adult life outside all day long, everyday.
        I worked pounding nails, setting storefront, repairing residential windows, etc. All outside all day long.
        The weather does not matter to us. We still have families to feed. If we went home everytime it was a little chilly, or someone died and the government made a holiday out of it, we wouldn’t make a dime.
        Where do you get off saying I have EVER looked for a free ride?
        Anyone that has followed this blog for the past two years will tell ya that I am the exact opposite. I have never and will never take a dime from anyone that I didn’t earn.
        Fuck unemployment comp, screw welfare, screw social programs period.
        And my chances of living long enough to even collect my bullshit SS is small to non existant.

        I am not a “give the world away” liberal.
        Ask for nothing, expect nothing….that is my rule.

        1. If you retire at 65, you’ll have used up all of your contributions, including compounded interest, in less than three years.  Anything after 68-ish is courtesy of the next generation. 

          These facts are for the current generation of retirees.  Being sixty, my retirement age has been pushed back one year to 66. (Of course, you can retire sooner or later, that’s just their norm.)

          Also, we are the first generation that not only supported our parents, but ourselves ever since the Reagan SS reforms.  Don’t get me wrong, we needed to do this.

          So, Gecko, it’s your money, when it’s your turn, take it and spend it as you wish. 

          And I’m just as proud as you to say, I’ve taken, and I’ve given.  I’m part of a community, and when I’m down, I hope for help.  And when I’m up, I give back.  These days I’m down and I still give! 

        2. I was being sarcastic because you are steadfast in your conservative ways and I have followed this blog and enjoy, though disagree, with your conservative postings.

          My rule: but also tax the hell out of rich people even after they die, pay poverty stricken people to have more children, abolish the military to save a Spotted Owl…and chill out.

          1. I can’t tell sarcasm sometimes.

            I did think of something that some might wonder about after my rant.
            Through years of suffering outside all day long I do get to spend at least part of the day in an office doing paperwork. So I’m not as bulletproof anymore as I used to be…….
            Old age doesn’t help either.

        3. Gecko claims: “I have never and will never take a dime from anyone that I didn’t earn.”

          Umm, seems to me that you’ve mentioned that your sons attended public schools. (even at the University level)

          If this is correct, then, well, you’ve “taken” at least a dime from the public trough.

          I’m glad, even proud, that I could help out with your sons’ educations.

          If you’ve ever bought gasoline, or driven on a public highway, or eaten inspected meat, or had a savings account, or …, well, then you’ve suckled at the public trough.

          Once again, glad I could help you out.

          Your welcome.

          1. I have paid WAY more in taxes in all my years than I have ever, or will ever get back. 
            Saying I ate at the trough simply by driving on a highway is fucked up.

            Let me phrase it this way
            I do not take any money through your social programs such as food stamps, welfare, unemployment comp. etc.
            As I despise all the lazy f*%$ers I see daily at the county buildings.
            and my son pays his own way through UCCS. No donations from the state………..


            1. ….in lower wages, albeit slightly.  Your employers can pay you a wage that consists of a gross, plus back door costs like their share of SS, workman’s comp, unemployment, etc.

              If you’v ever been qualified for UI and not used it, well, that’s pretty foolish.

          2. “Your welcome.”

            Too bad for you that you’re not one of Gecko’s kids.  You could have attended a state school and learned proper contractions.

    1. ..undoubtably knows more about foreign policy.

      B’dump – CH!

      Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week. Apologies to those without a sense of humor.

  4. that Beauprez was traveling with Allard today, and they were on WB2 this morning…does anyone have any info on that?  Why?  Beauprez can’t possibly be thinking of announcing a run for the Senate?

      1. didn’t BWB run for Gov. b/c he didnt like the senority system in Washington and that he could be more effective as an executive rather than a legislator!?!?  I understand wanton political ambition as much as anyone else, but this is ridiculous…

  5. Nancy Hunter announced this morning she would not be running for re-election as Chairperson of the Larimer County Republican Party.  She didn’t indicate if the current scandals had anything to do with her decision.

    1. Too bad Marilyn’s gurus brought that kind of headache to a nice lady.  Don’t know her well, but met her a couple of times.  She seems ethical and nice, and it appears as if the Marilyn association has brought undue hurt on someone just trying to do her best!  On the upside it appears as if people in Larimer (right or not so right) are figuring out that they don’t want people like Marilyn and her boys carrying the right wing torch for them.  Bob Schaffer never endured such criticism as this.

    2. Not sure how much of the trouble comes from Marilyn’s staff and how much should be on Hunter’s plate.  It’ll be up to  Musgrave’s staff and followers to show they want to play well with others in the party from now on.  If they keep up the scorched earth tactics of the past, we’ll probably still have division in the party.

  6. “It’s our duty as loyal Americans to shut up if you don’t support the military”..O’Reilly

    “”It’s time for the American people to hear the truth about this awful war. I agree with Dante. The hottest p[lace in Hell is reserved for those who in times of moral crises, are quiet.” MLK

    You all know which side I’m on:-)


    1. You sound like an angry, ignorant high school girl.

      “Mrs. Parsons is, like, the WORST ENGLISH TEACHER EVER!”

      You’re right, though. O’Reilly is a douche. 

      1. I am angry. I don’t know Mrs. Parsons, but you must have been a student of hers if you do. And, if you’re not angry, you’ve not been paying attention. I reserve my anger, precious as it is, to imbeciles, ignoramuses and interlopers in the greatest country in history. George W. is an interloper. The trash been of history has its top off, and the sooner he climbs into it the better.

        You might want to join him.

        1. Sweet of you, but no thanks.  I like to deal with reality, not platitudes: ‘If you aren’t angry….’.  If you simplistically blame everything on one man, it’s hard to take you seriously.

          1. That one man has the power to invade another country and did. That one man has the power to send brave young men and women to war in a futile and immoral fight and did. That one man has his finger on the nuclear button and has the power to initiate nuclear war…….BUT, damm it, we are the ones who gave him that power…anger is appropriate…..but I think we should be made at ourselves..

        2. must be really pissed off at herself then……”I reserve my anger, precious as it is, to imbeciles, ignoramuses and interlopers…..”

          1. A perfect glimpse into the Neanderthal mind. Anthropologists could learn a lot about primitive homonids by attending the next Republican convention.

            And BTW, your signature quote is so wrong you might as well say “Up is down.”  Show me one place in time that a liberal nation became socialist.  You know, owning the means of production and distribution. Even places like the Scandinavian countries have lots of capitalistic free enterprise.

            FDR saved capitalism’s ass from it’s own propensity to eat its young.  Our nation was ready to find a solution to the Depression in Communism or Fascism, both hyper-socialist.

            I don’t know of ANY liberals espousing socialism.  Except for a few Marxist holdouts, we know that it doesn’t work as an economic model.

            Go ahead, name one…….

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