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January 11, 2007 07:24 PM UTC

Musgrave Had Lowest Winning Percentage in U.S.

  • by: Colorado Pols

According to yesterday’s Hotline, Republican Rep. Marilyn Musgrave’s 46 percent of the vote in 2006 represented the lowest winning percentage of any congressional candidate in the country. Musgrave narrowly defeated Democrat Angie Paccione in November.


35 thoughts on “Musgrave Had Lowest Winning Percentage in U.S.

    1. A win is a win but at what cost?  You lost C.D. 7 because Musty sucked up all the $$$ that could have gone to Rick O’Donnell’s campaign. 
        Even if O’Donnell couldn’t have won (and he probably could not) because of the national tide running against the GOP, with the additional $$$, he could have made the race competitive and encouraging for the Republicans in ’08.  Instead, this seat, like C.D. 3, can and will stay in the Dem column as long as Ed Perlmutter and John Salazar wish to stay where they are.

        1. They could have pumped trillions of dollars into Rick’s race and he still would not have won it unless they would have had actual checks to hand out at the polls.  It was expensive in 04 it was expensive in 06, so your observation that it will be expensive in 08 isn’t all that earth shattering. She will win again and again…and the RNCC will continue to fund it.

          The RNCC didn’t fund it better because they knew that Rick was not going to win.  The negatives were too high on Rick’s side.

    2. Will the R’s be willing to put another $6 Million into such a seat and such a low ranked representative?  Or will they perhaps stealthily push a more moderate R? 

      Please remember “A win is a win” when looking at what did or did not happen two months ago. 

    3. Typical chest-thumping.  One would think you actually won in ’06 based on KEEPING seats even though you didn’t GAIN anything anwhere in the country.

    4. After all, we won the invasion of Iraq. Sometimes a win is not a win. Personally, I feel sorry for the those in her district. I suspect that few voted for her and that 44 % voted against angie or eric.

  1. After looking at the CD-4 Line I can’t see any of those Republicans listed formulating a coup attempt and forging a primary against Musgrave.  It surprises me even more that Brophy is not on that list.  He’s salivating at the chance to run for the 4th.  The Dems they have listed don’t give this Republican cause for worry either.

    The R’s listed are only contemplating a run in the 4th if there is no Musgrave to run against.  MM’s machine would ruin careers for those individual R’s that are listed.  They won’t take the chance.

            1. Bob Schaffer is undoubtably a conservative hero, but so is Marilyn Mugrave.

              They are both embraced by conservative activist across the district, and are both good friends.

              This sort of amature speculation is bad for the conservative cause.  Conservatives eating their young like this is the kind of thing that drives the moderates in the county parites, like Fern W. in Larimer.

              1. Friends or not – Do a poll on negatives on MM and then one on Bob S.  Then do another one with a head to head between the two of them and you will find out who the hero is.  From your statement if you do live in the 4th I’m doubting you go out of your house.  M is not looked at as a hero, and please remember I like her!

                It’s not going to happen, but it would certainly make things interesting.

                1. I really do get out and about. you missed my point.

                  MM is a hero to *conservative activists*, the same people who love Schaffer, and are the one who volunteer and vote in GOP Primaries.

                  1. Musgrave is a hero for cutting veteran’s benefits; she named as one of the most corrupt in Congress (during one of the most corrupt congressional times in American History); she cut funding for border security; she voted against McCain’s anti-torture bill (which puts our soldiers lives at even more risk); voted against price gouging; and has never done anything for her constituents (no agricultural bills by Musgrave); but instead she raises the flag of discrimination and hatred (also endorsed by the KKK).

                    If that’s a hero, Im a fucking Saint.

                    1. Is it completely impossible now to have a decent discussion about politics, strategy and tactics on this board without someone spouting off some sort of talking points?

                      Do you really think conservative activists – the people who we’re talking about – agree with you?

                      Here’s the discussion in a nutshell:

                      “The 4th could be interesting if Schaffer got involved.”

                      “Musgrave and Schaffer share a similar demographic within conservative circles.”

                      “Regardless, it would be an interesting hypothetical primary situation.”

                      Go Blue: “MUSGRAVE BAD!  MUSGRAVE BAD!”

                      Serenity now… serenity now…

                    2. After the point was made that Musgrave was hero to the activitist, I wanted to discuss why anyone would vote for such a person. Shaftoe, Im up for discussion, but just not one sided. Don’t silence me because you disagree.

  2. You guys are nuts! Eric Eidsness will beat Musgrave in a primary. He chewed up both woe-women in the debate. Why isn’t he listed in the big line? He received more votes (%)than any 3rd party candidate in Colorado history! And why isn’t coming within 2.5% making this race enticing for Paccione? Has any Dem gotten that close since the Dem who last held the seat? Without Eidsness, Paccione wins in 08.

  3. if she runs again.  And, why wouldn’t she?  The R’s will want every incumbant they can find to run for re-election in 08.  It’s their only chance to take back congress and win the presidency.  So what if she sucks up a lot of money.  R’s will have money to burn in 08.

    Schaffer will not run against MM.  He’ll either run for the Senate or will keep his cushy job.

    Angie would be the perfect candidate to run against MM, again, if she can get guarantees the money will be raised, again.  Also, it will depend on what she is doing when decision time comes as well as what other possibilities are open to her.

    MM can be beat if money folks are willing to go long enough and increasingly harder every election till they win.  Ask your self—is it worth it?

    1. She would have a really hard time going back to the same donor base.  She had her shot in a perfect year for D’s, and the perception is that she couldn’t pull it off.

      1. right. what’d she raise 2 mill? what was that twice as much as any dem ever? with perlmutter and salazar safe now, there’s money for her if she goes again.

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