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January 09, 2007 04:01 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Bill is dead. Long live the Bill!


37 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. This isn’t the first time that one of those pesky state-issued computers has caused grief for a happless GOP wing nut.  Everyone recall the ordeal that very-soon-to-be ex-state Rep. Jim Welker endured last year over whether he used his state-issued or his personally-owned computer to generate and post his infamous on-line newsletter?

    1. It would be nice if he’s return his state-issued computer now that he isn’t a state legislator anymore.  Another example of waste and abuse of taxpayers’ dollars.  Maybe this is the real reason why Gecko isn’t getting as a big of a TABOr refund as he thinks he deserves…..

    1. Beautiful. Others are saying the same thing, of course.  Corporate and small business America should, rationally, jump on board because their total costs will go down due to 3% overhead burdern vs. 25-35% of private care.

      I did a mini-research once into who is NOT covered by government health care.  My definition included all government employees and families, the military, and major government contractors.  Surprise!  That took care of 2/3 of all Americans!  So let’s stop this charade and just finish it off.

      BTW, crossing out a few words is how California went from a helmet optional state for those over age 15 1/2 to mandatory for everyone.  They just crossed out the age criteria.

      1. I was trapped in the military health care system for half my life.  You can have it.  Even though it was “free”, the cost was too high.  Be careful what you wish for.

    2. Gore won once, he can win again.

      I think the electorate might also recognize that we need accomplished individuals, and not just a nice guy to have over for a (non-alcoholic) beer. Obama has a tint of this, not dissimilar to GW’s governor of Texas stint.  And of course, there are enough racists out there that it could be risky to run him.  Taking the high ground is fine when it doesn’t result in suicide.

      1. Don’t even bring up making that a law again.
        I don’t have any more stickers left to voice my lack of pleasure on the subject.

        Does anyone here know that the state of Colorado, in its infinite wisdom, years ago made it illegal to have medical coverage for the driver of a motorcycle in this state, included in your normal motorcycle insurance policy?
        When my wife crashed and broke her leg 7 or so years ago, we had to pay her expenses out of our personal health insurance.
        But when my dad crashed in Arkansas, his motorcycle insurance covered the first phase of his bills.
        Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this screwed up law is?
        The only thing I can come up with is Colorado is trying to punish anyone that wants to ride a bike. And because the majority of us do not to be forced to wear a helmet, they have no other legal way to screw us.
        Wouldn’t it be better, in the long run, to let us include medical coverage in our motorcycle insurance policies?
        Wouldn’t it be cheaper for the state? I do not know the figures but I’m sure many people out there, ride bikes without personal health insurance. Who pays when they crash?
        Right, you and me.

        You are right OQD, that set me off. Sorry dude.

          1. boy howdy, that’s just what we need alright.
            You are correct in your guessing of my thoughts of those two.
            Man, how is it that you are so insightful?
            Am I that far right?

            Kidding aside, I think whomever the Dems run will have a fight on their hands. IMHO, after a couple years of Dems in control of the house and senate, unless things make a BIG turn around in Iraq and the home front, the Dems will not get as many anti Republican votes as they might think.

          2. blog but I would still like to know the reasoning behind the state not allowing medical coverage for motorcyclists.

            My state Farm agent could not tell me.

        1. Jus’ kidding, Gecko.

          Yeah, as polar as we are on the political spectrum, I am anti-mandatory helmet usage.  I no longer ride, but I used a helmet 95% of the time when I did, but IT WAS MY CHOICE WHEN I DIDN’T!

          I was a very active member of ABATE in California.  The CA rep, Dick someone, who got the law changed felt our fury.  Imagine the shock of a black woman running for his seat when all these bikers went door to door for her!  Yeah, we kicked that insurance company shilling RINO outta dere.

          I remember well riding that last night without a helmet before the law went into effect.  New Year’s Eve, a 45 minute ride to friend’s house, it was so sad.

          After I decided to move back to CO, and got CO license and bike plates, I still lived in CA for a few months.  I rode around without a helmet from time to time just to pick up tickets which I never went to court or paid for.

          Never heard about the medical insurance issue, I only ever bought El Cheapo liability only MC insurance.

    1. The out state areas have been taking the metro area’s road money for years.  It’s time we had a Denverite in that poisition so we get our fair share.

    2. Russell George would make an excellent appointment as CDOT Director.  He’s bright, has lots of legislative experience, adds geographic balance to the cabinet, and last but not least, he’s considered a RINO and as such, will drive the full moon, wing nuts crazy……

  2. Partisan hack job aside; Wendy wrote up a good piece on Wadhams…


    We all know how much Dick loves blogs, and we all consider blogs to be a worthy instrument during campaigns (right??). So my question is this:  how long before we have a Republican Blog ‘strike force’ to keep you rascally Dems in line? 

    My bet is March 4th. 

    1. Here’s hoping.  The right-wing blog scene in Colorado has nearly disappeared.  Only a few of the RMA kids still update their sites, and earlier this year at I listed ten or twelve that have closed up shop.

      And then there’s the Colorado Republican Party blog.  After two years of “Coming soon…” they finally threw in the towel and made it a nifty place to shop for rental cars, gay dating, lingerie, diet pills, and XBox360 stuff:

        1. So get out there and vote!

          Oh wait, it isn’t?  Somebody notify the Republicans’ webmaster, because that’s what their website still says.

          And their latest press release is three months old, and leads to a 404 error anyway:

          Dick Wadhams will ride in on a white horse and fix the website too.  Yeeha!

      1. Almost a year before the 2004 election I wanted to get involved in Democratic politics.  So I emailed the state HQ… and again…and again.  I noticed that the web site was ancient, the “Breaking News” being six months old.  I also noticed that the Repub’s site was top notch in every way (except for their politics, hee hee.)

        I finally walked into the HQ on Santa Fe and asked someone who will remain nameless, “What do I have to do for you to use me?”  She casually replied that, “Oh, we’ll ramp things up as election day gets closer.”  Now, even I knew that one of the strengths of the RP was that they were a 24/7/365 offensive. 

        I did start to co-spearhead an effort to get their PC’s funtional.  Their server was running NT and completely unprotected in every way. At least there was no open wi-fi.  In fact, none at all, secure or otherwise. Databases had not been updated in years, and nobody knew anything about licenses, what for and how many. 

        There were some significant improvements made under the leadership of Mike Weisman (IT) and Pat Waak.

        Sounds like the tables have turned.

        1. and definitely got the Dems’ electronic house in order, as much as he was able.

          Grousing about websites is of course a bit silly in the large.  There are lots of higher priorities right now for the Republicans, I’m sure.  But at least Colorado Democrats have an official blog:

      2. Or if you are a Dem, a Dem website,  How boring.  This site might be dominated by D’s, but the welcome mat is still out for all.  Viva la Difference!

        1. Besides all being welcome, all can also start their own diaries. I don’t know of any other site where just anyone who wants can do that.

          Still, it’s good for each side to have their own place as well. But Oscar’s right, the right wing scene in the state is all but dead. I was going thru some of the blogs that you can reach from totheright’s home page and some of them had no new diaries in a month, as well as zero comments on all the diaries on their home pages. (The blogs that do get traffic, like totheright, get almost as many left wing comments as they do from the right.)

          Wonder why that is? Nationally they haven’t thrown in the towel (check out for a good example).

            1. we’re underground now.  Digging tunnels and meeting in caves plotting the next stealthy political maneuver. 

              R’s came into power by capitalizing on collective dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Dems just did the same.  The swinging pendulum keeps both sides in check. 

  3. We’re all going to get along and work together and we don’t care about what your party is and all will be well and good.
    What exactly does this guy plan to do besides form a lot of planning committees to make a lot of plans?
    Not one idea not one program not one anything in the speech today.
    On a more comical note is Jared Polis still acting like the spoiled child who gets the gift he asked for and than decides he wants something shinier? Jared has devolved from a guy who was put up with because he was rich to merely being a laughingstock.

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