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December 30, 2006 01:03 AM UTC

Allard Staffers Looking for Work

  • by: Colorado Pols

In the latest sign that Republican Sen. Wayne Allard will not run for re-election in 2008, we hear that several Allard staffers are quietly looking for new jobs on Capitol Hill.


30 thoughts on “Allard Staffers Looking for Work

  1. as a lame-duck Senator, Allard could really come out strong – become a real conservative hero – but he won’t.  He’ll be useless over the next two years.

  2. if Allard doesn’t run and Owens turns it down, according to AP.  He said he thinks there will be a big push to recruit a celebrity like Elway though. 

    I think McInnis’ sizable war chest will be very appealing as well.

    1. McInnis is a non-starter as far as a Republican primary goes.  He’s pro-choice and they don’t win Republican primaries anymore, except maybe in Denver and Boulder.  The last pro-choice Republican to win a primary was incumbent Senator Ben Nighthorse-Campbell who was first elected as a Democrat.  That was 1998.  Before that, was when Bruce Benson won in 94. 

  3. I am and have been an Elway fan, but I would not vote for him as Senator.  I am not convinced his football popularity would necessarily translate over to politics. 

  4. The biggest problem with McGinnis, is that he is just not liked outside of his former district. Is he pro-life? Is he pro-choice? Doesn’t matter, outside of the 3rd the Pro-Lifers think he is pro-choice, the pro-choice folks think he is Pro-Life. Who cares where he stands on issues… Everyone I know thinks he stands against them.

    Owens is a non-starter… His nation-wide support evaporated with his championship of Ref C. Here in the state? Is he really popular? He created, sustained and carved in stone the divide in the Colorado GOP. Over the last 8 years there has really been just one “Black List” and that was the one created and maintained by Governor Owens.

    Schaffer is the only real choice.

    Unless Elway runs of course… Then all bets are off! (just kidding)

    1. and he loves the media attention that goes with ‘will he, won’t he.’  But the reality is, he won’t run.  He left Congress to make more money, that is what he is doing.  He had a chance to run for Senate when Campbell left and he didn’t.  He had a chance to run for Governor last year and he didn’t.

      If he had wanted to stay in the Congress, he would not have given up his house seat.  In his situation, he could have run for that seat as long as he wanted to and won.

      There will be lots of talk but in the end, he will not run.

      I agree, Owens is a non-starter.

      If I had to bet, I would bet on Schaefer.

      1. while, McInnis’ former staffer won in Grand Junction, he won because he ran against McInnis’ brother-in-law and a Republican of the same stripe as Scott himself.  Western slope conservatives will not distinguish between a Matt Smith and a Scott McInnis – they are neither conservative enough for what now dominates the Republican party in Colorado.  Business Republicans and the traditional farmer/rancher Republicans (that had really been Scott’s base) no longer have a home in the Republican party and will not influence who gets the Republican nomination for Senate or anything else.

    2. I still have that T-shirt! I’m in!

      Roger made good points about McGinnis and SH pegged the “Owens Legacy” perfectly. But aside from the fact that I already have the shirt, I think Schaffer really is the only guy who could bring the party back together.

      Besides, I think Elway should move within the City & County and challenge Hick this spring.

      Go Bob Go!

  5. Allard will likely lose 1/3 of his staff due to Republicans losing the Majority. That is why his staff members are looking for jobs. it has nothing to do with Allard not running.In rankings of Members of Congress are any of the Colorado Democrats in the top tier? Where do Udall and DeGette rank? They want to be in the Senate but how good are their records in the House?

    1.   Udall has two problems.  First, as a member of the minority party in a legislative chamber where majority rule has been absolute, he has not had much success carrying any significant legislation to fruition.  (How many times has the House GOP leadership allowed floor amendments to legislation during the past 8 years?)
        The second problem is one of perception:  he’s had that pesky suffix “D-Boulder” after his name for most of his Congressional career.  Some of the sting from that suffix may have been alleviated by his move to El Dorado Springs.

      1. Plus, he seems to be a fairly moderate Democrat, and that could play well in many parts of Colorado. Schaffer is a right-winger, a True Believer all the way, but in the end, he is a captive of his ultra-right ideology. As a result, his appeal is limited to only a certain segment of voters.

          1. ….in some quarters of the Democratic Party, that makes him a moderate.  (Didn’t he also gratutiously endorse the confirmation of John Roberts as Sup. Ct. Chief Justice?) 
              If you standing Udall next to Diana DeGette or Cynthia McKinney, he looks down right conservative…..

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