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December 21, 2006 11:20 PM UTC

It Sucks To Be Brian Ahern

  • by: Colorado Pols

The latest sordid details in the life of defeated legislative candidate Brian Ahern, courtesy the Montrose Daily Press:

The acrimony between a former 58th District candidate and a fellow San Miguel County resident who campaigned against him hasn’t abated with the end of the election season…

Problems came to a head the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 16, when Deputy Marshal John Wontrobski responded to reports of a man pointing a gun at another man.

He said in a report that he found Ahern standing in the street in front of [local resident Al] Heirich’s house. Ahern claimed Heirich had shoved a shotgun into his back and also pointed a pistol at him. Two witnesses interviewed alleged they heard Heirich yelling: “Come onto my property so I can shoot you, you (obscenity). Don’t you know the Make My Day Law?”

Ahern also said Heirich followed him around the previous night and called him several times saying: “You want to settle this? You know where I live.”

The report said that on Saturday afternoon, Ahern went to the Elks Club, where Betty Heirich works, to “figure out why Al keeps bothering me.”

Betty Heirich later told investigators Ahern had persisted in questioning her after she told him she was busy. He allegedly suggested she and her husband would “have an accident” and said this was “not a threat but a promise.” Other witnesses reported Ahern was threatening and belligerent…

We have no idea who’s actually in the wrong here, of course, but it sure is entertaining. Not everyone’s political career flames out with so much trailer-park drama: this would make a great episode of Cops.


8 thoughts on “It Sucks To Be Brian Ahern

  1. ….that neither Brian Aherns’ party affiliation nor his opponent’s name was mentioned in the clipping posted above.  (Will Colorado Media Matters take up the cause of this omission?)
      I take it that Ahern is a Dem, and as Ralphie noted, stupidity and mental imstability are bipartisan traits.
      Is Ahern the guy who ran against Ray “Stop Funding Life Diseases” Rose?  If so, I hope the voters in their House District had the good fortune to have a Libertarian, or a Green, or a Reform, or whatever on the third line on the ballot for whom to vote…….

    1. You have it right, QueerDude.  Ahern ran against Rose.  During the campaign, I ended up on some mailing list out of Telluride that sent out excruciating detail about every Ahern indiscretion.

      There were no third parties on the ballot.  Regardless of what people on the East Slope think about him, Rose is pretty popular in his own district.  For the sake of argument (not calling anybody names here), even running against a paranoid lunatic wouldn’t get you these kind of numbers.  If Rose was unpopular himself, there would have been more undervotes:

      State Representative – District 58
      REP Raymond J Rose 8247
      DEM Brian John Ahern 3755
      Cast Votes 12002
      Over Votes 1
      Under Votes 569

      It’s the Pat Schroeder principle.  Even though she was the whipping girl for years in the run up to 1994 Contract On America, she kicked ass in her own district time and time again.  That’s all it takes.  It doesn’t matter who hates you as long as they live somewhere else.

        1. The continuance of the Schroeder principle… the Degette theorem.  Honestly, does she actually do anything?  At least Pat whined a lot.  What a great spot that would be for a non-status-quo Dem who had fresh ideas and wasn’t a sellout to labor.

  2. I am Brian Ahern and I can say whomever posted this blog  does not know me or my family or anything about me for that matter. Yes last year I ran for state rep against Ray Rose, and was defeated. I learned some very valuable life lessons and cold hard facts about politics on the western slope. I was attacked online and in the press by fraudulent veterans groups backed by republican supporters and my opponent himself Ray Rose. I served in the U.S.M.C. and decided to pursue the state rep. seat in the 58th because I still believe in the fundamentals by which our country was founded. I also believe and still do believe that as a 31 year old carpenter, that my generation is lacking a voice in government both at the state and local level. Noelle Hagan is certainly the most qualified candidate for this job and I wish her the best. As far as the upcoming election is concerned I feel it only fair to remind the voters about the sexual harassment claims filed in the workplace against Ray Rose while he was employed at Qwest. Claims that had monetary settlements for the women involved barring them from going public about the “deviant sexual behavior of the State Rep Ray Rose”. So in the end I guess you could say it sucks to be a member of the republican party when you have acts like Mark Foley, Larry Craig and now Ray Rose to follow.

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