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December 11, 2006 04:23 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so get with the &$@$!#* program.


26 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. when they found out that it was Republican business owners and contributors who were the generals in that war. After all, they want to maximize their sales and not put off any potential non-christian consumers.

      You can sometimes find the true believers grousing about it on right wing blogs.

    2. You haven’t heard about stores and cities actually using the name of the holiday in question. There are Christmas trees…I mean holiday trees…I mean Christmas trees going up everywhere, they are even putting trees back up in Seattle. Finally people have the gall to say “Merry Christmas”. Wal-Mart (a.k.a. Hell-Mart and consumer monger; I know how you libs hate that capitalistic pig of a store),  are now saying Merry Christmas, too.  I would just like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and have a great New Year. 

      1. What exactly do christmas trees have to do with christmas again? While we are at it, what about Easter bunnies and eggs?

        And we libs dont hate Wal-Mart, aside from the fact that it is a dirty place to shop, and their earning estimates compared with actual earnings are so shoddy it blows my mind that there stock is still considered a worthwhile investment. They have competition from so many other cleaner, high tech, and fashionable stores that Wal-Mart is declining and it is going to happen sooner than you think. So get all of your merry christmases in now, you never knew when you will have to shop at that heathen, secular store target *gasp*

      2. you too Freedom.

        Since my three sons have grown up and moved out, and both of my folks and all my grandparents have died too, Christmas just isn’t the same anymore.

        I still put up all my thousands of outside lights and my wife does the inside, but that is about it.

        Christmas is for kids, and the extremely religous.

        As far as WalMart goes, My wife does a vast majority of her food shopping there. We will support them forever.

        WalMart is an example of the true American spirit. How one man can come from a nothing town in my favorite state, Arkansas, and turn a small business into what it is now. Simply amazing.
        WalMart will not die. It will somewhat adapt to the libs that hate it, but it will always be there and will thrive.

        But for the most part, the only people that really hate WalMart are the ones that wish the USA adopted socialism instead of our current free market system. AKA: Extreme lefty liberals.

        1. Obviously your keen grasp on market forces would have already led you to an article like this one:

          Or you would know that not only is Sam dead, and has been for a bit, in his waning years he had little say over the company. It troubles me to know that you have little knowledge of socialism v. capitalism, and your knee jerk reaction is that liberals always equal bad no matter what the issue, especially if it flies in the face of facts.

          1. is dead. Everyone knows that. But that doesn’t change a thing.
            I still go there over Target or Kmart as I like their prices, selection, and locations. (Targets and Kmarts have no selection and sell mostly crap.)
            Why would anyone go anywhere else?
            Answer, because many people, mostly liberals, hate what it stands for.
            Any any market problems WalMart is having is due in a large part to their having to constantly fight against said liberals.

            I also shop at Sears and Home Depot. They are also huge retailers. Why is there no outrage towards them?
            Or how about KFC, Walgreens, Phillips 66, McDonald’s, etc.

            No, WalMart is evil and must be ruined.
            Well, not me. I will support them as long as they continue to sell products I need at decent prices.

            Maybe a poll should be taken.
            Who likes WalMart and who doesn’t? List your preference and if you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal (no middle of the road bullshit) and see if my theory is correct…..

            Oh and yes……liberals = bad, no matter what the issue


            1. I have never once been in a clean Wal-Mart, ever. It is totally disorganized and if you read the article you would see that they are not only being challenged by Target, which is by far cleaner, more stylish, and organized, but also by other big box retailers like Best Buy. Wal-MArt revolutionized just-in-time inventory management. They found their niche and ran with it, at the expense of small business owners who, really, couldnt compete based on price points. But now the market has caught up and Wal-Mart can not hold a candle to other big box retailers (prices are about the same, but Target has name brands, and Best Buy has knowledge and expertise). Last time I was in a Wal-Mart was about early august, and it took me no less than 30 minutes to find what I needed which were some tins for my girlfriends class. Nobody offered to help me, and when I did ask for help I might as well have been talking to a wall. When I finally found the aisle it was so disorganized I laughed and how ridiculous the situation was. I will never shop in Wal-Mart again based on that one experience, and if you do a little market research you will find that customers who have one bad experience are more likely to tell people they know about it, and never return to that establishment.

              But you think that liberals are trying to oppress walmart. On what grounds have you reached this conclusion? And market problems? Do you have any idea how the retail industry works? People are fickle, and if you piss them off once kiss them goodbye, because they are never coming back. A lot of people dont like wal-mart based on their predatory pricing strategies of the 90s and early 2000s. Same can be said of Starbucks, but this liberal was an employee of starbucks for 6 years. The big difference is in the way they treat their employees, which in turn makes them more likely to treat customers better. I bet that you are a coffee man, but I bet you wouldnt step foot in a starbucks.

              Sears is a laughing stock. They bought KMart a few years ago and are attempting to reorganize with some success, but they have so much ground to make up they have a long way to go. Lowe’s is the more favored home improvement store among women. KFC is gross, and I dont eat there, but I bet you would be surprised to know that Subway has the most outlets of any fast food chain in the world.

              Wal-Mart used to be hated because of its pricing strategies and JIT inventory. Now it is hated because there are better alternatives.

              1. Poddles, as usual you have missed the point and have gone on a rant like the raging liberal that you are.  Thats ok, it is expected of you, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  The point is, it is ok to say Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah, if you get offended oh well, you will get over it; just like all the Dems will have to get over Marilyn Musgrave winning again (that was just for you poodles).  It’s smart for them to target Christians and Jews specifically.  Your rant on Wal-Mart is just plain stupid.  Target and Wal-Mart both serve the communities and offer goods and services.  You are right in that Target overall is a good store, but they do have some liberal tendencies, but that is there choice and they’re making money, so who cares.  I guarntee I have made more money off of Target than anyone on this entire blog, so I appreciate them and I don’t gasp when I hear their name poddles.  FYI I went shopping there today as well, it was fun. 

                1. I really dont care if you say merry christmas, happy chanukah, happy kwanza, happy ramadan, boxing day, anything. I really dont care. It is a stupid issue. There is no war on christmas and to insinuate is disingenous, fallacious and a pure wedge. Musgrave won, so what? I dont live in her district. I held no illusions about my own rep retaining his seat, I’ll let you guess which one.

                  What is Target doing that makes it liberal?

                  Congratulations on making money on target. It is apparently you that has missed my point. My point as evidenced in the title of the post that you are referring to is correlation does not equal causation. Gecko wanted to take a straw poll and see if liberals are more apt to use Target and conservatives more likely to use Wal-MArt. Those two things (political ideology and prefferred big box retailer) when held as indicator of one another show nothing and prove nothing. I then extrapolated on why I think Wal-Mart is a bad investment, and why I refuse to shop there. Read the article I linked to, because it shows that Wal-Mart, while still the darling of Wall street, is underperforming and is really a poor investment. If that makes me a raging liberal, ok you got me pegged. If you want to have a discussion about the inadequacies of Wal-Mart vs. Target from a purely fiscal and financial standpoint than we can do that, but lose the ad homs, its makes your argument look childish. And one other thing, if you are trying to conflate my name with that of a show dog, I believe it is spelled poodles, with two Os.

                    1. Mr. Poodles, (yes, I spelled it right that time), you clearly have no appreciation for sarcasm or a joke, sorry your a tightwad.  But I’m not going to argue with you whether Target or Wal-Mart is a good investment for my portfolio (I was agreeing with you, I thought a smart guy like you would have been able to figure that out), or one store is better or worse for the community or whatever you want to talk about.  The issue at hand is the so-called “War on Christmas” and I thought it interesting a “big-box” store like Wal-Mart as you put was marketing to the specific holiday and religions; imagine that, weird. 

  1. http://www.denverpos

    This story is basically a repeat of the Haggard story.  Guy has been gay his whole life, starts a church in his basement that grows into a megachurch, married with kids, now resigns and enters therapy.

    So I count three lately.  This one, Haggard, and there was another one from a Colorado Springs baptist church that didn’t get much attention.  Did I miss any?

    1. This Rev. Paul Barnes is going to spend time in “counseling,” and at some point will have apologized and subverted his true thoughts and feelings enough to be considered rehabilitated, so he can live out the rest of his life in denial with his family.  If he were in a church that did not hate gay people, all the sincere concern and care I see reflected in the Post article about him might get him somewhere.

      Hypocrisy, sure.  But what really saddens me is this:

      Barnes said he has been in counseling three times and never found anyone he could talk to.

      1. I think this illustrates why gay kids have a 10x suicide rate over other kids.

        Quoted from the Denver Post article:

        In their only talk about sex, Barnes said his father took him on a drive and talked about what he would do if a “fag” approached him.

        Barnes thought, “‘Is that how you’d feel about me?’ It was like a knife in my heart, and it made me feel even more closed.”

      2. I’ll bet it involves a plethesmograph and a stroll through the “Crypt” (or some other adult entertainment store) to see which flavor of porno sets him off……

    2. I have mixed feeling on outing this guy.  He wasn’t a big gay-basher and he was something of an agnostic (if I can use that term about a minister) when it came to the subject of gay marriage.

      1. he will come out of this waste of time “treatment”, accept himself and join forces with Soulforce (, a Christian gay organization, where he will be able to do quite a bit of good. 

        I agree with you OQD, this guy, while far from being “good” is not as bad as was Haggard.  I also feel a bit of pity for him.

  2. apparently, regardless of what city council does, gallagher is moving forward to put his charter amendment on the ballot.

    watching channel 8 today reminded me of why some of the people on city council  should not be there.  what a bunch of dithering ding dongs

    they just can’t decide what to do or what is wrong


    any way, word is that gallagher doesn’t think council will do anything, despite some move today to ask the question on a january ballot, and is going to move forward with his proposal.  is planning a big rally of folks who want a clerk to kick off the petition drive.  he is working to have the first signature on his petition at the rally signed by ken salazar.

    how about them apples mister mayor?

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