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December 10, 2006 01:07 AM UTC

Those who are leaving office early

  • by: Dan Willis

I thought we should start a tread so we can track everyone who is leaving office before the end of their term, wether it is because of Amendment 41 or other reasons.

Below is what I have so far:

Sen. Ron Teck
Sen. Dan Grossman
Rep. Joe Stengel
Rep. Fran Coleman – announced this morning.
Denver City Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez – nominated for a Federal Election Commission post.

Fran said she will resign effective at noon on Tuesday (Dec 12). If her district moves fast they could have the vacancy committee meeting the Sat. before Christmas. She has asked the committee to consider her husband, Ben, for the appointment. He would serve until Jeanne Labuda is sworn in the first week in Jan. Jeanne has said she won’t seek the temporary appoitment so the district can honor whoever they wish.

For Grossman’s seat, his legislative aide, Donna Johnson, is being suggested. The vacancy committee meets tomorrow-Sun. Again, she will serve only til the swearing in of Chris Romer.

The special election to replace Rodriguez is tentatively scheduled for 30 Jan. More definite information should be available after the City Council meets on Monday.


10 thoughts on “Those who are leaving office early

  1. ….his retirement is a big loss.  Rosemary knows how to conduct an elections, and her skill and talent will go to a good cause when she gets her federal appointment.  Best wishes to her in her new job.
      As for the rest of them, good riddence……I mean, Ron Teck, the guy who insinuated that Abel Tapia’s son was an abomination?  We’re gonna miss him?  I think not!
      And when they were electing a successor to 24/7 Stengel, I’m surprised each party wasn’t allowed to nominate two candidates to run in tandem and if elected, who could job share since H.D. 38 requires a 24/7 time commitments.

    1. they’re not in session nor are they scheduled to be in session between now and when Labuda takes over.  I can imagine circumstances under which a special session could be called, but they’re very unlikely.  I’m not that big of a Fran Coleman fan, but it’s not a big deal who is her replacement for two and a half weeks.

      1. If Labuda or Chris Romer was appointed to finish her or his predecessor’s term by 3 weeks, would it give the new state rep or state senator an advantage over the other freshman as far seniority goes? In that case, Fran and Dan might be doing their constituents a favor.  (The U.S. Senate works that way…..)

        1. Neither Labuda nor Romer are seeking the short-term appointment. I think everyone is using the opporunity to honor those who have made contributions but will not be affected by Amendment 41. Fran’s husband, Ben, falls into that category. I’m not in HD1, but was at their meeting yesterday and didn’t hear any opposition ot the proposal. Their vacacy Meeting is yet be scheduled since Fran is in office til Tues.

          As for SD32, the vacancy committee was today and a quorum was not present so we were not able to elect an interim Senator. This leaves the job up to the Governor. We did take a straw poll and unanimously selected Grossman’s (and soon-tobe Romer’s) aide to fill the slot. Her name is Donna Johnson. Dan and Chris and writinf a joint letter to Gov. Owens to ask him to honor the wishes of those who did show up. I’ll keep you posted.

          1. I understand that Fran Coleman will not be able to leave on Tuesday becuase she needs to give a 10 day notice.  I was wondering if anyone heard what her reasons were for leaving office early?

            1. The 10 day notice refers to the amount of time that has to be given for the vacancy committee to convene.

              As for her reason, they are because of the passage of Amendment 41. She serves on several boards and wishes to continue to be able to lobby on their behalf. When Amendment 41 goes into effect, she would not be able to do so. By quitting before the Amendment is signed in to effect by the Governor, she can to continue to advocate for those issues, which include treatment for the mentally ill, among others.

              I heard today that we can expect more early exists, probably on Monday. And for the very same reason.

              Amendment 41 has a lot of far-reaching affects that I am pretty sure the voters were not made aware of before they approved it. For these people are want a “citizen legislature” this was not the way to go. I know of several people who were considering running for the seats being term-limited in 2008 who are now having 2nd thoughts. There is too much uncertainty for what will happen when they leave office. There are very few professions that you can take a break from to be a legislator and then go back to, say 8 years, later. The most natural position to go after being a legislator is in the public policy field, but without being allowed to advocate as apart of that job, it will make most people things real hard before running for any state office.

              1. Who else is gonna jump ship this week?  Inquiring minds want to know.  BTW, these very short-term appointees do not draw a salary, do they?  (In other words, is the $30K which legislators get paid only paid during the 120 day session, or is it annualized?)

                1. At the SD32 vacancy meeting, it was said to simply expect several more, perhaps on Monday.

                  No salary for the short-termers unless there was a special session called, then there would be a per dium.

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