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December 04, 2006 06:03 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

[Insert clever line here].


23 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. named Danielle Radovich Piper as his Chief of Staff.  She was the campaign manager.

      I don’t have a clue about Lamborn – which may be the understatement of the day.

      1. Do you think if Lamborn doesn’t name Hotaling he’s worried about the pending complaint with the FEC about illegal campaign coordination?

        To use Andrews’ laudatory word, “gritty”, I suspect Hotaling and Lamborn’s “gritty” campaign and the unsettled complaint with the FEC alleging illegal campaign coordination probably means Lamborn waited until after the campaign to dump Hotaling.  I can see Lamborn doing the denial game when and if the charges are substantiated–and getting rid of Hotaling now instead of on the verification of the charges could be the rationale–which if Hotaling were his chief of staff at the time of verification would further underscore Lamborn’s “gritty” campaign as being something Andrews might finally distance himself from instead of embrace.  We’ll wait and see what the FEC concludes but that may be a year or more, the way they are currently proceeding with the various diffent complaints with it against the Club for Growht and the one pending lawsuit the FEC has against the Club for Growth for campaign violations.  Of course, Jon Hotaling may personally be more worried about his association with his brother at the Christian Coalition of Colorado and the allegation of illegal campaign coordination as being the easier charge to make stick, if anything does. 

        1. Lamborn complaint? I think I read soemwhere that Gardener attempted to withdraw it but the FEC refused to do so. Any thruth to that? Any implications to be read from that?

          1. My understanding is that once a complaint is filed, it cannot be withdrawn by the complainant.  This was probably a “feint” to give Lamborn some cover in the general election.

      1. John.  Mr. Moustache, the man who thought the U.N. would be just as good minus ten floors.

        President Dubya was apparently displeased that Linc Chafee, freed of the worries of having to deal with the GOP leadership, put the kibosh on moving Bolton’s nomination out of committee.  The whine of “upperdown” could be heard all the way up at Kofi Annan’s office.

        Bolton submitted his resignation, date of departure to be January 3rd when the Senate convenes.  Apparently he doesn’t want to work for free, which is the only way he can officially have the title of Ambassador to the U.N. without confirmation from the Senate.

        Furthermore, Sen. Majority Leader to-be Harry Reid has set a schedule for the Senate that contains NO recesses until August, limiting the President’s opportunities to fill seats via recess appointment.

        1. Another Skeptic didn’t think much of Mr. Reid but the Senator from Nevada is a lot smarter, tougher, and shrewder than ol’ Tom Daschle. The repubs who targeted him are probably really kicking themselves now.

  1. The best that Caldera can do is bring in Ann Coulter? The woman has no credibility, no independent or intellectual thought.  If this is what the Republicans in Colorado must stoop down to, they are in far worse mess than most suspected.


      1. only in the same sense that driving by a horrific car wreck on the highway is entertainment – a ghoulish sense of seeing the results of spinning out of control.

    1. except propping up the failed GOP.  A lot of Coloradans respond to a message of fiscal austerity, low taxes, and individual freedoms.

      The Independence Institute shows it cares not at all about those things by inviting an off-kilter professional moralist and entertainer to speak on its members’ dime.  Ann Coulter’s audience is Dobson’s Colorado Springs, not Colorado.

  2. Maybe I’ve missed this, but is there a reason Tupa isn’t listed in the CD-2 line?  I remember asking Udall at a College Dems meeting at CU last Feb who he thought should replace him and he thought Tupa would do a great job.  Granted, Tupa was standing right next to him at the time 🙂  Anyway, just wondering…

  3. He has burnt too many bridges by not being a team player with the party.  He considered it at the time Udall was considering the Governor’s race.  But now, I think it’s too late.  Plus with two brand spankin new young uns in his family, I think he would have second thoughts about the time committment. 

    1. He’s a nice guy one-on-one, but has not been a reliable Democratic vote.  He’s my State Senator, but doesn’t make much of an effort to communicate with his constituents.  (To be fair, Alice Madden is worse.)

      Tupa’s focus on legislator gift and finance reform is great.  But I’m not sure I’d vote for him to be my Congressman.

      1. I remember Tupa when he was with the young democrats at CU way, way back.  Back then seemed like he could go anywhere. I guess things change.  Isn’t he going to get a Ritter appointment anyway ?

  4. Low turnout in Denver due to the screwups cost Ken Gordon dearly.
    Gordon lost by 24,000 votes and a decent turnout in Denver would have given him the win.

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