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November 24, 2006 06:33 PM UTC

Denver City Elections: May 1st, 2007

  • by: Dan Willis

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I thought maybe I would start a thread where we can talk about the various municipal offices being voted on in Denver in May. Denver puts their entire city up for re-election at the same time in non-partisan elections.

Below are the 17 offices we vote on and news I have so far about who is running for them. I know there are a few more announced cnadidates out there, but I don’t know their names yet. Please feel free to add anyone you know is running for something.

MAYOR – John Hickenlooper – running for re-election

AUDITOR – Dennis Gallagher – probably running for re-election. There are some rumors he is considering running for mayor, doesn’t seem likely though.
Kathleen MacKenzie – rumored to be running. Currently on City Council.

ELECTION COMMISIONER (2 seats)- Sandy Adams & Susan Rogers. Susan is definitely not running for re-election and Sandy is probably not. There will likely be at least one ballot question in May to switch from a Commission to a County Clerk system. If this passes, the Commissioners elected in May will only serve until the County Clerk can be elected in Nov. and installed.
Karen Morrissey – announced candidate. IT professional and Dem. party activist.
Rosemary McDermott – rumored to be considering a run. Dem. party activist.

AT-LARGE (2 seats) – Doug Linkhart & Carol Boigan. Both are running for re-election.

DISTRICT 1 (NW) – Rick Garcia – Likely running for re-election

DISTRICT 2 (SW) – Jeanne Faatz – Likely running for re-election

DISTRICT 3 (W-Central) – Rosemary Rodriguez – Is being touted for an appointment to the Federal Election Commission. If she doesn’t get it, she will likely run for re-election.

DISTRICT 4 (SE) – Peggy Lehmann – Likely running for re-election.

DISTRICT 5 (E-Central) – Marcia Johnson – Running for re-election.

DISTRICT 6 (SE-Central) – Charlie Brown – Likely running for re-election.

DISTIRCT 7 (SW-Central) – Kathleen MacKenzie in term-limited.
Chris Nevitt – announced candidate.
Julie Connor – Kathleen’s aide.
Shelly Watters – Carol Boigan’s aide

DISTRICT 8 (N-Central) – Elbra Wedgeworth is term-limited.
Carla Madison – announced candidate. Neighborhood activist (City Park West).

DISTRICT 9 (Downtown & Northward) – Judy Montero – Likely running for re-election.

DISTRICT 10 (Central) – Jeanne Robb – Likely running for re-election.

DISTRICT 11 (NE) – Michael Hancock – Likely running for re-election.


48 thoughts on “Denver City Elections: May 1st, 2007

    1. Mackenzie and Wedgeworth are the only ones termed this time.  Charley Brown can serve one more term.  Everyone else is just ending their first term and can serve two more.

      MacKenzie is very unlikely to run for anything else.  I hear she may go to work for SEIU.

    1. But more will be decided for sure probably after the next Election Commission meeting which is this Tuesday.

      When weighing all the options, I still think fixing the computer problems to allow for Vote Centers to work in May is the best way to go. I am also pushing for more Vote Centers. We currently have 55 and I am pushing to increase that to 70, adding the additional ones in areas still heavily underserved like the westside.

        1. The newer HAVA restrictions is why we had to leave the precinct system.

          As for paper ballots, Denver abandoned that back in the 40’s because of the large amount of fraud that was taking place with them. Even the paper ballots we used in this year (absentee and provisional) has many problems with them.

          1.   As far as I know, only Larimer and Denver counties have the voting centers (and they worked well in Larimer county).  Are there any others? 
              If the other counties do not use voting centers, how do they get away with it under HAVA?

            1. The larger counties are all probably going to have to go to Vote Centers by 2008. They simply won’t have enough precinct polling places to accommodate the newer stricter disability requirements of HAVA. They have until 2008 to get the change-over done. About a dozen counties used Vote Centers this year. The only ones to have major issues were Denver & Douglas. Both had issues because of different specific reasons, but both boil down to bad planning.

              As for Denver’s problems, they were mostly caused by an IT guy who was clearly out of his league and unwilling to admit it. They are all pretty easily correctable problems, but that is no excuse for them to happen in the first place.

              1. Special busses exist for disabled passengers but they are not required to go to them. Regular busses are now required to accommodate disabled passengers.

                In the voting scenario, it is illegal to require disabled voters to go to a different location than other voters.

                There would also have to be a change of state law which currently only allows precincts or vote centers, but not a combination of them.

                1. but I guess that’s discriminatory treatment, so we have voting centers with long lines……now non-disabled ppl. will simply request, receive and vote by absentee ballots….

                2. or in the same election? The early voting in El Paso is by voting center and then general election by precinct. I assume that is ok?

  1. City Council members may serve 3 four year terms.

    Councilman Charlie Brown may run for re-election in 2007 and may also run again in 2011.  His first term 2001-2003 didn’t “count” since it was less than 1/2 of Councilwoman Casey’s 4 year term when he was elected to fill her vacancy.  His 3 four year term ability is 2003-2007, 2007-2011 and 2011-2015.

    Julie Connor, Council aide to Kathleen MacKenzie in District 7, is running for that seat.  Shelly Watters, Council aide to Carol Boigon at large, is also running for Kathleen MacKenzie’s seat.


      1. make you a good councilman.  he wasn’t any better at the legislature.

        until you get good policy people with some backbone to stand up to the mayor and actually worry about the people, denver will get the kind of bs government it has.

  2. I’m curious, is Charlie Brown a Republican?  Some of his stances on controversial issues on the past lead me to believe that he is more leaning towards the right.

    1. When I looked a the voter registration list, the only Charles Brown I found living in his city council district who would be the right age range to be the City Councilman was registered as R.

      1. Someone who knows Brown a lot better than me (I might be able to pick him out of a room if he was the only one wearing a cowboy hat) told me his address. When I searched for “Charles Brown” and his street he came up (but oddly did not when I asked generically for Denver) and he is registered as a Democrat.

        1. Since Charlie Brown’s constituents are fairly progressive, engaged, and left leaning, I’m surprised he doesn’t have a challenger.  From my point of view, he is non-existant.  He doesn’t send a newsletter, have town meetings, reply to emails, or provide a means for his constituents to communicate with him.  The only time I hear about him is when he is opposing possible petitions.

          1. he was the prime mover to allow council to cancel an addtional four city council meetings a year, because it was just too hard to have to work around a holiday.

            poor overburdened council members.

            he was also one of the cheer leaders for the denver election commission.  he chastised the press (before the election) for being so negative about possible problems at the election commission.

            you’re doing a heck of a job, brownie.

              1. In the past, cnadidates for city office don’t really start raising their heads until January. I guess there is a feel that before that they will got lost in the general election and the following holidays.

                Personally, I have obviously not followed that philosophy. 🙂

      1. Is it possible a statement made by Johnson was misunderstood? 

        Johnson has tried repeatedly to have the city not schedule saturday meetings as it is the Jewish sabbath.  For the latest example you can view her request by going to and clicking on Denver 8 on-line.  Then select General Government Committee then Emergency Meeting 11/9/06 regarding the Election.  If you don’t want to view the whole meeting you can fast forward to 01:54:36 and view through 01:55:00.  It will take less than a minute of your time to hear her words for yourself.  note:  the city did proceed with scheduling the city-wide Election hearing on Saturday, December 2nd.

        Also, Johnson worked with the Public Works department to have traffic signal automatically switch to “walk” in timed increments so that it wouldn’t be necessary for her observant Jewish constituents to have to push the button to cross the street.  Pushing the button was considered work and was forbidden for the observant Jewish community.

      1. I have mentioned several times on this blog over the past couple of months that I am Karen’s campaign manager.

        After posting the list of likely candidates here, Karen asked me to add it to her website so people who don’t read ColoradoPols can have a source for the info.

  3. will clean Carla’s clock.  This was Penfield’s for the asking until he left his wife.

    While this district is changing, it is still an African-American seat.

  4. The Denver election process is just like the BCS. an elaborate kind of scheme which is not based on a simple numerical outcome; but some kind of esoteric
    percentage rankings or something.  I can’t wait for the Secretary of State to certify this mess.

      1. ZERO. The BCS stands for “Bowl Championship Series”. This system for “determining who gets to play in the one game that determines the winner of the “Collegiate Football Championship” is a mythical, arcane and tortured system that combines computer calculations with a “beauty pageant” polling system whereby supposedly hard numbers are mutated – through a system no one can comprehend –  into a definitive numerical something that allows the entrenched players to maintain their ecomic advantages. Hey, maybe there is something to the analogy.

  5. Darrell Watson announced at our last Whittier Neighborhood Association meeting that he is running for the D.8 seat. His announcement was met with enthusiastic applause: people in this neighborhood know what he can do, since he served as Whittier’s president a few years ago. Right now he’s serving on the Denver Foundation Board of Trustees; in the past he was a member of the Land Use Transportation Advisory Committee and chaired the Biased Police Task Force.

    Darrell will be at the District 8 candidate forum on December 20th, hosted by Elbra. I’m sure all the other serious candidates will be there as well…

    1. in MacKenzie’s seat.

      I think he had been a registered Republican, but changed his registration to either Dem or Unaffiliate.  Don’t know that for a fact, but it is what I have heard.

      That will be a very crowded race.  It will all be about who can get to the runoff.

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