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November 18, 2006 05:39 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

More credibility than Jim Welker’s reading list.
Less excitement than Brian Ahern’s love life (we hope).
More style than Lew Entz’s bolo tie.
Better advice than Bob Beauprez got.

All this and more, just click below…


12 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Throw the D-11 bums out – Christen the Crook and Shakes the Snake are being recalled. Let’s make sure it happens.

    Jan Tanner and Charles Bobbitt need your support.

    Phone banking

    Location is Melat, Pressman & Higbie 711 S Tejon

    Saturday 18 noon-6pm

    Monday 20 6-8pm

    Locations for December are to be determined

    Saturday Dec 9 noon-5pm
    Sunday Dec 10 noon- 5pm
    Monday Dec. 11 all day-8pm
    Tuesday Dec.12 all day until 6:30

    Sign waving at Schools-see attachment for addresses near you

    Friday Nov 17 at 2:30-3:30 at all D11 High Schools

    Monday Nov 20 at 2:30 at all D11 Elementary Schools

    Ballots go out this Friday the 17th and Must be mailed back by December 8th or Dropped off at the County Clerk and Recorder at 200 S Cascade by December 12 at 7pm

    If you do not receive a ballot in the mail by the end of week, Go down to county clerk or call them at 575-8683) (8683

    To make a donation of money for Jan Tanner Mail to:
    PO Box 751 Colo. Springs CO 80901

    And let’s tell Steve Schuck to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    1. The latest I have seen is 571147 for Ludwig and 557970 for Davidson. I believe, but am not certain, that this number now includes all absentee ballots and some provisional. There are are still a handful of counties counting their provisionals.

      I do not believe there are enough provisionals to make up the difference for Ludwig, but it could easily go into recount territory. The current percentage diffrence between them is .998%. If that gap narrows to .5 or less then a recount is automatic.

      1. The Denver Post has Ludwig ahead 626,000 and change to 622,000 and some change. But, the papers have been lagging behind in reporting everything. Does anyone have something more up to date. Man, usually Dan Willis is the ace with the latest on every race

        1. That’s strange becauase the Denver Post is now (8:30 am on 11/19) reporting 577208 to 565286 in favor of Davidson. I don’t know where the additional numbers came from since.

          1. I just went through the websites of the larger population counties in Colorado to see where they were in their reporting. The only counties that are clearly still counting provisionals are Denver, Boulder, and Douglas. There were a few others that were not clear from the way they had their election results page set up. The ones still counting do not have any indication how many more they have to go. Yesterday morning I was told that Denver was down to “about 1000” by the Commission and they expected to have it done by end of business on Monday.

            I did notice from Jeffco’s site, that appears to be several recounts that are going to have to happen: HD27 (Gagliardi vs. Crane), County Clerk, and County Coroner.

  2. Very nice article in the Star Bulletin – second half of the article It’s possible to lose and still come out ahead

    Hawaii Republicans have the same problem as Colorado – most of the party activists are wingnuts but only a moderate can win. So will my mom get nominated in the future for statewide office – doubtful as she is too moderate for the primary voters.

    Besides she is very happy in the house. She has never viewed that as a stepping stone to higher office – she finds it a position where she can accomplish a lot of good today.

    So for you moderate Republicans out there – it’s a problem nationwide, not just here in Colorado.

    1. Not that your mother is necessary campaigning for one (unlike our Four Musketeers Isgar, Larson, Tapia, and Tupa), but doesn’t she and Linda Lingle come from the same faction of the Hawaii GOP?  There’s got to be some type of reward for members of a political party fighting the good fight albeit unsuccessfully.

      1. But she really enjoys what she can accomplish in the legislature. And after 4 years then what if she goes in the cabinet?

        A lot of politicians see the state house as a step on the road they are going up. She sees it as a place where she can accomplish a lot. And I think that makes her a much better legislator.

        thanks – dave

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