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November 17, 2006 04:42 AM UTC

The First Woman Speaker in American History

  • by: Colorado Pols

John Murtha lost, too.

Either this is an important and proud moment in American history for you, or you’ve already made up your mind about President-minus-two Nancy Pelosi.

We honestly don’t see any resemblance.


52 thoughts on “The First Woman Speaker in American History

  1. Who is responsible for posting this?  This is in terrible taste for this Web site.  How am I supposed to take this site seriously?

    This is not political discussion, this is Drudge.  Gimme a break, ColoradoPols.

    1. Nothing personal. If it’s any consolation, you can swap the Nancy Pelosi picture for Ann Coulter and pretty much get the same effect.

      There, feel better?

      1. She is a strong, thin women, but this more resembles Ann Coutler. 

        At least Pelosi doesn’t have a following that mails anthrax to those she exclaims should be excuted.

    2. I do remember a couple of months back, some folks here decided to post some pics comparing W to a monkey, sure didn’t hear any outlash at how poor of taste that was, but, hey, you guys won, so you make the rules.

        1. Because I grew up watching he-man. I dont have a tv so I dont know what they are saying there, and right wing blogs leave a bad taste in my mouth so I stay away from them. I am trying to think of the name of the tiger that HE-man rode.

      1. I am not especially offended, but I don’t think people will get very far making fun of Nancy Pelosi’s looks.  She seems like an average, fairly nice looking middle aged lady to me.  And besides, she’s replacing Dennis Hastert.  🙂

        1. Who cares . . . it’s funny.  Not like the left hasn’t been enjoying an endless series of Bush/chimp and Cheney/Darth Vader photoshops over the years.

          I’m pleased as bunch about the Democratic takeover, but the whiny self-rightous tone is already emerging, much less so on this blog.

          I’m all for criticizing the hell out of the new leadership . . . keep ’em honest – and foster as mucn insecurity about their looks as possible so as to make them strive to over-achieve legislatively.

    1. Toodles:  You must be close to my sons’ ages.  My youngest son’s first words were “He Man”.  I was forced to watch a lot of He Man, and buy a lot of the toys.  I think we still have that tiger around here somewhere!

      1. I am 25, which may make me one of the younger posters on this site, and I am trying to remember how old I was when I was watching He-man (6ish maybe?).

            1. Sky King.

              Yes I remember.  Kirby Grant and his niece Penny.

              Name of the plane was the Songbird.

              I also remember Princess SummerFallWinterSpring and Buffalo Bob.

              Our B&W had rabbit ears with aluminum foil to get better reception.

              1. that was always driving, I think a Jeep called Nelly Belle, to wherever Sky King was flying?  He’d always catch up in some few minutes after driving over rough terrain.  Makes you how SK justified an airplane.  Could have just jumped in the Jeep.

                Am I mixing up two shows?

                1. Nelly Belle was the jeep that Pat Brady drove on the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans show.

                  Clipper was the character on Sky King that also drove a jeep, usually trying to catch up with Sky who was of course in the airplane.  Clipper also flew a plane.  It was a single engine as compared to the twin engine Cessna that sky flew.  IIRC clipper was also Sky’s nephew.

              1. In a regular social setting it is great for me, because I will invariably make fun of everyone around me. They dont mind as much if I have already made fun of myself.

                That humor and the one regular claim one outrageous claim; no not really only outrageous claim. I am trying to think of a good example but it is hard in this medium.

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