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November 14, 2006 04:22 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Once more, the world was spinning in greased grooves.”

–John Steinbeck, Cannery Row


44 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

        1. Yeah, we need to throw a few right wingers on the line.  I say Jon deserves odds of winning somewhere in between O’Brien and Miles.  35-1 sounds about right.

      1. but want her to run for Secty of State in ’10.

        We need to elect an openly gay man to congress.  He’d be the first out one to be elected as an out man…

        “Gay man trumps white woman.”  Will Truman

        1. So, the only reason you are supporting Polis is because he is an openly gay man?  I for one, do not care what race, gender or sexual preference the candidate has, and I certainly do not base my vote upon that criteria.

          I will take Joan’s resume over Polis anyday.  What did he do to help Dems this year?  Not much.

          1. but a damned strong reason. 

            As to what Jared has done for dems, Joan would likely not be President of the Senate were it not for Jared (and Tim Gill’s) money poured into their 527 to eelect Dems.

            His position on issues are strikingly similar to Joan’s so all other things being equal, I would cast an Affirmative Action vote.  Are you opposed to Affirmative Action, Blue?

            1. Joan will likely benefit greatly from EMILY’s list money.  She will benefit from that money based on the fact that she is a woman.  If EMILYs list contributors (of which I am one) can base their support on gender, why would you tell me as a gay man I should not base my support on the shared experience I have with Jared Polis of being a gay man in this society?

              Will you be consistent and tell EMILYs list to close up shop as you are telling me to not support a gay man?  Or does you bigotry extend only to gay candidates and voters?

              1. Im not an Emily’s list contributor.  Im glad the organization exists, and its cause in supporting women candidates is great, but they are not going to sway my vote in the same manner as I stated earlier.  I do not base my vote upon race, gender or sexual preference. Read below.

                Also, Im not a bigot, and I take offense from that statement.

            2. candidate only because, or mainly because, of what the candidate does in their bedroom, is a wacko.

              People’s sexual preferences have no business in politics.

              You are just trying to be “politically correct”, and fashionable.

              1. this argument is none of your business.  Your party is the one that has injected sexual orientation into politics by criminializing sexual practices and then bitched about “liberal, activist judges” who told you it was unconstitutional. 

                By the way, if winning control of both houses of congress while sending home conservative poster boys Rick Santorum and George Allen is what you consider dead, then I’m dead and loving it!

                1. about voting for an “open” dude specifically because of his bedroom practices is really dumb. (What is this new term “open” anyway? Some new fuzzy/feely catch phrase?)

                  Same goes if one votes for someone only because that person is black, or Chinese, or female, or male, or white, or hispanic, or whatever. Why not vote for the most qualified candidate?

                  Now I know you will say we all vote for whomever aligns with our conservative or liberal agendas, but let’s keep what goes on behind bedroom doors out of it eh?

                  Would you want every American to vote for someone that shares their own bedroom desires? If so, there wouldn’t be a gay for miles around the capital. As no matter how much you wish and hope and pray, you are still a minority. A vast majority of Americans tolerate you (if you are gay that is) but still vote for the best candidate. They don’t vote for bedroom practices.

                  We need to get off this gay/queer bullshit. I don’t bring it up when I post here, and I sure don’t let sexual preferences dictate my voting, why would you?

                  1. Every time I read one of your posts, it makes me not want to look twice just ’cause you might be on the motorcycle.

                    Look.  Most conservatives would never vote for an open gay person (y’all prefer your queers to be like Hagard–married, condemning other gays, but fucking around with men on the side—which is probably why you didn’t understand my “openly gay” comment–it is foreign to you), so why the hell shouldn’t I vote for an openly gay man or lesbian?

                    You preclude based on that.  I include based on that.

                    You, too, should stay out of this argument as you will not be voting in the Democratic Primary anyway…

                    1. I get people on this site jumping down my neck when I post things that are none of their business.

                      You are the one that posted that you will back a political candidate mostly because of what the fucker does in his bedroom.
                      That in my eyes is self centered and just plain fuckin dumb.

                      You would say the same thing if someone voted for a person on the “sole” reasoning of him being straight……..

                    2. candidate whose political ideology I share who also shares my life experience of being a gay man in this society.

                      All other things being equal, I vote for the gay guy.

                      Give me a freaking break.  You Republicans practically pissed yourselves over having an African American running for senate in Maryland, hopeing agaisnt hope that he would draw some African American votes that normally go to the Democrats.  Why?  Because they have a shared life experience.  Why did you not tell them they should not vote for the African American?

                      And just today, y’all select Sen. Mel Martinez from Florida as your party chair–hoping that a shared life experience will attract more hispanics to your party.

                    3. the part about not looking twice.
                      Nice touch. You have never been in a motorcycle wreck I guess. Or had someone close to you die in one.
                      So to say such a thing shows just how low you really are.
                      I thought you libs were the party of compassion?
                      Wanting to kill a biker is not what I call compassionate.

                      I just hope not all of you Dems are the same fuckin way.

                      What a guy………

                    4. Now you want to find out where I ride so you can run me off the road?
                      Colorado Springs…….look for the multi colored green/blue/purple/red Titan.
                      But if you miss, myself and many others will find you out wise ass.

                    5. he said the ban on gays in the military is “a bit of an old chestnut” (not that it was a chestnut he wanted to get rid of).

                      He said nothing about voting for or against a gay person.  Show me where he has campaigned for a gay candidate; raised money directly for a gay candidate…. 

            3. Im not opposed to Affirmative Action, but what you are suggesting is not AA.  You are not taking all things equal, but as you stated a “Gay Man trumps a White Woman,” which suggests that one quality is far superior than all others.  While they may agree on some most issues, you will find difference as well.

              While Polis helped the Democrats in 2004, he sat back this year, hoping to distance himself.  Be it as it may, he distanced himself not as a team player, but to run for CD2.  I belie thinking no one would remember the money he spent in the years past, but obviously that will not happen as you noted.

              Joan’s leadership and resume far outweighs Jared’s.

              1. and is in San Diego the rest of the time.  I don’t have any confirmation on the rumor.  And for it’s worth, either Joan or Jared would make a worthy successor to Mark Udall when he uproots the Potted Plant in two years.

        2. One cancels out the other, IMHO.

          I keep seeing rumors that Jared supported Amdt. 41; if that’s true, and it causes a lot of heartache this year, I expect Jared is going to have a tough time pulling out a win in CD-2.

          Still, either would be good representation for Colorado and for the district.

          1. that “we need more women in congress” then it follows that you think it is okay to take gender into consideration when voting.  Go Blue, I think, would agree with you on that given that s/he states s/he approves of the work that EMILYs list does.  I also agree with that statement.

            Why then, do you find it difficult to say that it is desirable to have out gay and lesbians in elective office.  Given that there are only 2 out memember of congress right now (Tammy Baldwin and Barney Frank), I would say that gays and lesbians are in greater need of more representation.

            1. While I cannot speak for PR, I know that I do not find it difficult or undesirable to have an openly gay or lesbian in elected office.  I just believe Joan is the better candidate.  Im not casting my support for her because she is a woman, or vice versa, against Polis because he is openly gay.  I cannot support or oppose a candidate based one trait or issue.  But, that is my opinion, and why I am a Democrat.  I can understand your desire for representation and support for Polis as well, and if I were in your place I may have the same sentiments.

            2. This isn’t an affirmative action election.  We have two candidates, both of whom are qualified, both of whom have positive attributes which enhance their value to national representation.

              I don’t intend to vote for either of them based on their gender or sexual orientation – I plan on voting for them based on their ability to represent the district and present the best vision for our future.

              The ratio of “out” members of Congress to homosexual members of society is about the same as the number of women in Congress to the number of women in the country – off by an order of magnitude, plus some.  Both are under-represented, and I didn’t see the point in making it an issue for either candidate.

          1. Having torn him down a little, now I guess it’s my job to build him back up…

            Jared brings (a) an understanding of technology, and (b) a passion for educational improvements to the table.  We don’t have enough technology wonks sitting in D.C, and more passion about education is always a welcome thing.  And frankly, he’s a successful businessman; that sells in elections.

  1. Followers of Major Mike Coffman or Diving Ken Gordon need to stand up and let us know who is now ahead?
    AP is less than helpful.
    The Post and the News have not updated their numbers in a few days. Come on guys end the suspense it will be good for you.

    1. This morning I head that Coffman holds a 21,000 vote lead with only about 13,000 ballots left to be counted.  It looks like Ken was unable to pull off a comeback. But that is unofficial.

      1. This is absolutely ridiculous. A disgrace. I was disagreeing with Dennis Gallagher’s press releases demanding that everyone at the DEC be fired, but now I’m beginning to agree with him. (But that doesn’t change the fact that Gallagher’s just an opportunistic politico, smelling arch-enemy Hickenlooper’s blood in the water.)

  2.   If a right winger were to be granted one and only one wish, which of the following would he choose:
    1.  Add TABOR to the U.S. Constitution as an unamendable amendment,
    2.  Ban all abortions at any stage after conception except maybe to save the life of the mother, or
    3.  Ban all legal recognition of same sex relationships be they called marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships.
      Which one is the most important one to RRR agenda?

  3. of a corrupt and dangerous government.

    “The weakening of George W. Bush, in short, has opened the door for an alumnus of the Iran/Contra scandal, Robert Gates, to gain control of the Pentagon – his nomination, as yet, has met with little Congressional resistance. This process was managed by James Baker, whose Carlyle Group made billions off the Iraq occupation and whose fealty to the American people has all too often taken a back seat to the needs and desires of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. These two, along with Hamilton, have been instrumental in crafting, by way of the Iraq Survey Group, what by all accounts will soon be America’s foreign policy lynchpin in Iraq and the Middle East as a whole,” according to William Rivers Pitt.

    I for one, belive this to be true. I would ask all good patriots to stand vigilant against the abuses of the military industrial complex.

    1. His role in Iran-Contra is, well… problematic.  He’s some kind of VP at Chevron right now, and he’s got close ties to the Carlyle cronies from 41’s reign.

      But, he’s also been around on the NSC and in the national security advisor’s office for ages, and he’s got a lot of history in actually telling the truth of a situation to the President and his staff, even when it’s painful.

      I don’t think he’s the right man for the job, and his I-C history may get him into serious hot water during the confirmation hearings.  I’d be more than a little interested to hear what the Iraq Study Group (isn’t that a retread of the name of the group that phonied up the war in the first place?) has to say, and what its members have to say about how Gates was during the deliberations on recommendations.

      But if the ISG comes out with good, solid recommendations, he might be the person who can get them implemented.  We need to refocus our efforts in the Defense Department before our repair backlog encompasses our entire Army and Marine ground fleet.

      1. With Gates’s past and his connections to big oil, I would be EXTREMELY suprised if the ISG recommends abandoning the quest for permanent bases in Iraq.  This is a major sticking point with the Sunni insergancy.  But I doubt that these gusy will be able to give up hegemony when their $ (oops I mean interests) are on the line. 

  4. I don’t see the attraction for Fitz-Gerald in the 2nd CD.  She is caustic and abrasive and has no appeal to anyone with any kind of people skills.  I agree with Joan on almost all of her ideological positions.  That said, I can’t imagine voting for her.  I would back almost anyone else for that position. 

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