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November 11, 2006 12:07 AM UTC

Gordon Could Catch Coffman

  • by: Colorado Pols

As The Denver Post reports:

At least 66,000 absentee and provisional ballots remain uncounted or unreported this morning, making it mathematically possible that Democratic state Sen. Ken Gordon could whittle away Republican state Treasurer Mike Coffman’s lead.

Gordon, who remains roughly 30,000 votes behind Coffman, has been capturing an average of 71 percent of the votes in the primarily Democratic strongholds of Denver, Pueblo and Boulder, where the vast majority of uncounted ballots remain.


31 thoughts on “Gordon Could Catch Coffman

    1. Not according to the Pueblo Chieftain:

      Here’s what the Chieftain said this AM:

      Election judges didn’t finish the counting of Pueblo County absentee ballots on Thursday, but they made major progress. One observer expressed the opinion that the count may be completed today.

  1. What is more likely to happen, is that Gordon ALMOST catches Coffman… in which case the hundreds of people that strolled away from the polls could have made all the difference in the world. And please don’t give me the Douglas County mumbo jumbo. That was a brilliantly crafted response by the GOP to accusations that problems in Denver unfairly hurt Dems. The problems in Douglas were no where near as bad as in Denver. How do I know? I was on the ground and saw it with my own eyes, and asked judges myself… instead of relying on one or two lines in Douglas and the rest what conservatives are saying.

    1. Give me a break. I’m sure Ritter’s GOTV efforts as well as his actions to shuttle people around to shorter lines on election night, bring them food and water, stand in line with them encouraging them to stay, etc…. I’m sure that didn’t help Gordon or any other Dems at all. Heck, he was up so much the campaign could have just stayed home.

      1. Ritter got 76%
        Kennedy got 72%
        Gordon got 71%
        O’Brien 65%

        The last few weeks Ritter new he was going to win.  Had done more to help the other canidates Gordon would have one and O’Brien would be a lot closer.

        Ritter’s GOTV was just that Ritter’s GOTV their script said help support Ritter with no mention of other canidates.  With as many calls as the Ritter campaign made they could have made the difference in the SOS race.

        1. So you think because Ritter folks mentioned Ritter to Dems while telling them to vote as opposed to Ritter and Gordon, the Dems just said, oh heck, I’m going to vote Republican this time??? GOTV efforts are mainly to… ummm… get out the vote… not to convince people who to vote for. That was your job.

          1. that is excatly what they did.  The whole campaign Ritter has been out Ritter and screw the rest of the ticket.  If Ritter had been in a close race that would make sense, but this race was never close and there was no reason why Ritter couldn’t have done more to help the rest of the ticket.  I hope he governs in a less selfish manner, but I doubt it.

            1. Your bitching is sad.  I wanted Ken to win and I hope he can still pull it off.  But for shit sakes, stop scapegoating other candidates.  Maybe, if you had worked harder, did more GOTV for Gordon, raised more money for his campaign and set up more events for Gordon to be at with Ritter he would have won.

              So in the spirit of you character, I blame you for Gordon’s loss.

        2. Ken Gordon’s race was one of my real focuses this election, so don’t get the idea that I think it doesn’t matter.  I do really think, though, that this criticism is misplaced.  Ritter’s efforts really did do a lot to help Gordon and O’Brien and Kennedy in their races.

          That said, though, Ritter’s volunteers were Ritter’s volunteers.  A good number of them were not Democrats.  You really think he should have handed them a script to elect Ken Gordon?  That would have betrayed the focus of his campaign, and I for one am glad he didn’t do it.

          Besides, unless Ritter’s GOTV is completely different from El Paso County, his volunteers could have said pretty much anything they cared to say when they called.

            1. The 4% is cross-over voters who Ritter appealed to because he was a moderate. Just like in ’04, when we saw some of the same people who voted for Salazar voting for Bush. Some of the same people who voted for Ritter voted for Coffman. It isn’t another candidates job to get anyone else elected. If you are going to waste your time blaming someone, point fingers at the state party.

              1. was a team player this cycle you are nieve and way off base.  When Ritter was up double digits he should have done more to help other canidates.  Ritter chose not too and that’s a chose he will have to live with.

                1. Yeah, we understand you are upset.  You are also suffering from selective vision.  Some good candidates lost this cycle; not because Bill Ritter screwed them over, but because things just didn’t go as they hoped.

                  Bill Ritter ran a campaign for governor in a state with a large Republican voter registration advantage.  He did it correctly; by focusing on speaking to all the people of Colorado, and convincing them that he has good ideas.  Ritter ran a campaign that was supported by many conservatives, Republicans, and others who are not normally too happy with Bill Ritter’s political party.  It would have been a mistake for him to abandon his moderate message as soon as it looks like he’ll win.  It would be a mistake not only for Ritter, but for the long-term future of the Democratic party in Colorado.  Thank goodness Ritter is smarter than that.

                2. And what proof do you have?  I was at several events across the state where Ritter shared the stage with Gordon and other statewide offices. 

                  Until you prove otherwise, I blame you for Gordon’s loss.

            2. I voted straight party line this time but I don’t always. I considered voting for Coffman but decided to vote for Gordon. By your logic if I had voted for Coffman it was because I listened to the Ritter GOTV and voted only for him because that was all they mentioned. How insulting to the voters’ intelligence. I’m sure most of the 4% difference were because those voters a) favored Ritter over BWB and b) favored Coffman over Gordon. Heck, Tancredo Watch (admittedly not a Denver resident, but a Dem) voted for Coffman because he thought he was the right choice. Can’t anyone else make that choice too?

  2. Gordon had 58% in Pueblo County and Kennedy had 62%. After Pueblo is factored in are there enough votes out there to give Gordon a shot at winning? The story online was wrong Pueblo has been counted

  3. there were stilll 35K votes not counted in Denver, and 20,000 vote not counted in Pueblo as of Thursday.

    assuming the numbers cited above are correct with regard to what Gordon was doing in Denver and Pueblo respectively one coud give Gordon 58% of the uncounted vote in Pueblo and 71% of the uncounted vote in Denver, that still would not put him ahead of Coffman.

    I don’t know the situation in Boulder.  There  had been 30K uncounted votes there, but I don’t know whether they have been counted and if so, whether they are reflected in Gordon’s totals as of Thursday.

  4. There still are Pueblo County votes out there.
    There are still some Denver and Pueblo votes.
    Is there any chance that Gordon can catch Hillman. Gordon ran several points behind Cary Kennedy throughout the state. Particularly in Democratic strongholds Kennedy did better than Gordon which is a bit of a surprise given Gordon’s service in the House and Senate and leadership positions in both bodies.
    Is Bill Ritter to blame for this as well?

  5. I am a very active liberal Democrat. And a resident of Boulder (is that redundant?)

    And Coffman is the one R I seriously considered voting for. I don’t think it was a lack of help from Ritter that hurt – it was that Mike Coffman is clearly a very competent politician, moderate, and a lot of people think he would do a good job.

    BWB on the other hand was a walking disaster. Of course Ritter was going to do better.

    But the bottom line is that both Gordon and Coffman are quality candidates for the job and I think most voters that did look at both felt that either one will be a good secretary of state.

    And so this vote was always going to be very close.

    1. Probably not if he had he run for governor.

      I’m not pickin’ a fight, but will you tell me what Coffman has done that leads you to believe he’s moderate? I don’t have anything specific to point to but, somehow, along the way and through the years, I’ve believed him to be quite conservative.


      1. He and I agreed on 11% of issues measured by the Rocky’s Ballot Builder toy. He’s a Repulsive Republican Radical, but he doesn’t make a big deal about it except when he’s raising money from other RRRs.

        He’s make a good SOS.

        1. (or should that be who?)

          Anyhoo, it reminds me of Dick Sargent at a Jeffco GOP Women’s Chili Dinner many years ago. I was at the event with my mom and we both wore pro-choice Republican pins. Sargent sidled up to us on our way out the door, leaned in, and said, “You know, I agree with you on that [the choice issue].” You can be sure he didn’t have the guts to speak up when he was with people who believed otherwise and it left me wondering what he said to the people wearing the anti-choice pins.

          For me, I’d just as soon they’d come out and either agree or disagree with me, but don’t play games like we’re stupid ’cause we’re not.

          Also, there’s no way my neighbor would have put up a Coffman sign this year if he had any sense that Coffman was anything but a far right R.

  6. Stephen Ludwig has to win.  Ludwig has fewer votes to close in the CU Regent race and similar, if not better, percentage edges in the key counties.

    It looks like the final number of votes cast in Denver will be about 160,000.  This is much better than it initially seemed, because vote counting went so slowly.  But, it is still only about 58% turnout, in a year that should have had 65% turnout.  While it is hard to say with certainty that 18,000 voters (implied by 65% turnout and 160,000 votes cast) were really discouraged, as there weren’t many high profile close races in Denver itself, and the Governor’s race was known to be a blowout.  The number of discouraged voters was clearly in the thousands.

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