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November 09, 2006 02:51 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I’ll have a blue Christmas,
without you…”

–Billy Hayes


89 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Quotes from yetserday’s Canon City Daily Record:

      “Lamborn said his ‘No. 1 priority’ was to gain a post on the House Armed Services Committee.

      “The negative tone of the race continued after the results were made known. When asked if he had placed a concessionary phone call to Lamborn, Fawcett replied, ‘That would imply I respect the man.’?

    1.  Doug, don’t be waiting on that call!
    2.  Dennis Hastert won’t be much help now for that “promised seat” especially without Hastert’s seeking the Minority Leader’s position! Lamborn’s best chance for someone to exert influence on his behalf is for Mike Pence to get the Minority Leader’s position. Unless others emerge, the two leading contenders for House Minority Leader are John Boehner and Pence, the latter being the Club for Growth’s man and “Star of the Right who Betrayed His Base at the Border.”  Lamborn should hope its Mike Pence for obvious reasons. 

      1. Why do you pretend that congrats to the winner should be an automatic. Someone has called you a liar, part of the Homosexual agenda, lied about your positions, accused you of saying you are glad that american soldiers are dead and the world thinks you are supposed to call them and say good luck?  I don’t blame Fawcett, I am not sure anyone has any respect for Lamborn.  Did Hefley call and say good job? HMMMMMMM…..

        1. No one respects Lamborn except 59% of voters in his district.

            I’m Jay Fawcett and I’ve never been in a political race before and I expect everyone to love me as much as I love myself. Boo hoo. Lamborn said bad things about me. He didn’t say good things about me like he should have. I’m so sad. I never said one bad thing about Lamborn the entire race. He’s so mean. Waaah.

          1. If Jay Fawcett saw Doug Lamborn in a dark alley, my bet is he would probably rather like to rip off his head and shit down his pencil neck, rather than boo hoo about the campaign.  But that’s for another day.  You wanted a sniveling, dishonest gotard for your rep,  you got him.  Don’t think Stillborn will be commanding respect in the halls of Congress. 

              1. Didn’t think I’d get so many responses.

                  My point is just that politics ain’t easy, and it ain’t nice, but I don’t like all the complaining when people lose. It’s like they’re blaming the other guy for trying to win, but isn’t that the point?

  2. Someone like Hastert who is going from Speaker to bank-bencher in the minority party will either just give up and collect his salary or quit. He will be gone within 2 years max.

    A lot of the Republicans will blame each other and there will be a lot of infighting.

    The Foley case is an excuse for them to both find sacrificial lambs and take away leadership from “those who failed” so look for a lot of the Republican leadership to be removed & blamed for Foley. And that won’t be fun for them – again some will quit or not run again.

    So just like Pat Schroder and others who left after 92, we will see more senior Republicans leaving.

    And then in 2010 we have redistricted races with the Dems in charge of more states.

    1. Right after the 2004 election I read somewhere (the New Yorker, I think) that Hastert’s original plan was to retire and not run in ’06, but W pursuaded him to commit to one more term because he was counting on Denny to help get his agenda through. Well, we all now know how that’s turning out. But the point is that he would then retire in ’08 – he was planning on going out as Speaker, but either way he always knew this would be his last term in Congress.

        1. Sore loser.  That’s what they said 2 years ago at this time about the Dem takeover of the legislature.  Said it would last two years and then return to the “normal” Republican majorities.  Said Joan was too shrill and too partisan to work with the Governor and get anything done.  Well, guess who had the last laugh on that one.  And now with a Dem governor.  Well, I think they will have some fun.  Looks to me like Nancy Pelosi has taken a page from the Joan FitzGerald book.  We’ll see how it turns out, but my guess is that they will come out looking pretty good.  And the nubmers for 2008, especially in the Senate aren’t too good for the Republicans.  Way more seats to defend than the Dems.

          1. And I remember the Dems saying the same in ’94. I guess there was a precedent – didn’t the R’s win Congress in 1952, only to lose it in ’54 and not regain it for 40 years? (That’s beside the point, which is that legislative control doesn’t usually swap from term to term so there’s no reason to think it will.)

            My favorite part about all this is that the silly R’s who love to call Colorado a red state have to really contort their position in order to keep making that claim. Where do they think they are, Utah?

          2. My brother in law told me that Rush Limbaugh declared Colorado the second-most liberal state (after Massachussettes) because of the Dems controlling both houses and the Gov’s mansion. (Maybe because of the minimum wage, too.) I haven’t researched this yet, but has anyone else heard this? Given the results of the marriage amendment, Ref I, and the marijuana amendment that’s laughable (not to mention the centrist nature of Ritter – it’s not like we elected Barbra Streisand).

    1. I’m glad that he has asked Norma Anderson to be a part of the new administration. I have a lot of respect for her since she decried the uncivility of the John Andrews style of strong-arm divisive, derisive politicking. She has always shown herself able to work well in a biipartisan setting, and has everyone’s respect because of it.

      I really hope he gives Ken Gordon a spot. I have a lot of respect for him, too–again because he has the ability to be civil and bipartisan without compromising his American/Colorado/Democratic values.

      Because I have seen it happen before, I think Republicans and Democrats can work together to form consensus for the betterment of our state. I really want to see the divisive neocon nastiness of the last ten years taken out of the mix. The people want to be represented with dignity.

      1. Norma Anderson, Democrat in disguise, will be the “bipartisan cover” for all the Democrat hijinx for the next 2 years, as she has been in Jefferson County for the last 10.  Perhaps she’ll be bold enough to fly the blue flag that she’s kept hdden for so long.

        Best thing Norma’s given us?  Pam Anderson – class act all the way.

        1. Norma’s not even close to a RINO.  She served the Republican party and this state well for over 20 years and I can’t stand the woman.  Your comment is exactly why your buddies are going to be sitting around for the next 4 years with their fingers up their butts whining about all the crap that gets passed in this state.  If you don’t believe me, go over to square state and see what they’re salivating about their majority with the governor being able to do.  You and your ilk have made your bed and now you can lie in it.  Without Norma and folks like me and all my country club neighbors you can forget about having any say in the governing of this state for a long time to come.  Happy???

          1. If you and your country club neighbors would have gotten off your country club butts and supported your Republican party candidates (like I did, by the way), maybe the result would have been different.  Jefferson County turned out the largest vote in the country, but where were you and your country club friends?  Likely at the country club…whining about why nothing gets done. 

            Grow up, get out, and change something.

      2. Doesn’t anyone remember Norma Anderson as she gleefully participated in the now-forgotten hijacking of the legislature several years ago?  Redistricting, remember?  One of the most disgusting, nasty, filthy rotten stunts pulled.  I will NEVER forget that rotten stunt or those who participated in it.  Please don’t let her teach those who will hold the offices in the future how to be so nasty and absolutely void of ethics.  Uuugh!

    2. Here are some of the names being batted around in the legal community as possible COS and legal aid to the gov-elect:

      Trey Rogers
      Cole Finegan
      David Fine
      Michael Carrigan

      Also, I lost my earlier log in info.  I’m not brand-new.

      1. I predicted Cole Finegan long long ago.  His wife coauthored an opinion piece in the Post saying that Ritter’s so-called pro-life position was no barrier to being the Democratic nominee..  That was a signal….

    3. Don’t be surprised to see a bunch of Republicans appointed to posts.  I think Ritter will declare RINOs to be an endangered species and take measures to help them repopulate.  And, at the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, “That’s a good thing!”

        1. I tried to picture which would be the best think tank for him. CATO? Too libertarian. Independance Institute? Too low brow. Heritage Foundation? Just sleazy enough.

          1. Reading back on that now it should have read:

            CATO? Not sleazy enough. Independance Institute? Too sleazy. Heritage? Just Right.

            I am dog tired for some reason. My apologies.

        1. … after that ridiculous three-year “re-education program” fails to make Ted a 100% red-blooded hetero male. I feel sorry for the guy and his family. It’s bad enough he had to deceive everyone for so long, but now he gets to have the gayness prayed out of him.

          Dobson’s already apparently given up on Ted: Pastor Jim is supposedly “too busy.” So much for Christian charity.

          Check out Patricia Calhoun’s article in Westword today:


          According to the article, Haggard a.k.a. “Art” was apparently a regular customer of the Crypt – the adult store on South Broadway in Denver – buying “‘mass quantities’ of cock rings, … as well as an electrical unit designed to stimulate the urethra, … (and) some ‘very graphic and gay’ videos …”

          It’s a shame the guy just couldn’t say he’s a gay Christian.

          1. …to turn Rev. Ted into a 100% red-blooded hetero male? 
            I wonder how they determine whether the cure took?  Hook him up to a plethesmograph, walk him through “the Crypt,” and see what gives him a rise?

          2. Imagine, a mega “gay” church in the Springs, Pastor Ted “Art” Haggard presiding!  Still married to Marilyn, but since the congregation understands “don’t ask, don’t tell”, Marilyn has been introduced to the joys of menage a trois’ – although Mike seems to pay more attention to Art, I mean Ted.

  3. where do the new elects go on committees? Did any committe chairs term limit out?

    I see:

    In El Paso


    Departing members and committees:

    Decker: Judiciary, Local Government
    Hefley: Judiciary, Legal Services, Transportation
    King: Appropriatins, Education, Legal Services
    Schulteis: Legislative Audit, State, Veterans Affairs




    The question is what do the Rs do to give the freshmen committe slots to make them strong incumbents in 08? The real question is what does Morse get from the Dems to make his likely to be targeted race safer in 08? I would expect something like:

    Gardner – I would expect him to try for Appropriations, Joint Capital Development, Natural Resources or Transport (he ran on water and transport) – I wouldn’t expect him to go for education though he is a voucher supporter

    Lambert –  Local Government?

    Stephens – Education?, the only real likely person to take a role there from El Paso and King from El Paso is leaving it this year.

    Looper – ran basically on the same areas as Gardner – really expect her to try for Transport as she ran on the Tollroad issues

    The big area I think all four would like is transport but there is only one slot there in the current outgoing group. What are the thoughts? Since Colorado Springs is considered safer than other areas, do these freshman get less leverage in committee assignments?

    Morse – Health and Human Services (former head of Silver Key in Coloraoo Springs) would be the best fit – do you think he gets it?

  4. is meeting from 9am to about noon today.  We’ll know a lot more of the line up this afternoon. There might be something almost immediately afterward from the majority communication office.

  5. Ruben Valdez would be awesome as like Chief of Staff–he’s a former Speaker.

    Ken Gordon would be good as director of Office of Energy Management and Conservation since he’s so big on alternative energy, etc.

    I’d like to see Penfield Tate back in the mix, maybe in Dept. of Revenue or Dept. of Education.

    But the biggest FOR SURE, is to keep Russell George in the Dept. of Natural Resources.

    Also, wouldn’t it be fun to have the dragon lady herself, Sen. Norma Anderson, as head of Dept. of Corrections?!

  6. Al Yates would be great at the head of Education Dept.  He turned around CSU–now for a big challenge, the public school system in Colo.

    Maybe Stan Matsunaka for somethin’.

    Ritter NEEDS to make sure to get folks from out-state.  He’s a Dem, so racial, gender, etc. diversity will be important.

    1. The commissioner of education (who heads the department of education) is chosen by the state board of education, not the governor….however, the head of the department of HIGHER education is a gubernatorial appointment.

      The state board of ed is evenly split, 4-4.

  7. It will only take 6 – 8 weeks Max to see if the newly elected Dems have any spine.

    The corporate media already had thier marching orders before the election even started making Neo-Con ‘Left Gate Keeper’ and Bush’s little pimp Nancy Pelosi crowned as the ring leader of the Dems.  Did they know something we didn’t? 

    Her victory speech sounded more like a bootlicking groveling session promising Bush she will do everything to ensure everything stays the says the same.  “A partnership” in here own words.  You Dems call this a victory?  Her and Bush are having lunch right now and most probably laughing at the dumbed down public.  Bush has pubically showed his pleasure having Nancy in his pocket.  Oooooh, some victory Dems.  Howard Dean essentially parroted the same boot licking filth on the Daily Show.

    The newly elected Dems don’t have to put Neo-Con Pelosi in as speaker. 

    Remember, this election was ‘suppose’ to be a message from both the so-called right and left.  I know good Republicans and Democrats alike who urged both sides to vote out all incumbents.  The majority are slowly starting to figure it out.

    I know some Dems already have sent letters to their reps (around the country) putting pressure on them to go after the neo-con agenda.  Neo-Con agenda’s like HR 6166 just for starters.

    Question is… will the majority of democrats now roll over and play Pelosi and bootlick and worship the neo-con agenda (both locally and federally) now that it has a new democrat face on it?

    “Meet the New Boss….Same as the old boss.” – The Who

    1. “Neo-con Pelosi”?  You *are* smoking something, right?

      Republicans don’t like her because she’s “too liberal”.  She’s also a former member of the Progressive Caucus (had to step out of that because she wasn’t supposed to caucus with anyone as Minority Leader). 

      The fact is, we still have to pass budgets and other bills.  Sure, we could just set up a staring contest between Congress and the White House, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could get something done?  You know – produce an honest budget, get some accountability, maybe advance some alternative energy development…  Or, we could just set up the fabled “communist agenda” and get the government shut down when the President shows he has enough spine to veto more than just stem cell bills.

      1. was a broad base of Americans tired of partisan politics and little getting done because of it.  If Pelosi can set a positive tone the Dems will do better in 08.  If she becomes the radical left attack dog it will signal business as usual. 

        1. She announced well before the election that there would be no impeachment (darn), as did Howard Dean the other night on The Daily Show. Certainly there is plenty of cause to impeach, but such action just sucks the life out of the nation’s interests.  I think that’s where she and Dean are coming from.

          Shrub is now going to have to learn diplomocy, having excelled in bullying and doing it “my way.”  He will have to sign some bills just so that he doesn’t appear the jerk (hard to accomplish.) And others will be put on his desk with the Dem leadership already having calculated a veto overrride. 

          And there is always the threat of impeachment, Democle’s (sp?) sword hanging over his head. We are going to see a lot of forced smiles and nicey-nicey in the next two years on both sides.

          1. Damocles is the correct spelling. The story comes from Cicero’s Tusculan Disputations about Dionysius, the tyrant of Syracuse:

            This tyrant, however, showed himself how happy he really was; for
            once, when Damocles, one of his flatterers, was dilating in
            conversation on his forces, his wealth, the greatness of his power, the
            plenty he enjoyed, the grandeur of his royal palaces, and maintaining
            that no one was ever happier, “Have you an inclination,” said he, “Damocles, as this kind of life pleases you, to have a taste of it yourself, and to make a trial of the good fortune that attends me?” And when he said that he should like it extremely, Dionysius ordered him to be laid on a bed of gold with the most beautiful covering, embroidered and wrought with the most exquisite work, and he dressed out a great many sideboards with silver and embossed gold. He then ordered some youths, distinguished for their handsome persons, to wait at his table, and to observe his nod, in order to serve him with what he wanted. There were ointments and garlands; perfumes were burned; tables provided with the most exquisite meats. Damocles thought himself very happy. In the midst of this apparatus, Dionysius ordered a bright sword to be let down from the ceiling, suspended by a single horse-hair, so as to hang over the head of that happy man. After which he neither cast his eye on those handsome waiters, nor on the well-wrought plate; nor touched any of the provisions: presently the garlands fell to pieces. At last he entreated the tyrant to give him leave to go, for that now he had no desire to be happy.

    2. Um, I mean left. Pelosi and the Dems should at a minimum be impeaching Bush and his cabinet right NOW – why wait until they’re sworn in? let’s get the revolution MOVING! – and even better throw them all in Guantanamo. Maybe put a few of them in Abu Ghraib for kicks.

      Then that neo-con Pelosi should dust off Hillary’s 1993 nationalized health care plan, only make it more bureaucratic and expensive.

      That’ll show those Republicans! That’ll keep the Dems in the majority!

      1. I just have this gut sense, knowing how smart Pelosi is, that she will tickle George’s balls at first, like at that lunch today. 

        He won’t understand that she who tickles can also squeeze.

        And evern though Pelosi is older (and obviously has the facelift, hair job, etc.) she is a hell of a lot better looking that Laura.  I can just see GW committing adultery in his heart, to use the Carter phrase.

        1. Better looking than Laura?  Wow, I thought that I was going to read alot of BS on this site after the Dems cleaned up, but this is the ultimate.  Really, I’ll give you a couple of months to gloat and have your way with the GOP, but calling Pelosi attractive at all just flies in the face of any and all reason.  I suppose that you think Chuckie Schumer is a stud too?  Wow, I’m getting a kick out of you guys….

  8. The “60 Minutes” correspondent and part-time Woody Creek, Colorado resident passed away due to leukemia. He was a class act, and he’ll be missed.

  9. I’m curious who spent the most per vote and won or lost their race? I did some quick checking on some that have been mentioned in the news.

    Marostica- $16 per vote and won
    Noonan- $13 per vote and lost
    Ritter- $5 per vote and won

    In Oregon, the Republican Speaker, Karen Minnis spent $114 per vote to retain her seat, but the R’s lost control of the OR House.

    Of course, the CO numbers do not include 527, PAC and c4 electioneering costs for a candidate.

    And in OR, contributions amounts are unlimited and corporations may contribute.

    1. He won by less than 100 votes, spent almost a million dollars–and for a volunteer job at that.  Whew!  Wish I had that many coins.  When he runs for Udall’s seat, he’ll now be running for a paying job!

    2. My Greeley friend said that she (RNC, too) spent $6M.  I’ve not checked that.  Surely, with the smallish population that would be a not insignificant sum per.

  10. Yes, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion…

    To all my liberal friends here on, if you want to have a conversation tomorrow afternoon,

    I’ll be guest hosting for Luke Shiltz on NewsTalk 1310 KFKA in Greeley, Colorado, from 4 PM to 6 PM Mountain Time on Friday, 11/10.

    I’ll be talking about the election, global warming, health care, and more.

    If you’re not in radio wave range, you can listen in on the internet at:

    If you’re in the area, you can call in at 970 353 1310, and if you’re out of the area and don’t have free long distance, you can call 877 353 1310. If you want to talk (in a civil tone) about the topic of the moment, I’d be glad to hear from you….yes, even liberals.

    I’ll probably post this note again tomorrow, just to remind you.

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