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November 08, 2006 07:59 PM UTC

Biggest Surprises?

  • by: Colorado Pols

What were your biggest surprises in Colorado?


78 thoughts on “Biggest Surprises?

  1. After all the money dumped on races like Green, Benefield, Buescher, Gibbs, Riesberg, and McFadyen, the Trailhead Group couldn’t see even one victory.  The only bright spots for the GOP were the races they won where they were defending.  When the GOP is cheering the fact that they beat Paula Noonan, you know it was a bad night.

  2. It looks better this morning, but I was looking for a lot better reporting last night.

    Colorado voters went for the best candidates: Ritter, Suthers, Coffman and Kennedy, and punished the bad ones.

    I’m also surprised and disappointed with the votes on minium wage and ethics rules for state employees.

    Nobody will want to work for the state, and they shouldn’t.

  3. Dems win big – you know the guys who are supposed to be so “Liberal” but the one Referendum that could have made a difference in the way we treat those who are different is shot down. I think this election says more about the disgust of the Bush admin than it does any leaning toward any liberalism of ideals.

    1. I would have thought with all the Dem victories, civil unions and pot would sail to victory.  Notice how many hotly contested races had moderate to conservative Dems though.  This is an anti R vote, not a pro liberal vote.

  4. Has anyone in that district actually heard him speak? Can’t believe he’s get that many votes regardless of the opponent, and against a good opponent who’s a military man in a military district? Very surprising to me. This race ended up with a margin almost identical to Winter-Tancredo.

    1. Don’t matter if they are war heros, if they are of the liberal persuasion they are not welcome here.

      When I went to bed last night, Ritter was way behind in this county along with Teller. But in Pueblo he was way ahead.

      Besides, just because a guy was in the service doesn’t mean he is as god like as Lamborn…………


      1. I will look forward to such ground-breaking legislation from Lamborn like renaming the Washington Mounument the Republican Monument because it is the tallest in D.C.  You will find that he is accorded no respect, being tagged as a one-termer, and will bring no benefit to the Springs because he will be seen as a short-timer.  Don’t expect any kind of federal funding to come to your district.  Don’t expect any plum committee assignments that will result in any kind of influence.  Frankly, don’t expect anything out of a Lamborn congressional seat.  He will spout off the religeous-right pablum, and that is all you will get.

        Congratulations, Springs.  You ought to be embarrassed…

        1. you might find it a head scratcher but not everybody is a liberal.
          I for one detest the liberal philosophy. And apparently most people in El Paso and Teller Counties do too.
          So you can say your prayers for us or whatever but we don’t need ’em.

          And remember, like I said earlier, prox 500,000 people that voted for BB are also not of the “give the world away” liberal mentality.

          1. If you’re so worried about “giving the world away”, why aren’t you worried about “keeping what you got”? 

            Rest assured, military bases in Democrat controlled Congressional Districts are DAMNED happy to see Lamborn elected.  They’ll roll him like a log in BRAC hearings. 

          2. the AFA, the military retirees getting SS,the double dippers working at the PO and…..holy shiite, looks like El Paso county is a bunch of liberals sucking off of the government – which you all love to hate – tit. 

            And they are.

            And let’s check out stupidity:  They could have had a centrist Dem with sterling military creds working in what everyone knew would be a Dem house, or they could have a deceptive moron who will get a seat on the Toilet Committee in a Dem controlled house.

            Stillborn is such an appropriate moniker, it sums up his political career for the next two years.  Jus’ taking up space and tax dollars.  Stillborn.

        2. im expecting some GREAT sound bytes and humorously disturbing stories!!! and you know what, i know lamborn will deliver.

          furthermore, i expect him to provide LHGQ with more great material. we owe our undying gratitude to CONGRESSMAN LAMBORN!!! (it just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesnt it?)

      2. You obviously think that the testimony and influence aU.S. Congressman has before the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC)is not important!  Just do some research and see what you find on that. 

        Doug Lamborn is NOT CAPABLE to advocate effectively.  He comes across as a buffoon.  If you’ve seen any of his debates, you’d realize that.  The BRAC Commissioners will be as embarrassed listening to him as will be all others.  And, now with the Democrats in power, you can count on Doug being on the committee that Hastert “promised” him? 

        Our bases are in trouble with Lamborn in Congress. 

        1. Demo Girl.  I caught a Lamborn Fawcett debate on You Tube and Doug just comes off looking like a sniveling pea brain.  Being now the minority (the religious right) of the minority party will give him a D.C. reception akin to the turd in the punchbowl.

  5. Based on Colorado Pols – The biggest surprise is that any Republicans won at all.  Every “story” every “headline” was about how close the Lamborn race was (didn’t he win in a landslide?).

    How Paccione is beating Musgrave.

    Do I remember anything about Tancredo going down in defeat?

    Judging from everything I read – The Democrats would become 100% of the seats in every district in every corner of the globe.

    So, I was shocked when some Republicans actually kept or were elected to seats at all.

      1. But I am talking about the LINE of BS you kept spewing in every “headLINE” and article.  Shall we do some trackbacks?

        By the way.  Here is a headline for you – if you want to rub salt in the wounds.



        Although it isn’t funny.  Colorado had a real chance for real reform.  Think of the money we could have saved in the prison system alone.  Plus, all that tax revenue.

        Such a shame.

    1. Nice showing by Caskey!  I guess all Bernie’s relatives and in laws (which according to you, constitute most of Mesa County) must have voted for Buescher.

      1. Leave it to One Queer Dude to kick a man when he is down.  At least Bob Caskey can look himself in the mirror knowing he never ticked anyone off. 

        He ran a clean campaign and he didn’t pick any issues to upset any of the voters.

        Bob didn’t get too close to the extreme right wing of the party – he remained in the center.

        He even managed to woo some of the most rabid Republicans that supported Bernie last time over to his side.

        All in all, I would characterize Bob’s campaign as a success!!

        Bob has proven that Bernie is vulnerable.  Bernie outspent him 5 or 6 to 1 and Bob almost beat Bernie in what the Democrats believed to be a safe seat.

        My hat is off to Bob and the stellar campaign he ran with the help of the Mesa County Republican party and the help of the State Party.

        Thanks to all of you.  You made Bob the great success that he is.  Now on to 2008!!  WE GOT YOUR NUMBER BERNIE.


        1. I saw very few campaign ads approved by the Caskey campaign. But my mailbox was full of 527-funded crap every day, attacking Buescher for issues real and imagined. Seems that Bob was mostly content to just sit back and let the 527s run his campaign — for all the good it did him.

        2. I should’ve known that Ruthie, who proved herself deeply deluded over and over, would be claiming some kind of victory for Caskey. Any R defeat for that seat is stinging, given the registration there. No way to claim moral victory here.

          1. I am just being a realist.  You know your guy Bernie was damaged.  He is now damaged goods and should look forward to a dismal 2 years until his ultimate defeat in 2008!

            1. The deeply fractured Mesa County Republican Party couldn’t nominate a decent candidate for that seat if it wanted to. And, frankly, Buescher is a moderate who plays well to both Dems and rational Republicans. Of course, in Mesa County, “rational” sometimes seems in short supply among the GOPers.

              1. No.  He is not term limited yet.  He will have an election in ’08.  And then he would have another election in ’10 – but he will lose in ’08.

                1. Poor Ruthie truly is delusional.  Do you think Buescher is going to lose in a Presidential election where voter turnout increases, favoring Dems?  I don’t see it happening.  If Caskey continues his campaign, to increase taxes, and take away local rule rights, he’s not going to get any closer to Buescher.

                  Go Bernie!

    1. An advantage of being one of the uncounted unemployed.  I am one of the millions who have all but given up.  I do some computer repair, no health care at age 60, live in a 400 sf shithole, and feed a cat that adopted me. 

      And the unemployment rate is so low, again please, because?

      Oh yeah, because they changed the rules so they can count people who work two hours a week.

  6. getting up there towards Udall’s, and ahead of Tancredo’s.  That is the real change in this election.  Unless he really screws up, or the national (D)s do something as stupid as the national (R)s, we just witnessed the creation of a family dynasty.  The Bush’s and Kennedy’s started with less.

    1. I thought Bob was closing in and had a chance? Paulson, officially tagged as Rightwinger pundit and being added to the list under Caldera, Andrews, Rosen and Boyles.

  7. How about the victory of a Democrat in the County Commissioner Race in Jeffco.  There were no issues (like the Taj Mahal was the last time Democrats were elected) but still she is elected by 10,000.  Jeffco, not your father’s Republican stronghold anymore.

    1. and Jeffco sent a Dem back to the State Board of Education. Was Randy DeHoff before Middleton?

      Of course, I still marvel and chuckle that Faye Griffin beat Mark Paschall in the Jeffco Treasurer’s Primary.

      You’re right that Jeffco is no longer our father’s GOP stronghold. I wonder if the Jeffco GOP Party will ever learn that if they ever want to win big in Jeffco again, they have to stop nominating far right candidates.

      1. All the moderates like me (a former Jeffco Republican chairman) have either left the party or died.  Look at that idiot they just elected in south Jeffco.  He thinks God gave him that seat.  He will be fun to watch at the legislature.  The moderates throughout Colorado in the Republican Party keep getting beat (See Lew Entz and McCluskey) and the caucus at the capitol gets further and further to the right.  There isn’t anything to stop them except that they keep losing and losing. Could you imagine a State Senate with 20 Democrats and a State House with 39 Democrats???  In the 90’s when the caucus was dominated by moderates like Russ George, we had near veto-proof margins.  Now, its almost the opposite.  Way to kill the golden goose guys.  See ya.  You’ve purified yourselves into oblivion and into a very regional party based only in Weld, El Paso, Douglas and the eastern plains.  Both Jeffco and Arapahoe are gone as is Larimer and the west slope.  Wow.  Good political planning.  It’s not like you can do what the idiots on Faux News are doing and blaming it on the fact that we ran mushy moderates and didn’t draw enough of a contrast.  It’s not like Coors, Benson and their ilk didn’t pour millions in.  It’s just like, you don’t get it.  Well, now you’re going to see a raft of liberal legislation that will make Califonria look conservative, and you deserve it, and I helped.  Have fun.  I’m a lawyer, laws only make my business better.  Bruce Benson and Pete Coors, I hope you enjoy the new regulatory environment here in Colorado.  It’ll cost you millions.  Thanks for listening to those of us who warned you, and good luck.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.

        1. I’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ for about ten years that Jeffco GOP politics would go back to its traditional Republican ways. I first got involved out here when Bonnie Alison had a primary against Lyn Watwood (for those who aren’t in this area, Bonnie — a solid moderate R — lost and then Watwood lost in the General to Feeley). That was the beginning of the end. I haven’t been elected an assembly delegate in probably 8 years ’cause I’m moderate, but I went to caucus just to be a thorn in their side. And, that’s the same reason I haven’t changed my party affiliation, too. But, I don’t see any point in sticking around. I vowed to my husband that I wouldn’t go to another R caucus in this precinct, and we aren’t planning to move, so there’s really no reason to put off changing to U.

          Or better yet change to P for Publicrat … when do we get that party started?

        2. Sympathy for your situation. 

          I actually was starting to volunteer for the Arapahoe Republicans about the time Clinton was impeached.  I believed in the party, the one of small government and leaving people alone.  What I saw when I got into it so turned me off I didn’t go more than a few times. 

          Plus the whole gay thing and I felt pushed out to join the Democrats.  I’m not really happy there either, but I can’t vote  for the Republicans as long as they run on guns, gays, and god.

        3. I’m a moderate Jeffco Rep and haven’t left the party or died. I agree that our candidates have gone so far right that they have very narrow support. The wackos say that we moderates are turncoats for not joining them. When will they realize that you can’t expect people to change their philosophies for the party; the party has to decide which philosophies to embrace.

          The worst has probably happened for the republicans; we got destroyed and the only survivors were the right wingers. As expected the far right blames the moderates (see This will only embolden the far right, convincing them that they are on the proper course. I believe we will see the republican party continue to get smaller, less inclusive, more self-righteous, and less powerful.

          I had hoped this election was the bottom and would provide a turnaround. No such luck… for the republicans at least.

  8. But Arapahoe County elected a Democrat county commish in a traditionally Republican district, ousting Lynn Myers, and bumped heir-apparent Aurora Councilwoman Sue Sandstrom from the county treasurer post.

    The Perlmutter win wasn’t just a referendum on ROD’s youthful indiscretions — north and central Jeffco and Arapahoe counties (not to mention Adams) are turning into reliably Democratic territories. Look at the statehouse lineups from both counties.

    1. Didn’t realize that.  But its more in Jeffco since they run at large rather than in districts.  Also, stranger than fiction, the democrat won for county coroner.  What’s that about?????

      As for Jeffco, 4 of 5 Senators are Democrats, all elected at least twice.  5 of 8 Representatives are Democrats, only one new.  But Arapahoe not far behind.

      See my post above. Could apply equally to Arapahoe.  At least you have the semblence of one moderate Republican in Nancy Spence.

      Just laughing.

      1. The Rev. Debbie Stafford for entertainment value.

        The Aurora part of Arapahoe County has similar Dem numbers in the statehouse. Look at how much David Balmer had to spend to keep his seat in rockrib GOP country (running in a rematch against Mollie Cullom). (I’ll give it to you if the SOS reports aren’t at hand — he raised at least $100,000 vs. her $46,000.)

        1. Sorry, my mistake. I misread an article in a local newspaper. Arapahoe County Coroner Michael Doberson, a Republican, was re-elected easily. (The county exempts its coroner from term limits, Doberson has been in office for years.)

            1. I’d love to see the campaign attack ads John Marshall could put together to oust a sitting county coroner.

              At least it’s a step up from dog-catcher. It won’t be as though he’s literally hit bottom.

    2.   The Repugs nominate more and more fringe right wing candidate who then lose GOP seats to Dems.  In 2000, Frank Weddig took what was formerly a Republican House seat and now Morgan Carroll has a lock on it. Suzanne Williams took what was traditionally a GOP Senate seat in ’04 from right winger Bruce Cairns. 
        Last night, Joe Rice took what was always a GOP House seat in Littleton from a right winger.  And Angela Engel and Mollie Cullom both ran close races in H.D. 37 and 39.
        Pat Noonan beating a relatively moderate Repug (Lynne Myers) for Comm. Dist. 4 was a surprise. 
        The really great news is Doug Milliken winning a COUNTYWIDE office.  Milliken was an excellent candidate and well qualified for the job but when was the last time a Dem won countywide in Arapahoe County?  During the days of F.D.R. and the New Deal?
        Once these unaffiliated voters and moderate Republicans get into the habit of voting Democratic in Arapahoe County, they may not stop for a while!

  9. Maybe it was because the power kept going out and servers kept going down, but considering the pre-election mood of suspicion and skepticism, biggest surprise is no serious claims of e-voting hacks.

  10. I figured that race was done when Dems pulled their money for other races.

    Second would be Lamborn’s margin of victory.

    I’m not sure if the third is how far down in the polls Republicans sunk in the AG, Treasurer, and SOS races or that, after sinking so low, Republicans at least avoided a total wipeout in the state races.

    Nationally, the third biggest surprise was that every gubernatorial candidate that ever appeared on TV’s “The Dating Game” won election, with second being that every foreign born gubernatorial candidate won election.  The biggest surprise is that every foreign born gubernatorial candidate has appeared on “The Dating Game”.

    1. Think abou that.  That’s what the R’s dropped on her campaign to keep a pink pig afloat for two more years.

      Angie was SO close.  Considering the money and negative advertising, it was not a moral victory.  She lost that one.

  11. I’m shocked that Coffman who was found guilty (and upheld by the Colo Supreme Court) of violating Colo state campaign laws by campaigning against Amendment 23 on state time was elected SoS.  His new job is to protect and uphold campaign law, not violate them.

    1. I know of several people in Southwest Denver that forfeited their right to vote due to long lines and machine problems.Its time for the Vote Center concept to be scrapped and a return to precicnt voting.

      1. They weren’t the problem. Vote centers worked fine in Larimer and Adams counties. Denver’s was an IT problem verifying voters, that’s all. That can be fixed.

        1. My husband is an election judge in Adams and they had problems with the electronic poll book at his vote center, starting about 4:30 p.m.  The computers froze up and from 4:30 to about 7, they could only check in a few voters.  The last voters didn’t finish until about 9, and they expected it to take until 1 a.m. to finish tabulating the votes. 

          On the other hand, voters did not leave in large numbers.  They stuck it out so they could vote, and only one person said he was going to call the ACLU to file a lawsuit.  I congratulate and thank the voters who were so persistent!

          On the third hand, I voted on Halloween and highly recommend early voting.

      2. For those who had the paitence to stick around and vote, I thank you.  I was an election judge at the Hampden Library, and all I can say is that it was an unmitigated disaster.  The voting area was set up completely backwards from what the diagram showed, the room was too small, and we ran out of most supplies by 4:00 p.m.  We had to resort to scrap paper for the voting tickets, the little slips of paper that told us what ballot style to use.  Our last voter finished voting at 8:35 (we gave him a round of applause).  My wife was at Calvary Presperterian, and they finished 10 minutes after we did.  Still, I feel sorry for those in Douglas County who voted at 1:30 a.m., and for the election workers who had to clean up.  None of the election judges I spoke with want to do that again, and I suspect this sentiment is common throughout Denver.  We had a comment form for election judges, and I NEVER filled out a more negative comment card in my life.  I was actually looking forward to blasting the election commission at the end of the day.

    1. You must work in politics. I always vote against deleting the “obsolete provisions.” The reason is simple: If they are truly obsolete, then they will do no harm in the state constitution. Lawyers know what is and isn’t obsolete in there. The reason I vote against it is because if someone made a mistake in deciding what law is “obsolete,” it could be a pain in the butt to fix it. In other words, the possible harm by voting yes is much greater than any “good” that comes from cleaning it up.

      1. I HAVE wondered why 24% would say “Keep ’em.” 

        But it’s like a hard drive. If you don’t keep deleting old stuff, it becomes unweildy.

        I doubt if we’ll ever wish we had kept a law prohibiting alligators on leashes, or whatever.  (Not a real example here, but was once somewhere.)

          1. A man has besmirched my good name, and, being the gentleman that I am, have no recourse except to challenge him to a duel.

            It shall be pistols at dawn!

  12. Nationally, I was surprised on how close the Montana senate race was.  This is a deep red state, but Burns made so many mistakes that I expected him to lose by a much bigger margin.

    Locally, I am surprised that the Rs lost seats in the state house.  I expected them to gain back a seat or two, or even the chamber, but they are actually losing seats.

  13. ModerateGal, Randy DeHoff still represents CD6 – he was reelected in 2004. Middleton represents CD7. She was appointed to fill the vacancy when Christine Baca resigned two years ago, then won yesterday to hold the seat for the unexpired two years of the original six year term.

    (Middleton, who was named “Rising Star” of the Colo Dem Party last spring, also is Arapahoe Dem chair –  she helped build the organization that just pulled off those big Arapahoe upsets.)

    1. I was in the 6th CD when DeHoff was first elected. Then I was redistricted into the 7th CD. I obviously don’t pay very close attention to the CBOE. However, in this brief trip down BOE memory lane, I recall Baca had some legal problems (financial indiscretions or some such thing, right?).

      On another note, I visited Middleton’s Web site yesterday. The endorsement from the Aurora Sentinel (I’m probably wrong about that, too) stated that Middleton would be a good fit for the legislature and it’s too bad she’s in the CBOE. Sounds like a talented gal.

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