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November 08, 2006 05:14 PM UTC

Day After Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Much to discuss…


56 thoughts on “Day After Open Thread

  1. mixed feelings morning.  Great for Dem legislators. Bad for LGBT people.
      At least bushie didn’t declare martial law and name himself dicator for life.
      Now, find eyeballs – insert – mimosa time!

  2. would take the vote, but 500,000 people thought BB would be better.
    Not a bad showing.

    You all can say Ritter is the better man, but this would have happened no matter who was put in that spot.
    How many times has a Gov of whatever side been in office for two terms and been replaced by someone of the same party?
    Same thing will more than likely happen in ’08. Not that the Dems are so much better than the Reps, but people want a change.
    Remember when we all had our fill of 8 years of Clinton and his baggage?
    What comes around goes around.

    1. you silly wing nut. Never say die!

      Remember that the Dems held the governor’s mansion for 24 years straight before Owens. Term limits won’t mean that can’t happen again. And if you think W won in 2000 because people were tired of peace and prosperity, look again – Gore blew it big time because he refused to embrace Clinton and generally ran a bad campaign while W had Karl Rove in his corner. Say what you will about that prick, but he’s a supreme campaigner and strategist.

      1. I have to consider him “my” governor?
        Just wondering what is politically correct. I was told by Sir Robin and Patriot several months ago that Bush is not “their” president, because they didn’t vote for him.

        Does this hold true for me and everyone else that voted for BB?

        By the way, I am an eternal conservative optimist. But right now I’m hiding my wallet as I know the tax orgy is a comin.

        1. How do you figure that? In Colo. voters have to approve tax increases – no way to blame the Dems for that. And in DC W can veto tax increases (which – mark my words – won’t even make the floor of the House, other than rolling back the cuts for the wealthy that have been going on).

          1. Facts do not matter to such folks.

            Even when Dems can raise taxes, their historical efforts have been to raise them on the rich, not the working class.  It is Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2 that raised taxes for the middle and lower classes either by law or effectively so.

            Facts, gecko, facts.

            Oh yeah, how much was Bow-Prey going to win by again?

  3. and none too soon in my opinion.

    There is no way to spin the election results. They were a repudiation of George W. Bush, his party, his agenda, and his war. Because of Bush, R became a scarlet letter. Children, pay attention. If you’re a president who misleads the nation into war and then mismanages that war, you might sneak past a reelection but then bring ruin upon your party.

    The Democrats won control of the House and may still win the Senate. They also won the governorship in Ohio, which may prove very important in 08.

    Those of us who were around in 1994 remember Republicans telling us that we were no longer needed and could get lost–literally. The Democrats need to put their collective heads together and get down to work….with Republicans.

    The voters have “reluctantly given us the keys,” said Terry McAuliffe, a former head of the Democratic Party. And, he added, the Democrats will have to prove themselves–quickly. How to do so? By briskly passing legislation on popular issues–boosting the minimum wage, increasing homeland security funding, lowering interest rates on college loans, empowering the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical comapnies to achieve lower drug prices for Medicare. Even if such legislation dies in a Republican-controlled Senate or is vetoed by Bush, the Democrats can shape the the coming presidential election.

    But the bottom-line is clear: the Bush presidency is over. They can no longer act imperiously. They have lost the public. And there is now an opposition that can check and investigate their actions abroad and at home.

    1. “The Democrats need to put their collective heads together and get down to work….with Republicans.”

      I’m with you 100 percent on this. I realize this might be hard for the Ds to do since it was not anything the Rs ever did, but finding the few remaining decent Rs and working with them to craft sensible, effective legislation is a good step towards maintaining or growing the D power base in future elections. Resist the urge to give the Rs some of their own medicine no matter how much they deserve it.

      With the exception of the stringent partisans, most people want to see effective leaders in Congress and in our state legislatures and they want to see people who can reach across the aisle and work with the good of the people in mind.

      Most voters are sick and tired of partisan politics that produce nothing but politicians who spend all of their time running for office rather than working for “We the people.” Reaching across the aisle takes a big person who can keep the hubris in check and show a bit of humility and civility.

      Stealing from one of Ritter’s campaign themes, I prefer to be hopeful rather than cynical, and as a registered R who voted a nearly straight D ballot, I hope I’m not disappointed by the Ds.

    1. Man you just made me inhale my coffee!…………
      I now have to put up my flags (US and Confederate) at half mast!
      We must all wear black too as this is a day of much sadness.

      1. Will offer an olive branch and say, “Yes” to your signature.  I was a very active member of ABATE in California when we went through the dark days of the helmet law changing from those under 15 1/2 to everyone. I got stopped and ticketed once for breaking it.

        I worked for some months as a MC courier in LA.  I survived!

        One of my daughers was given her mom’s old Boxer.  A few years ago she rode it, and her now husband on his bike, from Texas to Alaska and back. 

        Am I a proud papa or what?

        1. For the most part only those that ride understand the dangers of people in cages.
          My dad died after crashing his Harley in late 2000 and living in a coma for 1 1/2 years. They never did find out what ran/who ran him off the road.

          Ride safe and long

    2. in general, are in the ascendency. I believe there’s more in the House and Senate than ever before in our history. I applaud that trend, as I am a huge fan of the sense and sensibilities of most women…..I emphatically do not include MM in that assessment.

      It will be quite interesting to see how Pelosi manages the House, especially the new leaders of many committees who may have revenge on their minds.

  4. Now that we have smacked the religious right in the nose and have placed the (D)s in unambiguous positions of responsibility, I look forward to a satisfying future bashing liberals. 

    Gecko, engage.

  5. Ok, things are good in the country.

    But look at out congressional delegation – Lamborn added to Musgrave & Tancredo. It’s like the Colorado Republican party has decided that we need to be represented in Washington by one non-entity (Allerd), one religious kook, and two bigots.

    And the voters here elected these bozos! Granted AP ran a mediocre campaign but still – Musgrave over Paccione?

    – dave

    ps – my mom lost. I guess 6 weeks is not enough time for a campaign.

    1. Good, decent, moderate Rs lost in the backlash against the right wing Republican nuts. It’s too damn bad because, based on what you said about her, she probably would have been one of the Rs that the Ds could and would work with, unlike Musgrave, Lamborn, and Tancredo. It makes me sad that those three represent Colorado in any way.

    2. I’m officially declaring Tancredo, Musgrave, and Lamborn to be the “Unholy Trinity”.

      Sending an R to represent us is fine.  But good grief… can’t we get away from these kool-aid drinking religious kooks and bigots?  Surely there have to be three better R candidates somewhere in the state.

    3. I was surprised to see that MSNBC had called the race for Akaka around 9:45, before the Hawaii polls had even closed. They must have gotten the results from the psychic hotline.

  6. The Five Stages of Losing the House

    Conservative bloggers have seemed to move through the stages of grief tonight:

    Denial (in an early post from the National Review): “There is a big, clear wave breaking the Republicans’ way in just about every competitive race coast to coast, and it could mean results very, very different from what the Washington crowd expected.”

    Anger (from Right Angle): “What else caused the GOP’s downfall? Speaker Dennis Hastert (R.-Ill.), Majority Leader John Boehner (R.-Ohio) and Roy Blunt (R.-Mo.) all deserve blame for their failed leadership in the House. Sen. Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.), although retiring this year, will go down in history as one of the worst majority leaders, having failed to capitalize on the winning issues of judicial nominees, tax cuts and significant earmark reform.”

    Bargaining (from GOP Bloggers): “If Republicans would have passed earmark reform, held the line on spending, done something meaningful on immigration after making a big stink about it and made permanent any of the 2003 tax cuts, they would not be in this mess.”

    Depression (from Little Green Footballs): “With the House in Democrat control, we can expect to see flying subpoenas and impeachment hearings, and big parties across the Middle East.”

    Acceptance (from the closing post of the National Review): “What do you do? You mope. You drink. You swear a bit. And then, after a little while, you get back up on the horse and try again. Regarding this, I think the Democrats have inferior policies. But the country chose ’em; now they get to see how they work.”

    — Robert Smith

      1. and waiting.

        The problem is going to be that the Dems will be doing nothing but going for revenge against the evil Mr Bush, and won’t do shit to change what they conceive as what is wrong with the country.
        So for the next two years you can count on nothing coming from their camp except for “Impeach”!
        Fixing the problem is the last thing on their minds because they reallly don’t have a solution. Anymore than anyone else does.

        Same shit, different party………….

  7. The Virginia results as of a few minutes ago:

    J H Webb Jr  / Democratic / 1,171,813 / 49.55%
    G F Allen /  Republican / 1,164,767 / 49.25%
    G G Parker / Independent Green / 26,160 / 1.11%

    Someone writing on the net this morning, referring to those results, trashed that idiot “liberal” and “Green” Parker, who ran on one issue: high-speed railroad for Virginia.  Votes for Parker, if she hadn’t run, would NO QUESTION have gone to Webb, not Senator Macacca.  Parker knew that, and ran anyway.  Webb may win, but that doesn’t excuse Parker. 

    Then there was this:

    “If it wasn’t for that fucking idiot Nader (whom I’ve had a lot of respect for), the worst monster in American history would not have been able to steal the election and hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive and many more would not have had their limbs blown off and crippled and blinded for  life. In that case there was a difference between a Democrat and a Republican.”

    My thoughts exactly.  A vote for Nader in 2000 turned out to be a vote for George Bush, since Nader never had a chance to win.  Al Gore would have been one of the best presidents ever, in my opinion.  Nader voters kept him out of office and are responsible for the election of G.W. Bush.  That’s not a judgment call; it’s a fact.

    People who are already thinking about voting for “maverick” McCain for president in 2008 (if he’s the Republican candidate), are in fact thinking about keeping the Republicans in charge of the executive branch. 

    McCain doesn’t have some group of “maverick” Republicans to run the federal government.  It will be the same old Bush people and other Republicans, wearing different hats. 

    McCain — lately kissing right-wing religious ass as often as they drop their pants, which turns out to be more often than we would have thought — wants to be president no matter what.  McCain should be ashamed of himself because he knows better.

    1. “Webb may win, but that doesn’t excuse Parker. ”  Departed from the one true faith did she?

      Mr Tootles take a note: 

      I predict that within eight years you will be in digust of the Democratic party (Bill lying about his blowjob), in ten, torn between, as the Economist phrased it “the choice between the incompetent and the incoherent” (Bush/Kerry), and in twelve, in active revolt and supporting the opposition. 

      Some day this will all be yours.  Including Ray Nagin of New Orleans.

      I shall be on an untour

      I think perhaps, Florence. 

  8. from Daily Kos:

    Both Jon Tester and Jim Webb have won their races in Montana and Virginia but want to make sure that every vote is counted. We expect to have official results soon but can happily declare today that Democrats have taken the majority in the U.S. Senate.

    Montana Vote Situation: Jon Tester leads Conrad Burns by approximately 1,700 votes (as of 11am EDT) and counting. In Silver Bow County (Butte), a Democratic stronghold, votes are still being counted but Tester is winning there with 66% of the vote.  We expect to gain the majority of these uncounted votes and to add to Tester’s margin.

    And here are some reactions from FREEPers, courtesy of Wonkette:

      * This is a truly disgusting night. Outside of 9-11, I cannot think of a worse day. I really want to hurt somebody.

      * The Jihadi?s have won. They have proven they have a stronger will than America. They are now emboldened.

      * Yes, and once the illegals flood in, the rats have a whole new army of ignorant rat voters.

      * OBL has won, who would have imagined that the MSM/DNC would succeed in giving Saddam and Sons, OBL, Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, and John Kerry a victory. We have no choice now, the commie vampire media must be destroyed.

    More at:–dies-213217.php

    1.   There are still two thing that could mess things up for the Dems.  One, Joe Lieberman could do a Ben Nighthorse Campbell. 
        Or more like, Bush could appoint Lieberman to the next U.S. Supreme Court vacancy!  That would allow Conn.’s Republican governor to appoint a replacement.

  9. http://www.heritage….

    The Contract for America was broken.  I hope the Democrats do not now go back to modeling the Republican behavior. 

    While beating up Democrats as “out of control” spenders, Republicans outspent the “out of control” spenders.  What a fraud! 

  10. OK, set aside the ideologies of MM, Lamborn, and Tommy T.

    Why in God’s holy name would anyone vote for people with the personalities that they hold in common?  Filled with hate, running 99% negative “sleazy” (Hefley) campaigns, living in the gutter people.  By every measure of personality, these R’s are amongst the scumbuckets of the nation.

    One did not have to vote for AP, JF, or BW.  You just leave the office blank. 

    A vote for any of the R’s above is an indication of one’s own moral corruption.  It’s like keeping a friend that’s a lowlife and a thief just because he is the same race as yourself.

    And if you think that I would never vote for an R, I have and I probably will again.  Granted, it’s rare.  In theory, I could vote for a Heffley or a Ron Paul  Unlike my Unholy Trio, they have integrity. 

    1. How could the voters elect people filled with hate?  Easy.  The people in these three districts are like-minded.

      In most places, being endorsed by the KKK would be a bad thing.  But if the people in the district all have the white pajamas and hoodies at home, well then there you go.

      The fact that Bush and Cheney had to come out here to save two seats in what should be Republican strongholds is amazing.

      1. I know you didn’t mean to disparage my friends, because Dems are open minded, fair and tolerant, yet I know many people in all three of these districts that voted for the incumbents.  None of them even vaguely resemble your characterization.

        Listen, you don’t like the candidates, neither do I. My best friend, lives in Musgrave’s district, is a teacher, and is a modest, hard working Joe – he believes what Musgrave says.  He went out and voted for MM and I say, Good on him!

        I know some farmers in Prowers, Washington, and Yuma counties. Wonderful men all of them who believe that Ms Musgrave is the only thing standing between them and liberal hell.  So be it.

        Both sides need to use this as a wakeup to get off their high horses and realize it isn’t about the candidates anymore – it is about the voters who want to see work done!

      2. “In most places, being endorsed by the KKK would be a bad thing.  But if the people in the district all have the white pajamas and hoodies at home, well then there you go”

        You are the one painting with the broad brush. To say these horrible things about the many good decent people who live in Rual colorado shows just how big of a biggotted ass you are.

  11. Today is a day for reflection. Republicans all across this nation must take a look at what has just occured and begin to look toward 2008. Our defeat was not caused because the democrats were any better or they offered anything different. What caused our loss was the fact that the American people lost their trust in us. Now we must use the next 2 years to gain that trust back. In addition look for the democrats to go on a war path against republicans. All the dem anger against us over the last 12 years will surely lead to their own down fall. The minute they start going on a witch hunt the American people will really see who they just put into power. Also those conservative dems who just won will become disenchanted with their party leadership very quickly!

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