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November 08, 2006 04:45 AM UTC

Tracking the Results

  • by: Colorado Pols

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado Confidential is compiling all of the election results from various outlets into one place. That’s your best bet for tracking results.

Here are some other links to get you started:

  • Colorado Confidential

  • Rocky Mountain News
  • The Denver Post
  • CBS4 Denver

  • 9News

  • Comments

    16 thoughts on “Tracking the Results

      1. Colo Confidential dropped the ball here. The 4th, 5th and 7th party diaries are OK, but Bane’s posts were far too few, lacking in oomph and are now close to 2 hours behind.

        On the other hand, KBDI and Channel 20 (airing 9 News) had good coverage and decent analysis. Except for Caldera, who won’t let go of that urban legend that the 7th was drawn as a Democratic-leaning district (it was 33-33-33).

        Let the recriminations begin…

        1. For weeks John Temple touted the Rocky’s election night web coverage.

          It bombed. The site’s statistical presentation was virtually unreadable and usually behind the Post, far as I could tell. I finally gave up and just watch the Post.

          Neilther paper’s web site is very well designed for election night reporting. I click on the Post’s links to various elections and get slow loads that don’t load.

          So, here it is, after 7 a.m., and I still can’t get a quick overview of the referendums and legislative races, much less county results.

          Anybody have a favorite site?

          As for why do Coloradopols and Colorado Confidential promote each other?

          Well, when one’s server is down, so is the other’s.

      1. I got to say that it is admirable that your mom attempted to run, and she put up, in my opinion not knowing hawaiian politics, a pretty decent number. 5 weeks is tough.

    1. Many of us on both sides have worked extremely hard to see to it that our candidates win.  There has been some really spirited debate much of which has been intellectual, wich I respect especially with some of the moderates.  You will forever have my respect.  All of you.  However to those who belittled my side and said that we were going to be blue on Wednsday Morning, Fuck you.  You the shills.  You know who you are.  I ain’t blue.  I am high on life like you wouldn’t belive. 

      1. Is your nom de plume meant to be ironic? Or, are you saying, ironically again, that you arent blue because the state and country went blue?

        It might be my ego, but I am assuming that I am one of the shills? If so, thanks for keeping things above the fray.

        1. CO Dem is a Dem saying F you to right wing R’s who predicted the Dems would be surprised and depressed today. 

          You aren’t a shill.  Shills work for a campaign and only come into the blog to promote their candidate with phony info and flattery.  I can’t see that shoe fitting you, right?

          1. Nope, I am not a campaigner, or rather, was not a campaigner. My current predicament would have made for a hell of a commute. I am a political junkie, and I am sad that I was unable to vote on election day. The “I voted” sticker puts a strut in my step.

    2. While I dislike their editorial department with a passion, I really do like the election data that the Rocky Mountain News has provided on its web site. Particularly the feature called Map The Results. It allows you to see how the different counties voted on issues and on candidates.

      1. For local races that were close, I agree, being able to individually choose the counties and see what results had come in and which had yet to count, very cool.

        I didn’t like the frequency that the RMN site refreshed itself.  I would be looking at the races far down the list and the damn thing would refresh.

        All in all, an exciting night, stayed up way to late.

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