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November 07, 2006 02:59 PM UTC

Election Day Open Thread #1

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Votes are like trees, if you are trying to build a forest. If you have more trees than you have forests, then at that point the pollsters will probably say you will win.”

–Former Vice President Dan Quayle


32 thoughts on “Election Day Open Thread #1

  1. Okay, I posted this yesterday, but thought I would put it up for the record today.

    We’ll see in about 18 hours how accurate I am.  My predictions for today’s election.

      Nationally, Dems pick up 30 seats in the House.

    5 seats in the Senate, unless somehow Ford squeeks it out in Tennessee.

    In Colorado:

    Ritter with 58%
    Kennedy with 55%
    Gordon with 53%
    Suthers with 53%

    Dems hold the Senate with 20 seats (all Dem incumbents reelected and Jones and Entz go home Noonan gets close in 22 but can’t quite get over the top).

    Dems hold the house with 35 seats, though it will be a somewhat realigned house.  Big news is Chlouber loses, Rice wins.

    Perlmutter wins by 8 points.  Fawcett goes down, but Angie squeeks by with less than 50% of the vote (46 Paccione 45 Musgrave).

    Getting ready, and then I’m off to GOTV.

    1. I think VA will go Allen because I think racism still sells there to a large chunk of the electorate. FOr the same reason Ford will lose in TN.

      But I think McCaskill will win MO and I think the Michael J. Fox ad will do it. People won’t answer that way to a poll and they may not even think that way beforehand. But when they’re in the booth that image will hit them and she will win by 2 – 3%.

      MT will be Dem and CT will be Lieberman(?).

      I too think AP will pull it off. And I too worry Fawcett will lose by 1 vote, but I am hopeful he will win by 1.

      And in the most important race of all, I think my mom will win in Hawaii by 3 votes. Which means I will be up all night waiting for results.

      – dave

  2. This is a message I have been trying to pass around:

    If you need to find out where to vote, go to

    If you encounter any irregularities while voting, call 1866-OUR-VOTE.

    Please repost.

  3. Nationally:
    23 net gain in the house
    5 net gain in the senate (TN going repub)

    Dems keep house and senate

  4. Gail Schwartz will be my new Senator, and the Dems will keep the House and Senate.  Rich Alward will be a surprise in 54, and Bernie will hold on to 55 in a squeeker, but we won’t know until Wednes. or Thurs.

    Ritter will get more than 55%, Kennedy and Gordon will win, but a much closer margin.

    Josh penry will dominate all night in SD7 and be annointed Grand Reichs Marshall of the Western Slope.  All will pay homage to his supreme totalness.

    1. I predict that today will bring to an end the reign of King George and is Court and we will return to a Republican form of Government.  Dems will win 30 seats in the House and four or five in the Senate.  Webb or Allen–both losers in my humble opinion. 

  5. Last night Jay received a death threat and our office was vandalized.

    Both incidents have been reported to the police.  The vandalizing is the second time we have been under the ?Skunk? Attack!  Last Tuesday our Finance Director?s car was covered in the skunk smell, while parked out front of the El Paso County Republican Office. 

    This morning our office was covered in the ?Skunk? aroma.  While this may sound funny ? but they did massive damage to the woodwork and fawcett GOTV items.


    1. for that kind of crap!  I try to stay civil in political conversations, but as an El Paso Republican I have to say this kind of activity is total BULLSHIT!  He hasn’t been elected yet and I’m already tired of this kind of shit from Doug Lamborns campaign and his supporters.  This sort of thing is unacceptable from someone who wants to hold office, no matter what level.  If Doug Lamborn feels that he has to sink to this sort of level to win office, he’s not fit for it!  Politics is rough and tumble a lot of times and you certainly can attack your opponent on their stands on the issues.  It’s become acceptable to attack them on personal matters.  I don’t want it to ever be acceptable to vandalize offices, signs, or personal property.  If we accept that, the next stop is physical violence between campaigns.  Only a moron would want to take that road.

    Regardless of outcome in the 5th, it will be interesting to see how many write-ins are cast for Republicans and how many ballots are cast without a vote for a 5th CD candidate.  Add those two together.  If appreciable, it bodes bad for Lamebrain no matter if he wins in 2006.  We’ll hope Republicans vote their conscience instead of their party.


    Colorado-4: Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R) will narrowly survive the challenge of college professor Angie Paccione (D). The marriage amendment on the ballot (see below) will help Musgrave, who has championed the issue in Congress. Leaning Republican Retention.

    Colorado-5: State Sen. Doug Lamborn (R) will fend off TK Jay Fawcett (D) in a district that is too Red for him to lose. The disgrace of the Rev. Ted Haggard was designed to affect this race, but it will not be enough to put Fawcett over the top. Leaning Republican Retention.

    Colorado-7: State Sen. Ed Perlmutter (D) will handily defeat former state education commissioner Rick O’Donnell (R). Likely Democratic Takeover.

    1. “The disgrace of the Rev. Ted Haggard was designed to affect this race”

      The Rev. Haggard paid a male prostitute for sex and drugs monthly over a period of three years with the intention of affecting the 5th CD race in ’06?

      One more reason I can’t stand Bob Novak–he like to play the “republican as victim” card too much. 

  7. The Night Before Midterms

    ‘Twas the night before mid-terms
    And all through the House
    Speaker Hastert was ranting
    The filthy old louse

    “Tomorrow they choose, and the future is clear.
    We’ll be handed our asses by the voters this year”
    “Coach” Hastert was rattled, his confidence lost
    For Nancy Pelosi would soon be his boss!

    And Bill Frist with his scalpel, and a VERY scared cat
    Wondered why all the public thought him such an asshat.
    An irate America arose with such clatter
    That even Chris Matthews gave up his weak blather!

    Away to the polls we all flew like a flash,
    And showed Dub the meaning of a voter backlash
    The results were disputed by spinmeister Snow
    But America just said “the bastards must go!”

    When who should to my wondering eyes should appear
    But a feisty Jack Murtha with a case of cold beer.
    Wes Clark on his left flank, Charlie Rangle his right,
    I knew in a moment, it would be a long night!

    Their losses now certain, our future so bright…
    It’s time to pay up KKKKarl, starting next Tuesday night

    Gone Chafee, Santorum, Jim Talent and Burns…
    Plus Kyle and Dewine, ’cause America learns
    Gone Hayworth and Northrup and Christopher Shays.
    they’ll all lose their house seats in a matter of days!

    And Nancy and Harry, they’ll go straight to their work
    Of fighting George Dubya, the pustular jerk!
    Bush, laying a finger upside of his nose
    Took a huge snort of……..well, you know how it goes…

    Bush sprang to Dick Cheney, when “Darth” gave Dub a whistle
    As the Democrats swamped them both like a “nucular” missile!

    And I heard Cheney growl as Bush cringed at his side
    “Be prepared you dumb asshole for a real nasty ride…..”

    Merry Midterms, my friends.
    h/t Digby

  8. Hey Hey It’s election Day-

    People stay married- but not if you’re gay.

    Hey Hey It’s election day- so pray,pray Beauprez.

    Hey Hey My My- John Suthers don’t know why

    Perlmutter will do fine- on this election day.

    Vote for a change- of clothes

    Vote for a change-of pols

    Vote for a change you can not see- it’s all democracy….

    Hey Hey It’s election day

    Who’d had thought that it would turn out this way?

    Pastor Ted should stay in the Springs,

    He didn’t turn gay or anything,

    Don’t leave your baby sitter- alone in a room with Bill Ritter- he believes but not publically- in all sorts of things you do privately…

    Hey Hey it’s election day- Hickenlooper’s confused since he wins in May.

    Just remember in November it is you who’ll pay- if you don’t go out on election day. If you stay at home on election day… 

    1. She use to sit on my piano,

      She use to sing a bar in low tones,

      She use to sing “Give em hell Harry”

      But we never were left alone.

      She use to say if it wasn’t for Bogie

      and the songs by Carmichael Hoagie-

      Oh Lauren, my sweet Lauren- Poetry is annoying…

      Love Harry

  9. Try having a mother who is running for U.S. Senator and could win. I’m going nuts and the polls don’t close until 10:00pm Colorado time.

    It also was an incredibly civil race. Colorado tends to have more civil elections than a lot of other states. Hawaii tends to be even more civil.

    Anyways, the big hope in Hawaii is that the race there decides control of the Senate and that it’s close – so that for once the rest of the country is paying attention to the results there.

    Best wishes to all of you in campaigns – for the first time I understand how killer this day truly is.

    1. But whatever your mother’s issues leanings, I can’t say I’m rooting for her tonight.  As you say, control of the Senate may be at issue; if as a Republican your mother votes for, say, Trent Lott as majority leader, I couldn’t support that.  Not in this political climate…  It’s the most important vote a Senator casts – the first vote a Senator makes each session, the one that decides who sets the agenda for the Senate for two years.

      Whatever issues your mother (or I, for that matter) have with Sen. Akaka, that one vote is really all that matters this year.

      1. But even in the case of control of the Senate (and when Hawaii votes on the way home they will know if that will be decided in Hawaii), there are two big reasons to vote for her:

        1. She will probably be a bigger pain to the Republican leadership than Harry Reid. She is not the type to be a moderate vote but be quiet in the Republican cacuses(?). She will be fighting internally for bipartisanship and moderation and as a Republican they have to listen to her.
        2. To get back to a system where both sides work together, you need Senators and Representatives like my mom who’s instinct is always to find a bipartisan solution.

        So as a liberal Democrat (you may have noticed that from my posts here), I still find it very good for the country to vote for my mom.

    2. that your mom is running.
      Good luck to her and you. I mean that.
      I would say that if she were a Dem or Ind.

      Anyone that says otherwise needs to look at it this way, at least your mom is alive and kicking. Mine died in 1997 and my dad died in 2002. And I just turned 50 last month so it isn’t like they were old…….
      My mom was only like 57 and my dad was 64.

      Love them and support them while you still can……..

        1. I’m 51 myself and my mom is 73 (a youngster compared to Akaka). But she still has the energy of a teenager when it comes to politics.

          And she is tremendously respected & liked in Hawaii – by both liberals and conservatives (and probably moreso by liberals due to her politics).

          thanks – dave

  10. that Both Ways has already pre-recorded his concession speech, and that he and Mommy are already en route to Cancun to enjoy some “Mexico Time?”

  11. Brittny Spears and Kevin Featherhead announced today that they are divorcing.  This is the second trip to divorce court for Ms. Spears.  They couldn’t even wait to see whether Amendment 43 passed or not. 

  12. Election day comes but once a year

    But we can give a message here,

    That even so our love will grow

    for the woman who holds us dear…

    Vote for Mom, she raised me

    Vote for Mom, she praised me

    We’ve had enough of those mothers

    of the ones who vote for Perlmutter- instead

    Vote for Mom, she’s crazy,

    Vote for Mom- that’s why I’m not lazy,

    You can vote for any woman or man,

    I simply do not give a ding, as long as you

    vote for Mom, vote for my mom-

    She’ll make a cake for you- if you vote for mom!!!!!!!!!!

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