Beauprez Makes Ten Worst List

The Washington Post has listed the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez as one of the ten worst in the entire country:

Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-Colo.): Beauprez’s poor campaign was all the more surprising for being so unexpected. The congressman was seen as a rising star within the Republican Party nationally following his back-to-back wins in the Democratic-leaning suburban Denver House district he currently represents. But he has run an uneven — at best — race for governor and trails former Denver district attorney Bill Ritter (D) badly in late polling. Beauprez was unable to match Ritter’s fundraising and made any number of costly errors. The latest? An FBI investigation into how Beauprez obtained information from a federal database that was used as a campaign hit against Ritter. Not good.

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  1. answermethis says:

    What in the world is Both Ways Bob going to do after the election? 

    No more dairy cows, no more dairy farm, no more bank, and soon no job in Washington.  His poor planning, leadership, and follow-through on his campaign, along with all his Both Ways disasters, means he may have to settle for an unwanted early retirement! 

    The rest of us will be celebrating with our new Governor — Bill Ritter!!!

  2. Blue Bronc says:

    yourself – no publicity is bad publicity.  Your campaign phrase for today’s spam – Both Ways Bob hits WashPo top 10 list of campains.

  3. FarmBoy says:

    who attended the Saturday rally with the President in Greeley that Bush did not mention BWB’s name when he mentioned all of the Republican candidates they should be supporting (to the gasps of many in the audience).  Can anyone substantiate that?  Perhaps it was a simple mistake — or the fact that Beauprez wouldn’t commit to being in attendance until the very last minute, and just “showed up”. 

    • Blue Bronc says:

      bushie is getting PO’d because nobody wants to be near him to get his/her head fondled/molested, or a quick feel by the molester in command, or smell sulfer from a blast by a stinker of a prez.
        Just watching the reports coming in about how PO’d rovian is because (in the closet) Crist went to a different part of Florida to avoid being seen with the decider. 
        If governor candidates won’t be any where near the result of too many street drugs, what more can be said of the repubs.

  4. cologeek says:

    Ritter should have been spending tonight worrying either about a possible last minute surge by Beauprez or trying to generate a surge of his own.  Beauprez’s absolute lack of effective campaigning handed this race to Ritter.  I’m not saying Ritter would have automatically lost against a well run campaign, he’s run a very good campaign and is probably the best candidate the Dems could have run for the office outside of Ken Salazar.
    What I mean is that the way everything was handled, from the campaigns launch, to the “boomerang” attack ads, to the PR response to any setback, made one wonder who would answer the phone at campaign headquarters, Larry, Moe, or Curley.
    There seems to be a clear effect downticket from this as well. Several of the statewide races that should not have been close, given the candidates involved, are in real contention according to the polls (for what thats worth).
    If some of these go Democratic, it may be less Ritters coattails and more Beauprez lead boots.

    • FarmBoy says:

      you have to hand it to Ritter’s team — they appear to have run a near-flawless campaign and could capitalize (seeminly in minutes) on each and every gaffe that fell out of BWB’s mouth. The “team behind the man” makes the difference.

  5. Demodude says:


    RITTER: 60%

    Flip Flop Bob: 40%


  6. Oliver says:

    I absolutely hope the Pubes continue to refuse to learn any lessons, and continue to run flawed candidates in lame-ass campaigns.  I cannot imagine who Udall would destroy more handily…  Both Ways, Sen. Dullard, or Loony-Tunes Tancredo?  In any case, John Marshall will probably be looking for a job as campaign manager.  Is this guy the Dem’s secret weapon, or what?

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