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November 06, 2006 07:39 PM UTC

Make Your Case: State Senate

  • by: Colorado Pols

You made your case for candidates for the State House last week, now make your case for the State Senate…

Mitch Morrissey


8 thoughts on “Make Your Case: State Senate

  1. Gail and her surrogates have run a very competent program to unseat Lou Entz and add one more to the (D) column. In a district as large as maryland, Gail has knocked on door after door, out-fundraised her opponent, and come across as the vessell for much-needed change from Alamosa to Aspen. She will win on Tuesday

  2. Former Deaf Education Teacher–we need more teachers in elected office!  Here are a few of the awards that she has recieved over the past 6 years for her service to the community:

    2006  West Chamber of Commerce – Legislator of the Year

    2006  Colorado Child Care Association – Legislator of the Year

    2006  Jefferson Conservation District, Conservationist of the Year

    2005 University of Colorado – President’s Leadership Award – In recognition of her leadership and continuing support for the advancement of excellence in higher education for the State of Colorado.

    2005 Colorado Development Disabilities Planning Council – Dan Davidson Inclusion Award for “inclusion of the disabled in the community.”

    2005  Jefferson Center for Mental Health  – Legislator of the Year

    2005  National Federation of the Blind – Distinguished Service Award

    2004  West Chamber of Commerce – Celebrate Women Trailblazer Award

    2004 Colorado Association of Social Workers – Legislator of the Year

    2004 Colorado Child and Adolescent Mental Health Association – Exemplary Service Award

    Additionally, her opponent stated in his resignation from the RTD Board when FastTracks was approved by voters over his opposition that he was “out of touch with his constituents”–he was right then and he still is.

  3. If you are looking for a State Senator that just doesn’t seem to care about Colorado’s future, you don’t have to look further then incumbent Ed Jones. Hes been actively working against public education, he opposed Ref C (no shock there), and has paid only lip service to the other issues his district cares about.

    On the other hand, John Morse is an energetic, charismatic leader that will work hard for the residents of his district and the entire state. No wonder Ed Jones has dodged every debate. He couldn’t even stand in the same room with Morse without the differences in leadership and determination becoming even more apparent.

  4. Sen. Fitz-Gerald has shown that she makes more than a feisty opposition leader – she has shown just how effective a Democratic-led State Senate can be in comparison to the prior leadership.

    Marty Neilson offers more of the same old, same old small government rhetoric that has proven short-sighted when put up against reality.

    Fitz-Gerald will be going back to the State Senate President’s Chair after tomorrow’s election.

  5. Everyone should be educated about the type of campaign taking place for State Senate District 22 between Paula Noonan and Mike Kopp. Concerned Citizens of the Rockies, an independent group backing Kopp, has launched a campaign of hatred and bigotry. Robo-calls & mailers have gone out telling unaffiliated voters that Paula Noonan is backed by “the state’s largest homosexual, cross-dressing organization in the state” and “Colorado’s most anti-child, abortion-on-demand lobby.” Mike Kopp has NOT called for the group to stop using such bigoted, hate-filled speech. A vote for Kopp is a vote for someone who condones hatred, bigotry & divisive attacks against fellow Coloradans.

    Paula Noonan believes individuals’ personal, private lives are just that — personal and private and NOT the basis for hate-filled discrimination and bigotry. Check out Paula’s stance on the issues at:

  6. OK:
    We have a woman with a Ph. D., a successful business (and unlike her opponent, she actually has done some work), a
    30 year history in the district, and a proven record of success in working with Jeffco schools.
    Against her we have a convicted bad check writer who moved into the district 4 years ago and runs a hate filled gay bashing campaign based on fear mongering. To make matters worse, he’s such a pansy he won’t even debate his opponent!
    He’s not endorsed by his priimary opponent, whom he similarly slandered. Large blocs of Republican voters are emparassed by his slime.
    Is this democracy or demogoguery?
    My vote is for Noonan.

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