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November 04, 2006 10:27 PM UTC

More Bad News for Republicans

  • by: Colorado Pols

According to a Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 Poll, Republicans won’t have much to celebrate on Tuesday:

State Treasurer
Cary Kennedy: 44%
Mark Hillman: 35%
Undecided: 20%

Secretary of State
Mike Coffman: 41%
Ken Gordon: 38%

Attorney General
John Suthers: 38%
Fern O’Brien: 32%

Which Party Do You Want Controlling the State Legislature?
Democrats: 47%
Republicans: 33%


31 thoughts on “More Bad News for Republicans

  1. I read in today’s Gazette that, Lamborn spoke briefly to open the rally, asking the 700-person crowd, ‘Do you want a liberal Democrat to represent the 5th Congressional District?'” In a partisan crowd, “Noooooo!” was the expected answer.  But it would seem more than a few Republicans must have been saying under their breaths, “But we sure as hell don’t want you either, asshole!”

    It’s said that for many there were restrained but polite claps only for Lamborn when he was introduced at the Broadmoor.  Not a good sign for Doug.  To many Republicans, it would seem they were showing up to cheer for their butterfly, Cheney, but not for their maggot, Lamborn.

    1. I showed up because I thought the rally was for all Republicans.  I almost left when it was apparent that it was a Lamborn rally.  Lamborn was an embarrassment.  A couple of in front of me who held a Lamborn sign looked at each other while Lamborn was speaking and said, “that is Doug Lamborn?” with a laugh. 

      1. Are they viewing him–assuming he gets elected–as a stand-in for 2 years until a qualified Republican candidate can be put forth?  The consensus among so many is they’re sorry for him but embarrassed by him. 


        1. of course theres talk to be heard of all types (ranked in order of the most common to least common comment):
          1. ill vote for lamborn, and whoever runs against him in 08
          2. i wont vote for lamborn, he is a sleaze and im leaving CD5 blank
          3. i wont vote for lamborn, and ill consider voting for fawcett
          27th. i love lamborn and believe he is the best candidate CD5 could hope for

          a couple observations: lamborn doesnt seem to be keeping voters away in EPC, they are just ignoring CD5. also, fawcett needed to attract Rs, not just get them to skip CD5 on their ballots. and Rs dont seem very sorry for the guy, they just think he is kind of an idiot and cringe when he is about to speak. final conclusion: a lot of CD5 Rs cant wait for 08.

          1. Are the CD5 R’s parsing between the lying attack ads from Pat Toomey’s organaization and Mark Hotaling’s in the primary and the lying attack ads in the general election? By that I mean, are they saying, “Ya.  They lied in the primary against Republicans but they’re telling the truth against a Democrat in the general”?

            I was told, by the way, that in the Cheney rally that people did in fact attend believing the local races down line were going to have support from the podium at the rally and that they would be introduced but that none of them were–they were used as props for Lamborn, as if they were all there to support Lamborn.  I’d speculated on that gambit in a thread earlier in the week.  It was done as I expected.  The “downline” candidates were used to get their supporters to turn out people there to support them in their races so as to give a false impression that 700 people turned out for Lamborn.  I wish there were a “Truth in Campaigning” law like there is a “Truth in Lending” law.  Those kinds of deceptions, as Consin has pointed out, would be prison worthy if there was such a law. 

            1. were to have support, it was apparently a last-minute decision to nix their speeches. which is fortunate for dems, because some of those speakers would have been very powerful (ed jones). it couldve been cheney and his people calling the shots, but dont be so gullible and think it was all a big lamborn conspiracy.

              and as for CD5 Rs…over 70 percent of them were in no way “fooled” by CFG.

              and on a sidenote: why are 20 percent undecided in this poll between kennedy and hillman? the last poll i saw had only like 6 percent undecided…seems odd. maybe they heard the mike rosen show debate where kennedy refused to support putting spending measures in our constitution then said she supports the min. wage increase.

  2. < a href="">ABC News – “We, the Overseer Board of New Life Church, have concluded our deliberations concerning the moral failings of Pastor Ted Haggard,” a statement from the church said. “Our investigation and Pastor Haggard’s public statements have proven without a doubt that he has committed sexually immoral conduct.”

    I can’t wait to see how the Republicans on the site here spin this. Maybe that the Overseer board is secretly Democrats???

        1. One of my three daughters not only became a conservative Christian and a Republican because of male influence, but she actually married him, a Texan! 

          After the Texans lost the Battle of Glorieta Pass in the Civil War, they have known no limits to soiling the chaste daughters of Colorado!  They will stoop to anything, including marriage.

          All in jest, of course.  Said son-in-law, if he wasn’t so rabidly right wing, would be someone I would really admire.  Actually, I do, with that caveat.

    1. Or just hoping to win?  I think Suthers may be a lock, but Fern is putting up bigger numbers than expected at this point.  As for the Sec. of State race, that is a toss up (while not according to this poll) I see it favoring Gordon (as a biased Dem myslef) since he’s up on the air running a positive ad across the entire state.

      It could be just the edge he had planned on, much like Kennedy.

    2. wiith Matt Drudge!  That’s exactly how he spins thing. 

      I mean that as a right wing compliment, although from this lefty, I obviously have trouble with reverse news.

      “Almost 45% of gamblers win more than they lose!”

      1. to show that with the information given, two polls showing bad news and two polls showing good news, Co Pols chose “More bad news for Republicans”.

        Do you have Drudge’s number?:)

    3. If Ken Gordon is not elected. Unlike most of the dolts in the lege (and the governor) he understands the electronic voter fraud issues. Maybe in this session, we will finally get it into law that the voting machines not only are required to have a voter-verified paper trail, but that recounts will actually be done from those paper trails. Until we do, and until each and every county has voter-verified paper receipts, we will never know if the results are on the up-and-up.

      The lege and the gov ignored the substantial testimony in committee about this matter, and it has led to a not-to-well-publicized lawsuit filed by Myriah Conroy earlier this year.

      It’s up to us folks–we’ve got to make it happen.

  3. This story in tomorrow and Monday’s news cycle may take the air out of Saddam’s predicted death sentence — which most R pundits were predicting would send a lot of voters to the booth on Tuesday.

  4. Apparently, W’s motorcade was at santa fe/E470 heading north at 9 am. Considering that he was on his way to Greeley means that he most likely had an early morning meeting somewhere south of 470. Would have been interesting to see who with (tom? or a lobbyists?).

    1. was to go to the Inverness and then take a helicopter to Greeley. (Bet that was cheap since usually they fly the helicoprter in a MAC plane to the state to start with).

      1. The inverness is next to centennial (assuming that he landed there).
        DIA is WAY north, and just south of greeley.
        Buckley, which is where he most likely landed is just south of DIA.

        The president was driving down in the southwest corner of Denver (santa fe and C-470; Highlands ranch area). He was literally kitty corner from where he most likely landed. The only reason would be to talk to somebody. Not likely Tancredo (he lives further north). I would have to guess that it was talk to someother folks. This area is where a lot of money is at.

        1. But I think that the runways at Centennial are not long enough to land a 747. Dont quote me, but the largest, I think, is a 737 or similar smaller airbus.

        2. I was listening to KOA yesterday morning and they had a reporter in the motorcade who, as I remember, said they were on C-470 headed from a morning meeting (can’t remember where) to then helicopter from Inverness to Greeley. I think KOA had his itinerary – maybe check there.

      2. GW is following me.  I was in Sarasota couple of weeks ago and when I was waiting to leave, I saw the helicopter being loaded into a big mofo cargo plane.

        Your tax dollars at work. 

    2. I about choked when I saw the front page pic this AM with GW in my neighborhood coffee shop.  Where my precinct Dems go to plot the overthrow. 

      Now I’m going to have to do a purification ceremony.

      I think I smell sulfur…

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