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November 02, 2006 02:28 AM UTC

Lamborn Lies About FEC Investigation

  • by: Zappatero

The Colorado Democratic Party has called on Colorado Springs TV Stations to Take Down Blatantly False Ads being run by Do-Nothing Doug Lamborn.

What’s new?

The Doug Lamborn campaign reached a new low today, broadcasting television ads that falsely accuse Jay Fawcett of lying. In an act of pure shamelessness, the ads claim that Mr. Lamborn is not under investigation and that Democrat Jay Fawcett is lying by saying that he is. In fact, it’s Doug Lamborn who is telling the lies.


In late July, former El Paso County Republican Party Chairman Bob Gardner filed an FEC complaint against Lamborn and Club for Growth for illegal coordination. The FEC confirmed today that the inquiry into Lamborn and the Club for Growth is “open and ongoing.” In other words, Doug Lamborn is very much under investigation. His accusation against Jay Fawcett, therefore, is a bald-faced lie.

Lamborn’s deceitful ads also claim that Jay Fawcett has run a “sleazy” campaign. How did he happen to choose that word? Perhaps because he sees it printed next to his own name so often? In widely reported remarks, retiring Congressman Joel Hefley said Lamborn had run a “sleazy and dishonest” campaign. This remark has clearly gotten under Mr. Lamborn’s skin. But trying to use the same word against his opponent isn’t going to work. Doug Lamborn is the expert on sleaze, not Jay Fawcett.

“If there ever were a candidate who would say anything – even blatant lies – to win, it is Doug Lamborn,” said State Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak. “These shameless ads should be taken down immediately. No matter what he says, everyone knows who has run the sleaziest campaign this election cycle: Doug Lamborn. Both Republicans and Democrats can agree on that.

“The people of the 5th congressional district don’t approve of candidates who lie their way into office. Doug Lamborn should be ashamed of himself.”


7 thoughts on “Lamborn Lies About FEC Investigation

  1. Does Doug Lamborn have to try to lawyer and lie his way into office? 

    Does this man have to rape a newborn child in the crib before Republicans will pay attention to what he is? 

    Where does party loyalty come to the point of being complicity in sending a sleazy candidate to high office?

    Doug Lamborn has gone to the top of Mount Cyanide and counseled with the spirits of Jim Jones and Pat Toomey.  They’ve dipped their ads in poison about both Lamborn’s primary opponents and Jay Fawcett.  Republicans, if you  like kool-aid, drink up.  Toomey and Lamborn have plenty more of that to serve you in 2008 and 2010 and 2012 and on and on and on. 

  2. If the FEC said there was an “inquiry” going on, that’s what I might call fact-finding.  Fairly innocuous.  That’s not the same as an investigation. 

    In an “investigation,” someone is considering referring charges to a grand jury.  An investigation could result from an inquiry, but they are not the same thing. 

    1. is how low the self-righteous will go to grasp at political power when their Lord admonished them to stay clear of that material temptation.

      If Doug – and all of them – put as much effort into feeding the poor and stopping the war, well……

  3. I would also note that Bob Gardner, who filed the complaint, is now endorsing Lamborn and has requested that the complaint be withdrawn. The FEC has refused to automatically accept the withdrawal. So, now that he is endorsing Lamborn, Gardner feels that investigating the behavior he thought was so unacceptable isn’t that important?

    1. One of Fawcett’s endorsers says something ill advised.  Fawcett tells his supporters and the public that Kerry should apologize.

      Two of Lamborn’s endorsers, Club for Growth and Christian Coalition of Colorado, lie about Lamborn’s opponents in the primary campaign and his opponents ask for an apology from them, ask for an apology from Lamborn, ask for a repudiation by Lamborn of the lies, and Lamborn refuses.

      When the press asks Lamborn about the negative, lying ads, Lamborn says it was outside groups over which he has no control.  He’s not responsible, and so on.  Did he repudiate the ads?  Did he repudiate the Club for Growth’s and the Christian Coalition of Colorado’s endorsements then, in the primary, now in the general?  No. 

      And here we have Lamborn now telling Fawcett he should repudiate Kerry’s endorsement?  Doug, repudiate the Club for Growth!

      As to Gardner, don’t you know he had pressure put on him to withdraw the complaint?  Don’t you know he knows the Club for Growth also gets involved in state races?  If Gardner  wins in 06 and wants to run for re-election, they’ll crucify him if he let that complaint against Lamborn stand.  Intimidation and fear tactics, such as that which Toomey bragged about in a September 14 club bulletin summing up its activities in the Republican primaries, is enough to cause Gardner to back down:

      “. . . the Club’s PAC scored its first-ever knockout of an incumbent when Tim Walberg defeated Rep. Joe Schwarz in the Michigan Republican primary.”

      “Politicians are risk-adverse. Every Republican in Congress knows what we did in Rhode Island. . . . Republicans will have to wonder if they could withstand the same punishment.”

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