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November 01, 2006 07:37 PM UTC

Bob Beauprez Expensive for Bob Beauprez

  • by: Colorado Pols

On October 22, The Denver Post reported that Republican Bob Beauprez had loaned his campaign for governor $50,000. But that was only the tip of the iceburg that Beauprez’s Titanic of a campaign is drifting toward. Check out how much Beauprez has contributed to his own campaign since then:

10/22/06: $93,000
10/30/06: $142,000
10/31/06: $20,000

All told, Beauprez has contributed $305,000 to his own campaign in the last 10 days.


19 thoughts on “Bob Beauprez Expensive for Bob Beauprez

  1. will go only towards retiring his massive campaign debt after he loses.

    Republicans should keep this in mind as his campaign continues to call you over the next few days.

  2. ….a waste of money, but still admirable.  At least he isn’t asking donors to throw away their money without tossing some of his cash into the fire, too. 
      BTW, I FINALLY saw the first and so far only decent Beauprez commercial.  The Rudy Giuliani commercial wasn’t bad.  Giuliani played a little loose and fast with the facts (i.e., Both Ways demonstrating consistency?), but except for the faulty underlying premise, it was a hell of a lot better than either the plea bargain commercials or the horse’s ass commercial.

    1. he uses his own substantial fortune to retire his own campaign debt.

      But you’ll still get a phone call after he loses next Tuesday, asking for money.

      1. if he donates, he can’t reimburse, right? Only if he loans? So, are these loans or donations? If he reimburses after calling them donations, is he violating campaign finacne law?

        1. So BWB will rely on Colorado Republicans to pay back his debt.  All those out-of-state PACs and money men kind of disappear by November 7th, strangely.

  3. to distribute his millions of profits.  And it is not tax deductible, at least it is not tax deductible for non-repubs – I am sure he has his lawyers working on that issue.
      He could use it instead to donate to Latina non-profits for women’s reproductive healthcare, which are tax deductible.  He could donate it to HIV/AIDS groups helping many people, especially the Howard Dental Group (providing dental care for poor pregnent women). 
      He could donate to so many non-profit groups that help people get on their feet and back in to productive society.
      However, he is continuing to supply $$$ to the MSM, to people who write hit pieces using illegally obtained information, and to out of state companies (why does both ways hate Colorado business?)
      Change your ways Bob! 

    1. …I think funding his own campaign is a very stand up thing for him to do.

      And saying that a candidate should give their money to charity instead of their own campaign, while asking other to donate to the campaign – makes absolutely no sense.

      BWB may be our opponent, and he pretty clearly would be a bad governeor. But that does not mean he is evil and that does not mean everything he does is wrong.

          1. He’s just ADVANCING his campaign money – a LOAN – that he will eventually get repaid through donors.

            If he really had guts he’d be GIVING his campaign the money. Surely he can afford to do that. But he’s hedging his bets – a.k.a. trying to have it both ways.

            1. Bob Beauprez lent his campaign $400k when he ran in the congressional primary against O’Donnell.  That debt was never actually cleared until Bob decided to run for governor – and was paid in full back in January of ’06.

  4. Maybe some of you are forgetting about the massive power of the Republican Get Out The Vote Machine (AKA Diebold)

    Diebold – legitimate votes go in, but they don’t come out

  5. Bob didn’t want to get outdone by Paula Noonan, a state senate candidate pumping her “own” money into her campaign at the tune of $247,000. Beauprez sold a bank. Where did Noonan get her money?

  6. Considering that Bill Ritter has the election, Beauprez resorting to loan is a sign of how desperate he is, and for the matter the Republican Party (Beauprez generally followed the party line) is.

  7. I think it’s great of Barnyard Bob to pauper himself, I mean, the Republican businessmen of America have been working hard to pauper Middle-Class Dems! (not to mention outright killing working and lower-class)

    Thanks Bob! Give till it hurts! Then KEEP giving – go on! Give till ya burst a blood vessel or six! Really! It’s okay!

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