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October 30, 2006 09:11 PM UTC

Bush AND Cheney in Colorado

  • by: Colorado Pols

Dick Cheney will stump for Doug Lamborn in Colorado Springs on Friday, and President Bush will stump for Republicans in Greeley on Saturday.


40 thoughts on “Bush AND Cheney in Colorado

  1. If Bush is coming to Greeley it can only be because Musgrave is in deep trouble.  She has consistently been loosing support in Larimer and Boulder counties while Weld has been the cornerstone of her support that has won the elections for her.  The President certainly isn’t coming to save Congressman Beauprez or to win state house or state senate seats in that part of the state.  Since this is the last weekend of the campaign, the President will be traveling to states where the national committees believe he is needed and can make a difference.  Sounds like Paccione is very close to winning.

    1. Maybe God does answer prayers – ours as opposed to Musgrave’s.

      I agree – the only reason for Bush showing up is their numbers show MM in deep trouble. Same for Cheney/Lamborn.

      Could it be that the only Republican from Colorado in the house will be Tancredo? That would be beyond incredible.

        1. … and the Republicans wouldn’t be spending so much money if she was up by 10% points.  There’s too many close races to waste his time.  Angie and Maryln are going down-to-the-wire.

      1. But there’s no doubt as to whose side Jesus was on: “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.” 

        And what might that have been?  Globalization? Vouchers?

        A son-in-law whose is otherwise one of the most upright men I know is an ultraconservative Bible thumper of the first degree.  Once I asked him, “So what would Jesus command us to do if he were around today.”  I never forgot his answer, because it is such an insight into the Far Right Mind: “Create Opportunity.”

        I guess Luke forgot to put that in his gospel.

          1. I think that sums it up as the difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Republicans believe in equality of opportunity, Democrats believe in equality of outcome.  The previous poster should consider himself lucky to have a neocon in the family!

            1. There was probably no such word in the vernacular (Aramaic and Greek) back in Jesus’ day regarding economics.  Most people were farmers, a few craftsmen and merchants.  “Creating opportunity” is a thoroughly modern concept, just like there is no democracy in the bible.

              When Jesus was alive, the people of Israel were in dire financial straits.  More and more farmers had to sell their lands and as a result, many found themselves in the cities begging or otherwise living in poverty.  This is the invisible tableau of the gospels.  It was a time not unlike the Great Depression in America, or….holy cow, just where we are heading!  The people of Israel knew well the phrase, “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

              “Creating opportunity” stands aside from and has nothing to do with having a society that takes care of the poor.  The phrase is a cop-out for personal and communal responsibility for taking care of each other.  You know, like Jesus and every other religious leader has taught us.

              I highly reccomend (ex-Republican) Kevin Phillips “Wealth and Democracy” for an understanding of how the great economies have all gone through phases, ultimately dying and a new nation taking its place.  And yes, kiddies, we are in the final stage, when arbitrage “creates” more money shuffling paper than manufacturing.  If you believe otherwise, you are just like the Brits in 1900 who refused to believe that the sun WAS setting on the empire.

            2. I suppose you have to believe that to keep voting Republican, but why should the rest of us take it seriously?

              Every normal thinking person knows that Republicans believe in equality of inheritances, while Democrats believe in equality of opportunity. But whatever lets you sleep at night, buddy…

              And any decent neocon in the family should have signed up for our lovely adventure in Iraq long ago.

            3. I think it’s that Democrats try to give everyone an equal chance while Republicans are quite happy to leave the playing field tilted in their favor.

              Create opportunity means schools that don’t suck and health insurance that does not bankrupt you and a climate that does not kill you.

              Create opportunity is something Republicans tend to say and that Democrats tend to do.

    2. Musgrave seems afraid of the Fort Collins area which consists of a large portion of the 4th CD.  Fort Collins is pretty hostile to Musgrave, but I don’t know how good of an idea it is to basically avoid it on the campaign trail..Bush and Musgrave seem to like Greeley and Weld, but seems like this may be preaching to the choir…trying to invogorate the base maybe?  I dont know..

    1. …that Air Force One, all of its support staff, maintenance, etc. cost about $1M every 30 or 60 minutes to operate.  This is hearsay and rumor, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      1. And it’s Musgrave and Lamborn that should be picking up the costs.  Bush and Cheney are obviously not coming here to support Fawcett or Paccione.

  2. What about Little Ricky?  Are they not going to campaign for him in C.D. 7?  Why not?  He’s the GOP’s most respectable Congressional candidate in Colorado (which isn’t saying a great deal), but they won’t campaign with him?

      1. If I were Tancredo, I would play up the fact that Rove and Shrub have banished him from the White House during the remainder of Shrub’s term.  (Not that TT needs to sweat out this election cycle.)

  3. As much as I’d like to admit that this is good news, Bush and Cheney will inspire a significant amount of the neo-cons who may have skipped out on voting this year to head to the polls on the 7th. The two top officials are still very persuasive amongst republicans, and with their history of a massive GOTV effort, this may be just enough to carry MM and Lamborn over the edge. Do the dems have any more big names of their own coming to town, or are we just going to continue hoping everything will work out in the end? In a state like Colorado, election day is going to come down to who is more fired up.

  4. that the Republican party would EVER have to spend and much money as they are on CD 5!  Money that I am sure they would love to be spending elsewhere.  Although Fawcett has little chance of winning here, I am so happy to see the resources that have had to come into play to hold this traditionaly safe “R”seat.

  5. Maybe the POTUS will swing by a candy factory to talk about small business or something so taxpayers can foot the bill for his politicking? 

    I love paying taxpayer monies to have the Preznitwit fly about the nation politicking on the public’s dime, talking about how Dems will raise taxes (in a time of perpetual war even!) and ignoring the reality of his borrow-and-spend budget recklessness.  How the hell can ANYONE vote for the GOP this year?  What do they even stand for any more:  Marilyn Musgrave is the perfect example…  gay marriage boogey-men, flag amendments, fear mongering, ad-hominem attacks, failed policies, shielding pedophiles, a Beholden Congress and Corporate pork. 

    If you go to the rally, make sure to take a rental car or peel those Clinton/Gore stickers off your suburu so you don’t get booted by partisans pretending to be public servants.

    Its time to go…

    1. ….when the ‘Pubes were screaming bloody murder in 1996 about Clinton using AF 1 for his campaigning.  Jeez, GW isn’t even running.

      I guess that this is just one of those stinking things in a democracy that we have to live with.

    2. What exectly do the Dems stand for, other than hating Republicans? I mean, I am certainly not the first or the last to ask it but seriously, the election is a week away and no one really knows. Iraq: bring the troops home (how? we’ll figure it out and everyone will love us.

      Investors Business Daily recently said that since the Bush tax cuts took effect in 2003, “the economy has added $1.26 trillion in real output, $14.4 trillion in net wealth and 5.8 million new jobs.” But that progress doesn’t seem to matter to the liberals, Dems only goals are too raise income tax rates. “Taxing the rich” will be the leading economic argument of a 2007 Dem House, and a rollback tax bill of some kind will reach the floor. 

        Oh and global warmiming will end, as began on 1/20/00 because somehow we will all have magical cars that can erase 150 years on industry in this country. And the secret ingredient will be love.

      Pelosi said she would like to put Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida in charge of the House Intelligence Committee. As a federal judge, he was impeached in the House by a 413-3 vote, and removed from the bench by the Senate for bribery, corruption, and perjury. Rep. Hastings would lead the oversight of America’s antiterrorism policies. That should be great.

      As much as Republicans have screwed up this year, and boy have they, talk about a “referendum” on Dems that they havn’t blown R’s out of the water. In our instant gratificaiton/no patience society it is interesting how the Dems are still seeming to have tough time sealing the deal.

      1. I don’t recall the specifics, but if POTUS can include some non-campaigning, the bulk of the cost is born by the taxpayer.  Even when the RPNC reimburses the treasury for campaigning, it’s a bargain rate that doesn’t fully include all costs. 

        Remember all the screaming when Clinton did this?

        1. It’d be interesting to see what the NRCC/Paccione campaigns are paying.  I always learned that it cost $50,000 for a presidential visit – and that was a long time ago.  Yes, if there are some legitimate constituent events going on, it can be divvied up, but it’s still a big cost to the campaigns.

  6. Bush visit in 2004 cost $ 57,00 for protection. I heard the November visit was around 250k because of the crowds protesting. I live in Weld county and I will protest every penny that isn’t paid back to taxpayers for a political benefit

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