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October 30, 2006 07:41 PM UTC

Republicans Cannibalize Themselves

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the Rocky Mountain News reports, Republicans nationwide are at odds over 527 committee spending that often targets Republicans more than it does Democrats:

When times are tough, some families pull together. But inside the Republican house, there’s bickering, finger-pointing and more than a few folks getting worried.

Across the country, a spate of intra-party squabbles have put some once-safe GOP territories at risk, typified by the surprisingly competitive congressional contest in the conservative bastion of Colorado Springs.

It seems that some party activists are ignoring former President Ronald Reagan’s famous 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”…

…Disharmony could jeopardize Republican House and Senate seats in Idaho, Arizona, Rhode Island and elsewhere. But nowhere is discord louder than in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, where retiring incumbent Rep. Joel Hefley has refused to endorse his would-be Republican replacement, Doug Lamborn.

The News also breaks down spending by the ultra-conservative Club for Growth, and notes that the group spent $1 million more to attack Republicans this year than it spent supporting Republicans.


17 thoughts on “Republicans Cannibalize Themselves

    1. Is that historically, whenever the ‘Pubes get control of the legislative process, the rate of corruption far exceeds that of Dems.  Grant, Harding, Coolidge.

      It took the Dems from 1932-1992 to become moderately corrupted.  Can you name the BIG scandal in the House before the ‘Pubes took over?  Yes, children, it was the – don’t look now – “House Banking” scandal where House members kited checks.  Not unlike either most Americans and the federal budget generally. 

      So the Dems took 60 years to become moderately aloof, it took the ‘Pubes well under the 14 that they’ve been in control to really, really demonstrate well what corruption, greed, and scandal is. To say nothing of being the masters of kiddly diddling, child rape, etc. http://coloradopols….

      I’m sure that there are a few good, old line Repubs out there; PLEASE COME AND GET YOUR PARTY OUT OF THE SEWER.

      1. worked in DC lobbying as a summer intern in the mid-70s for two different organizations, one a banking lobby the other the NAHB. The banking lobby shared the building with its regulator (how cozy). The “confidential” notes of their monthly meeting hit our fax within 45 minutes of the end of their meeting. And don’t tell me the S&L scandal was all on the R watch. How quickly we forget. Remember, the election during the S&L debacle was 1988 – not 1998.

        1. I respect your observations and open-mindedness, EPRR, so I did some Wikipedia on the “Crisis.”  I think the Congress was Dem back then, so yes, it was a bi-party effort to change the S&L laws to help save the S&L’s during a period of high inflation.  BAD  legislation.

          Next, came the sharks that saw opportunity.  With FDIC guarentees raised to $100K (and even that was ignored during the RTC days) I worked briefly for one of these outfits in CA, my first job in the mortgage business.  This S&L was OWNED, essentially, by a dentist.  When his house of cards was about to collapse with a “lock changing” by the RTC the next day, his Jaguar seems to have malfunctioned and it hit a bridge abutment.  He was just one of thousands living high and playing a Ponzi scheme with the taxpayer’s trust.

          Last, came the RTC.  At a cost of over $150 B-Billion dollars, most of it from the taxpayers, the high rolling players had their collective arses saved with tax dollars.

          I hear that one of them was a brother of the President of the US or something unbelievable.

          And yes, Dems and Repubes were in on this one.  After all, who had the ear of congress? Not the little investor.

        2. your comment about the S&L scandal not being on the R watch.  Reagan was elected in 80 and a Repbulican administration remained in charge until 92 when Clinton won.  I don’t understant your reference to the 88 election.

          The S&L scandal – the oversight and the bailout – from an administrative standpoint was all Republican.

          And let’s not forget that the poster boy in Colorado was Neil Bush, who is now profiteering from the No Child Left Behind act.

          Taxpayers, got stuck with the bill and the execs and profiteers walked away scot free.

          1. the party for that one. Also, the prior poster had run the timeline all the way through 92. Just saying neither party does a good enough job of policing its own after they have been there long enough.

            1. is the unfortunate reality on all of this.  Right now the GOP is getting some well deserved abuse.  But somewhere out there are Dan Rostenkowski and Jim Wright, probably having a quiet cynical laugh.  The worst part is we now believe choosing between cancer and polio is that way it’s suppose to be.

                1. it was enough to make me change affiliation.  That plus Mondale and Dukakis.  I wish the (D)s well, and hope they have fielded something other than lying, philandering con artists.  But, I don’t think many of these guys start out that way, regardless of affiliation.  Something happens along the way; too many easy women, too much easy money, too many sycophants. 

                  Somehow I doubt the (D)s have solved the problem this time.  Problem is I don’t think they can control their own lunatic fringe, and we are moving towards an even more closely divided government which always put the extreme element in control. 

                  1. To deny that there has been a sizable shift to the right by our elected officials would be absurd. So to say “lunatic fringe” when referring to the left is a little misleading.

                    When a party controls three branches of government they have the ability to control the agenda, and the debate and the way in which the other party is framed. With patriots being called traitors it is not hard to believe that the lunatic fringe was yesterday’s mainstream.

                    Hopefully, if there is a lunatic fringe that you mention does get control of congress there will be a drive to the center by the electorate.

                    1. but I thought you went to school in Boulder.  There’s plenty of left lunatic fringe there.  Ward Churchill (and here come the bizzare polemics) is a symptom of the ’70’s left.  There were some good things from the ’70s left – Fleetwood Mac, the ecology movement, liberation theology, but some very bad things as well.  The bad things never really leave a party. 

                      Somewhere on the Right the John Birch Society yet lives; Somewhere there is shrine to Joe McCarthy.  Somewhere on the Left forced busing and employment quotas.  Trust me, all you need to do is wait. The theology of both parties is Aristotelian scholasticism.  First comes ‘authority’ (party of equality, party of letting you keep your money – it’s in our platform (or DNA)), next comes rationalism (if we give the poor money they won’t be poor, we’ll eliminate poverty), only at the end as a last resort (usually after losing an election) do any of them revert to pragmatic experience. 

                      We’re just gettin started.  The ultimate problem of course is we really have increasing international competition and enemies that would like to kill us.  All of us, including the Quakers.

                    2. I graduated from Metro and I’m in law school at Michigan State.

                      Ok, I’ll give you Ward Churchill as an example of the lunatic fringe left, but my main point was that with such a strong push to the right that we have seen over the past six years, it is hard to deny that what was once the middle is now the left, or at least left of center.

                      I would argue that the right’s ability to takeover the house did not come from the dems push for socialism, but for a call to Reagan-esque mantras by the right. The “contract with america” that was only partially held up by the congress that used it to get into office being the prime example. The rest was wedge issues and polarization.

  1. Works both ways.

    David Brooks’ column in today’s Rocky is very on target. He says the conservative era is ending with a period, not a comma. We’re about to enter a period when neither conservatives nor liberals will dominate, much like the ’70s. Conservatives have exhausted their agenda and run out of new ideas, and liberals have none.

    So it will be personality politics until one party catches the voters’ attention and support.

    1. perhaps it is time for a new party to lead; Libertarian, perhaps. At that time, we will go back to balanced budget (the way that republicans and dems use to, and republicans speak about), no more invasions of countries, making politicians, businesses and citizens responsible for their own action (i.e. half of congress would be in prison by now). 🙂

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