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October 30, 2006 04:34 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Cry ‘havoc!’ And let slip the dogs of war.”

—William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar


41 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. except when they do:

    Several issues drive the the national preferences, including a lingering perception of incompetence from Hurricane Katrina and scandals involving congressional Republicans, from influence peddling to cyberstalking congressional pages. But the war seems to be the predominant issue.

    100 dead in October. All Doug cares about is our headcount at Ft. Carson.

    If this is the case, it’s a healthy outcome. We’ve never been very keen on President Bush’s reasons for the war, and have been frustrated that there never seemed to be a serious debate about the wisdom of invading a country that posed no imminent threat to the United States.

    Now you tell us!

    If it takes Democrats assuming control of one or both houses of Congress to get a serious discussion of how to wind down this war and what principles and policies might prevent future foreign-policy mistakes, perhaps that is an acceptable price to pay.

    Buh-bye Doug. Oh, and Jay will make the Gazette actually like Dems once he’s in office.

    1. And I still have a bit of hope for AP too. The Republican party is offering people nothing other than more disasters and more and more Republicans are looking for solutions.

      They aren’t wild on voting for the Democrat – but it’s the least bad alternative to a lot of them.

      Crossing my fingers.

    2. …but he ran the best campaign. He knows how to reframe his opponent’s attacks, putting Lamborn, instead, on the defensive. Good luck, “Judo” Jay.

    1. So we can’t see Lamborn’s flop sweat, greasy hair, and deer-in-the-headlights look?

      This guy will really represent Colorado well in Washington DC should he be elected. An instant and permanent back-bencher until 2008 when all the rest of the Reps who hate him get their acts together and nominate someone else to oppose him in the primary – with Hefley leading the charge.

    2. Caught it on the way back from work.  If I had a nickle for every time Lamborn said um or uh I would be rich!  I disagree with virtually every stance that Fawcett has (although in all fairness I think he probably has more credibility to get things done for vets than Lamborn), he really sounded much more believable as a US Congressman.  I only listened for about 20 minutes while confined in my car, but the part I heard was an utter embarrassment for Republicans.  How this guy was even elected a state senator is beyond me.  Cant wait until 2008 when hopefully my part will get it right and not put a moron on the ballot. 

      1. It’s the weirdest thing – no one has done a poll. Not the Democrats, not the press, not my mom (too expensive). On the flip side, if she wins a large part of it will be because the Democrats think they have it and are not doing much.

        She is definitely getting lots of people everywhere she goes and the entire state loves her. So it will be interesting… Cross your fingers.

        thank you for asking – dave

  2. Since they’re so dedicated to detecting political detail in others, maybe they should apologize for referring to referring to Tancredo as being (D-Littleton).

    We’ll give them a pass – they’re so new to Colorado and all…

    1. News reports often pick a centrally-located city for designation. You would sometimes see Beauprez in news stories as (R-Arvada), even though Arvada is only part of CD-7.

        1. I saw it once; but then again, I try not to watch Fox News.  They’ve done it a lot?

          To be fair, the R and D keys are right next to each other on the average keyboard.

        2.   That may have been amusing for the first 2 or 3 days after the Foley scandal broke, when Faux News could have explained it away as a computer glitch or a dangling electro-magnetic digital chad, but it’s been almost a month now. 
            I realize that Faux doesn’t have much credibility in the first place, but Roger Ailes (the current News Director at Faux, and formerly the Communications Director of the Bush-Quayle ’88 campaign committee) should remember the Rule of Holes. 
            When standing in a hole out of which you want to be, stop digging any deeper…..

    2. They’ve fixed it.  Maybe the good, unbiased (bwah hah ha!) folks over at MMC were hoping for a stealth party shift from Mr. T ala Nighthorse Campbell…

  3. Just for the sake of conversation.  I’m in Colorado Springs, SD11 and HD18.

    CD-5:  Fawcett
    Gov:  Ritter
    SoS:  Gordon
    Tres:  Kennedy
    AGen:  Suthers
    Reg-AL:  Ludwig
    Reg-5:  No vote
    SD-11:  Morse
    HD-18:  Merrifield
    Cty Clerk:  No vote
    Cty Treas:  Damron
    Cty Ass:  Lowderman
    Cty Sher:  No vote
    Cty Surv:  No vote
    Cty Cor:  No vote
    Jdg-Shakes: Yes
    Jdg-Others: No vote
    A-38:  No
    A-39:  No
    A-40:  No
    A-41:  No
    A-42:  Yes
    A-43:  No
    A-44:  No
    Ref E:  Accidental no (dumb machine)
    Ref F:  Yes
    Ref G:  Yes
    Ref H:  No
    Ref I:  Yes
    Ref J:  No
    Ref K:  No
    Cty 1A:  No
    Cty 1B:  No
    Cty 1C:  No
    City 200:  No
    City 201:  No
    City 2A:  Yes

    I voted no on 1A, 1B, and 1C because even though I oppose term limits, I think we need consistently enforced election law.  I voted Yes on 2A because DirecTV is campaigning against it, and they are evil.

        1. Although the right thing to do is visit the county election officials and ensure your (and all other) vote is counted for Lamborn.

          Ask yourself– would Lamborn do it for you if it were you that were running? Darn right he would.

          1. his powers extended to having Gigi rule that the Democrats had pulled Fawcett from the ballot 10 days ago and replaced him with the Godlike one – thereby assuring whether you voted for His Godliness or that miscreant, your vote would count for the Chosen One. Is that what that ruling was about? I thought they would just accomplish that by changing the operating chip in the touch screens (the infamous “laying on of hands”).

      1. That actually meant “assessor”.  That brings up a tough question though:  El Paso County Ass: Doug Bruce, or Eric Christen?  That’s a hard question to answer.

  4. So after this very interesting election cycle, I have come to the conclusion that we need to amend Colorado’s constitution such that the choices for all ballot initiatives are “Yes”, “No”, and “Hell No”.  Who will help gather signatures?  (Remember, if you think my idea is unbelievably idiotic, all the more reason to support it so you’ll have the chance to vote appropriately.)

    1. like Nevada has, but it’s more symbolic than real.  They don’t call a new election if “NOTA” wins.  It’s just that the second place finisher fills the office.

      1. I wouldn’t mind being able to vote NOTA and if NOTA won a majority, run a second election banning the current candidate slate – they obviously weren’t what the electorate wanted.  Combine it with IRV, and at least we have an “out” in case of really bad candidates.

        1. presidential plank “Vote NO for President and leave the White House empty another four years”. I love that more very election I watch.

  5. Who’s going to be the first to tell me that the DA definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the crime rate.  Then some of you will throw the police under the bus and the rest will say something ridiculous like “it’s a societal problem.”


    Of course, since ’93 our crime rate peaked in Ritter’s last year.  So Morrissey is just doing damage control.  Our position now is actually an improvement.

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