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October 20, 2006 06:48 PM UTC

Here at Colorado Pols, We're Not Political

  • by: Colorado Pols

Hey, that’s as least as ridiculous as what Focus on the Family boss James “SpongeDob” Dobson said on an October 16th radio broadcast:

“Here at Focus on the Family, we’re not political.”

No wonder Republicans don’t take him seriously.


53 thoughts on “Here at Colorado Pols, We’re Not Political

  1. “Thou shalt not bear false witness”?  (i.e., don’t lie!)  That’s not very Christian of Dr. Dobson to tell a lie by claiming that his followers are not political!

    1. Dobson defended Republican pedophial Foley by  claiming that “As it turns out, Mr. Foley has had illicit sex with no one that we know of, and the whole thing turned out to be what some people are now saying was a — sort of a joke by the boy and some of the other pages”

      Dobson accuses all who are not republican evangelicals as “God’s people haters.”

      He sees homosexuals everywhere, including in children’s shows such as SpongeBob Square Pants.

      Dobson was congratulated by Bush personally for getting out the Republican vote in 2004.

      Focus on the Family has spent millions on campaigns in Colorado. 

      But, no his organization is not political, he’s just insane.

    2.   the Commandment is about bearing false witness, that is, falsely accusing another of a wrongful act.  Gosh, if lying were a transgression of the 10 Commandments, well, I’d be in a heap of trouble.  Actually, I am in a heap of trouble, but it’s not for lying, which is usually not a sin. 

        If you can bear another technicality, Jesus actually did away with the Law, which includes the 10 Commandments, or fulfilled the Law, or replaced the Law, whichever is the best way to put it.  He said it wasn’t enough to comply with the 10 Commandments.  He said that we had to obey the Law that was written in our hearts.  He wants us to do what we know is right, the Way of love and forgiveness and all that.  And He knew that obeying that Law demanded much, much more than the 10 Commandments.  And to help us grasp what He was talking about, He gave us 2 replacement Commandments: Love God completely, and our neighbors as ourselves. 

        That’s why it’s so darn hard for Christ-following Christians to hate gays, for example.  Or women who have had an abortion.  We find it easy to hate the sin, but, darn it, Jesus makes us responsible for the salvation of our brothers and sisters.  So I have to love the openly gay brother, despite what I think of his actions.  And Jesus doesn’t even allow me to judge him, which could be so satisfying, you know, just revelling in how much better I am and how much more God must love me.  But Jesus says, “don’t be so sure about that.” 

        This helps explain why Christ-following Christians, a small minority of Christians, are so humble and reluctant to denounce.  We fear Justice, because we know what fate we deserve.  God, don’t treat me justly, but show me Your mercy. 

        I gotta tell you, Jesus is a lot more comfortable with liars and gays than with the self-righteous.  Those are his homies.  Not that He is a liar or sinner, no, but it’s those that recognize their sinfulness that see the need in their lives for Mercy and Divine Guidance.  Strong, self-assured Christians like Pat Robertson don’t need Jesus, except as a selling aid and prop. 

        Bottom line, though, you are spot on when you call Dr. Dobson a liar.  Heck, being a pastor is a (non-partisan) political position. 

  2. Is that it’s a 501(c)(3) organization, which is prohibited by law from engaging in any political activity whatsoever. Focus Action, which is a 501(c)(4) organization, may engage in “some” political activity, but it cannot be its primary mission, and it cannot endorse or condemn candidates.

    Now that complaints are being filed about Focus’s tax fraud, they’ve become “apolitical”.

  3. But James Dobson is a doctor, okay?  I don’t know about you, but if somebody bothers to get a doctorate in psychology, I’m going to listen to anything they have to say.

    1. Maybe he has a doctorate degree, but in what area of study?  Medicine?  Psychology?  Phys Ed?  (For all we know, he might have been Both Ways’ dodge ball prof)

      1. No wonder these snake oil salesman. Their ignorant supporters couldn’t give a flying rats’ you-know-what what they call themselves or what degrees they do or don’t have.

        “Dr. Dobson was an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.”

    2. He’s still a bigoted operator that makes a living from creating divisions between people and fostering fear and hatred.

      The whole ‘we’re not political’ thing really gets under my skin.  People like Dobson are swarthed in dishonesty and preach moral rightousness – it gets so old.

      On another note, hellfire to the RMN.  Doug Lamborn . . . give me a break. 

    3. Yes, I’m aware that Dr. Dobson actually has some great credentials, but that doesn’t change his positions. There are probably PhD’s in the KKK too.

      Dobson was behind Amendment 2, and is currently behind the (failing) effort to block civil unions. That makes him a bigot, and as such, he deserves no respect from me.

      1. I can appreciate the achievement of earning a doctorate, but the only people I address as “Doctor” are MDs. Anyone else who demands to be called that is an egotistical blowhard.

  4. The only reason you believe Focus on the Family is political is because of the leftest strategy to politicize the Family. 

    I for one am glad there are organizations that watch out for the family – even if the lefties are trying to silence the majority by claiming speech defending the family is political speech.

    When everything moral becomes “political” then the leftests think they can silence anyone with a moral bent.  But you can’t.

    The press shouldn’t be the only ones entitled to freedom of speech.  And, if the leftests think they can use the law to force silence on everyone opposed to their views – they better start target practicing – because I think their firearm skills are less then adequate.

      1. I think Ruthie has been listening to Rush too much.  Oh, the Dido-heads, how their regurgitation of Rushisms and falsities makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

    1. Suppressing the first amendment is something all Liberals, Lefties, and Democrats strongly oppose!  We want opinion, intelligent thought, dialogue and debate. 

      We also support morality.  But the reality is, “the majority” of families as you claim, are not completely moral.  What’s the divorce rate in the US? In Colorado?  In Colorado Springs?  How many of those ended in extra-marital affairs? 

      So, when you comeback to reality and see the truth that Focus on the Family is both a religious group and political front.  Join back in the discussion.

    2. Are you threatening law enforcement agents with the use of violence because Focus on the Family is being outed? Wow, now that would be down right fanatical.

      1. If you claim the law is to silence those of us who have something to add to the debate.  Then bring it on.  I think law enforcement (or the people in that occupation) would actually agree with me and join in. 

        Your desire to silence debate should make you feel threatened.  You are downright Unamerican. 

        When you say “law” and what you really mean is a tyrannical government who will use force to silence anyone who would speak out against an oppressive government.  Then you can call me guilty. 

        Just call me Annie Oakley!!

        1. Do you need to adjust your tinfoil hat? In case you’re not aware it’s impossible for anyone to silence anyone else on this site (except, of course, for the Dead Guvs). But being blocked from a site is hardly a first amendment violation.

          1. Everyone knows that Courtney stood to benefit from Kurt’s death.  She got a nice tidy sum of money.  She is probably dumping it into those 527’s that are attacking Bob Caskey.

            He was the purest (Kurt not Bob).  The rest of the grundge followers were just posers.  They didn’t really know what Kurt was all about.  Not like me.

            A little piece of me died that day.  Then Courtney faked that suicide note.  The police were so moronic to think that Kurt killed himself.

            He had a tough life…  His parents divorcing at a young age.  Kurt really took it hard.  Nobody understands like I do.  I don’t think he really fit in.  Kinda like me at Colorado Pols.

            Such a shame.

            Courtney is to blame!

        2. I didn’t try to silence you!  Did you even read my post.  I encouraged thoughtful debate. 

          However, when an extreme conservative like yourself disagrees with some they pull out the patriot card.  I actually think of you as a loyalist, rather than a patriot.  I am not un-american for expressing my dissent and my opinion.  In a historical context, that is what the founding fathers did as PATRIOTS!

          The Loyalists, stood by as cheerleaders for the tyrannical Brits to control them.  Much like you are submitting to here.

          Im not going to call you annie oakley, but rather a sheeple.

          1. And a patriot.  And if you don’t like these labels, quit speaking out to try to make this country better, because that’s what Conservatives and Patriots do.  And Liberals, too.

              It’s the what-I-call Reactionaries who want to go back to the “good old days,” who back the President because he is the President, regardless of how much his actions hurt this country, that want to stifle debate.  They support staying the course, even when the course is obviously going to end in a train wreck. 

            At the risk of offending you, let me welcome all such liberals who, when it comes to protecting and defending the Constitution, stand with me.  We are Conservatives, whether you like it or not.  At least in this narrow aspect. 

        1. Closest thing to a family that ol Queer dude will have will be manufactured in a petrie dish.  Or maybe he will just adopt a poor unsuspecting child and try to indoctrinate him into the LIFESTYLE!

          Remember the homosexual Mark Foley was a homosexual before he took to molesting children.  Studies show that this is not an uncommon occurance with the gay community.

          1. when Cybil/Ruthie switches like that and speaks to herself.

            I picture her sitting in front of her laptop talking to her different personalities.

            Cybil, sweetie.  Time to go to bed now, honey.

            1. Actually typing on my old TRS-80 from Radio Shack.  Back in the day.  Got my casette tape drive back up.  My black and green monitor is state of the art.  For 1982.

            2. They were the same poster – they even posted the exact same argument about how rotten the El Paso GOP was and used some line about trying to fix them being a windmill the real Don Quixote wouldn’t fight. I was scrolling through some old diaries and found them speaking to each other, that is, one guy speaking to himself to bolster his own arguments. It was weird.

                1. I don’t remember what all the hubbub about the EPC GOP was – something about how the party bosses threw good conservatives under the bus – but quixote was being asked by a poster named “sancho panza” to run for some party committee or something to help clean up the party. (I’m 99% positive that this was another of quixote’s guises. If true, that person really had some issues.) Anyway, the windmill comment was his way of saying that the EPC GOP was too rotten to fix. That’s how I read it, anyway.

                    1. The only thing I can think is that using multiple handles (which was easy to do before the login system) was a way for him (like Ruthie/cybil/sybil) to post repetitive stuff and create the illusion that several people all share the same opinion.

                      Problem is, their writing style is recognizable. I had suspected that quixote/Socrates were the same person before they used the same “real Don Quixote” phrase because they made the same arguments and had very similar writing styles. In fact, quixote attacked me once when I was arguing with Socrates. I thought that was odd and paid closer attention to their posts after that.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that Dobson has been strangely silent on the CD-5 race?

    Let me just preface my statement by saying that I think Dobson and FOTF are a blight upon this city.  I very much oppose the hatred and homophobia that they constantly stir up.  And I very much wish they would stay out of politics entirely.  Now on the other side, I hate to admit it, but they are involved in *some* good things.  Could it be that Lamborn is way too much of a wingnut even for Dobson’s taste?

    I haven’t heard it myself, but I’m told that Dobson basically told the Dobsonites to vote for “the more Christian candidate”.  I won’t specifically name who I think has acted more Christian in this race, but let’s just call him J. Fawcett.  No wait, that’s too obvious.  We’ll just refer to him as Jay F.  A certain other someone ran a sleazy and dishonest campaign that I would call anything but Christian.  But I won’t name him either. Use your imagination.  🙂

    Could it be that Dobson is giving his followers permission to vote for Fawcett?

      1. I don’t believe his nonprofit status allows him to endorse specific candidates.  However Focus Action (or whatever they’re called) can drop money into a candidate’s campaign (and again this is under the guise that funding candidates isn’t that branch’s sole purpose… yeah we believe that).

        But still, I don’t believe Dobson has dropped any money into Lamborn has he?  I was just considering the possibility that Lamborn was too nutty even for a nut like Dobson.

    1. I do not know any thinking person to actually take Dobson seriously.  Even though it’s debatable on whether Bush is a thinking man, even his administration mocks Dobson as a loon!

      But the sheeple will follow Dobson out of fear.

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