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October 19, 2006 08:00 PM UTC

Musgrave Victory Would be Costly

  • by: Colorado Pols

It looks as though Republican Marilyn Musgrave will win re-election again against Democrat Angie Paccione, but the Wall Street Journal (registration required) has an interesting analysis about how Musgrave’s battle could cost Republicans in CD-5. Click below for a brief look…

Meanwhile, Ms. Musgrave, a star to the Christian right but a lackluster campaigner, is proving to be costly. Not only has she required sizable aid from the national party, but her actions helped to jeopardize the race for the seat from the neighboring Fifth District, by aggravating the divide between traditional Western conservatives such as Mr. Hefley and a more aggressive type of conservative identified with her national campaign against same-sex marriage.

“I wonder if they are going to get tired of saving Marilyn and look at somebody they don’t have to save every time,” Mr. Hefley says.

Ms. Musgrave was instrumental in lining up money and endorsements for Doug Lamborn, a state senator who won the August primary with the guidance of a veteran Musgrave political operative. Allies including the Colorado Christian Coalition sent mailings accusing Mr. Lamborn’s Republican rivals of supporting a radical homosexual agenda, and the nastiness of the primary campaign infuriated Mr. Hefley, a 20-year incumbent who had warned the candidates to avoid negative attacks.

“I will not vote for Doug Lamborn, I will not,” says Mr. Hefley, who was chairman of the House Ethics Committee when the panel admonished then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay for conduct in fund raising and pressing a colleague on a vote.

Mr. Lamborn says of his politics: “I stand for principle. I’m not much of a compromiser.”

The White House is worried enough that the president intervened personally with Mr. Hefley, but to no avail.

Mr. Bush “is on top of this, a little race in the West,” Mr. Hefley says with some wonder, and a chuckle. “It puts me at the center of a hurricane….If Lamborn loses, I will get full credit for it.”


35 thoughts on “Musgrave Victory Would be Costly

  1. At this rate, I’m expecting Hefley to announce his candidacy as Hillary’s running mate. I mean it’s one thing to run down the guy that beat your anointed one, it’s quite another to take on the rest of the GOP Delegation from the State.

    1. DeLay went to strip him of his chairmanship? I could see that there may be a little anger if Joel took the high road there and the rest of the Colorado Rs did not cover his back but helped sink the knife.

      1. Good point about the rest of the Delegation not backing him up against DeLay… Then again I don’t recall Beauprez bending over backwards for Hefley either, but Joel isn’t throwing him under the bus.

        Still, come on Rockefeller, it is one thing to call a guy a sleaze, it is quite another to brag about making sure your party’s candidate loses. Hefley always voted like a RINO, now he’s finally taking like one in public.

        1. Joel might not feel he has to (unkind but true).  I think he has turned in his R card at this time. Still doesn’t mean he loses his card carrying “Boy Scout” status.

          1. I DO NOT disagree with Rs and Ds crossing the line to support the other side when they feel the candidate being run by their party is LESS representative of their views than the other party’s candidate. I actually have less problem with that than I do with someone supporting a person like Liebermen who loses their party nom and then runs against the party. I do however feel that the support should only be about why the other party candidate is better rather than why your own candidate is bad. Joel has the right to take off after Lamborn only if he is sitting it out.

            1. Dude, you’re kidding right?

              This is Hefley sitting it out? By what measure does this constitute sitting it out? He is talking to any member of the press who will sit still, when he could hardly be bothered to sneak out of the office for the 20 years that he was supposed to be representing his District. You talk about him being some kind of moral guy when he has been the biggest vote trading, deal making, RINO ever. You know why he opposed DeLay, because DeLay’s money machine was more interested in spreading the wealth around to threatened GOP seats, instead of just dropping it in Hefley’s wallet… After all, until he opened his mouth, this has been a pretty safe GOP District.

          2. on the DeLay fiasco and she has kept DeLay’s PAC donation of $30,000 even after DeLay left Congress in disgrace and was subsequently indicted.

            Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?

        2. “Hefley always voted like a RINO”????

          You apparently know nothing about Joel Hefley.  Hefley has consistently had the MOST conservative voting record of ANY member of Congress from Colorado!  More conservative than Beauprez, more conservative than Schaffer, more conservative than Musgrave, more conservative than McInnis or Tancredo! 

          He actually sponsored legislation to “legislatively” overturn Marbury v. Madison, the single-most important court decision in the history of the Supreme Court. 

          Maybe what makes him a “RINO” is that while other GOPers talk about “principles,” Hefley actually is a Principled Conservative.  I guess that would distinguish him from most Republicans in Congress.  So maybe you have a point.

          1. The RINO attack is the Lamborn/Bruce way of attacking anyone who is not anti-government.  If you are not an extremist, you are a RINO and thus eligible for unsubstantiated attacks.  That is the Lamborn/Bruce definition of integrity.  How long until the 08 primary when my party will have a candidate with some ethics and integrity and class?

        3. WTF? 

          I can see calling Sens. Chaffee, Snowe or Specter RINOs but the only thing that separates Hefley from traditional Republicans (Lord knows his voting record is among the most conservative in the House) seems to be that he is ethical…..

          That earns him a RINO label???

          High praise to Democrats in your statement!

  2. Colorado Republicans put up immoral, dishonest candidates who will lose next month.

    Bob Beauprez is the worst candidate, having made a slew of errors, including exposing himself as a Repulsive Republican Radical  who believes in discrimination and doesn’t believe in securing our borders. And he’s incompetent ad a candidate.

    Marilyn Musgrave is the poster girl of the GOP for voters who detest ignorant radicalism and candidates who persecute and call out unpopular minorities in their political campaigns and actions in office.

    Doug Lamborn is a narow-minded, biased regligious bigot and nasty guy.

    Mark Hillman is anti-small business despite everything he says.

    Rick O’Donnell’s radicalism on social issues probably will cause his defeat; he’s certainly not up against a strong Democrat.

  3. Who knew I would start to like the guy so much.  I agree that he’s a principled conservative.  Funny when I scan around the Republican blogs, they’re just blasting the guy left and right for not supporting Lamborn.  Before that he was a legit GOP hero out here. 

    Hefley understands that the future of his party isn’t with vicious, ethically corrupt, religious zealots.  Like the article points out, Musgrave is a perenially weak candidate that can only win with brutal attack campaigns and costly national handouts from the party.  Lamborn will be more of the same in my opinion. 

    And RINO?  Really?  I’m not sure how anybody draws that conclusion from Hefley not wanting to see sleeze like Lamborn representing his district.

        1. but i can hope right? especially after seeing how everyone on this site fell for my impersonation of moonraker (as “moonshill”), i feel the need to assume theyre just messing around.

            1. i just know several took the “colorado wont stand for moderate politicians” seriously, and thats when i questioned the intelligence level of several of the bloggers on this site. and thank you for letting me maintain my hope that SH is joking.

    1. Am I the only one to notice that Hefley is considered to be a dedicated, right wing conservative, pretty much only by the Democrats on this site?

      I say that in full knowledge that EPRR is a big fan of the guy, but come on, isn’t this name a big joke? Beside the fact that Jay Rockefeller is a Democrat Senator, I have really been thinking that “El Paso Rockefeller Republican” was a handle kind of like the “Millionaires for Bush” performance art of 2004. Is there some deep seated meaning in that name that I am missing?

      The only people who seriously get on here to extol the conservatism of Hefley are Democrats and possible Republicans who admit they will not support the Republican Candidate for the 5th CD. With friends like this…

      On the other hand, I was hoping to elicit a chuckle from a couple folks with the Hillary running mate line. Maybe just Lynn.

          1. only after you tell me if oyu chose your handle because you are a junior high female who is greatly concerned with the state of her keratin strands and consequently will only buy top of the line shampoos and conditioners.

  4. For no good reason I sometimes study Medieval history.  I was looking at some stuff on the evolution of the inquistion a couple of weeks ago and thinking about this election.

    a) The Church, when it came under pressure because of corruption launched a crusade (against the Cathars), and then gave rise to progressively more rigorous religious orders (Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits).

    b) Exhibited increasing intolerance for heresy (Democrats cannot be heretics, they can only be unbelievers), effectively cutting off any form of dialog and evolution in thinking.

    c) Eventually held a series of conventions that lead to an increasingly weird form of dogma (Lepers officially cursed by God, new religious orders prohibited).

    d) Surfaced a variety of mystics (Francis, Theresa, Hildegard) with progressively more puritantical (small p) standards of behaviour and exhorations to the true faith.

    If Joel Hefley is a RINO, we are well on our way.  I think the religious right IS the Republican party.  This looming disaster is not going to lead to a bigger tent.

    1. I think this era is more along the lines of the reformation (forgive my rusty catholic school teachings). Essentially, we have Bush selling indulgences to the religious right. These indulgences are effectively his ear, the faith based iniative program, and him paying lip service to things like stem cells, abortion, and gay marriage. The price of these indulences, of course, are votes.

      I think there will come a point were either the old school conservatives or the religious right play the part of Martin Luther and his 95 theses. The party is not unified. Maybe it is the microcosm of this blog or just the general feel of the upcoming election but there seem to be a large amount of disaffected republicans. A lot of “this is not my party.”

      This is a poor analogy in comparison to yours. Let me say, though, I can think of one reason a person might peruse medeival history, because it is really interesting.

      1. I left Luther out because he was a small part of what happened.  Francis (of Assisi), Bernard of Clairvaux, etc. were attempting to sanctify and purify the Church from within.  Luther was different; He had decided the Church was fundimentally wrong on its theology.  Indulgences annoyed him, but he had already concluded they were wrong on far larger issues.

        The Inquisition targeted people that had remained in the Church, but were suspect in their orthodoxy.  It was not enough to remain a Catholic, it mattered more HOW you practiced that belief.  Heterodoxy, not Protestantism, was what brought you before the inquistor. 

        1. And their lousy theology classes. I was thinking about using the Western (papal) schism as an example, but i realized that it wasnt that great an example. Or, at least, I wouldnt be able to relate it as such.

          It is interesting that you consider the jesuits to be more of a disciplined order. Maybe it is the limited interaction that I had with them, but they seemed to be fairly liberal, by church standards, in my opinion. Bear in mind that I am not catholic and really only attended regis for the swim team.

          1. The Jesuits were more tolerant.  Their’s was to promote orthodoxy through education.  The Dominican’s were the ones that ripped your fingernails out. 

            My point tho, is that what we are dealing with now in the GOP (although you can find it in the Dems as well) is that it has become a system of belief, not a system of knowledge.  Fundimental to systems of belief is faith.  When you hear that first comes Faith, literally that is true – systems of belief fall apart without faith. 

            Look at Moonie here, and BWB/Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld not as corrupt opportunists, which they are not (totally anyway), but as true believers in a holy cause.  Vastly more interesting, and obviously more dangerous.  The corrupt are much easier to live with.  Sinners get three Hail Mary’s and absolution.

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