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October 18, 2006 07:13 PM UTC

Rocky Mountain News Smacks Paccione, Winter

  • by: Colorado Pols

Sure, the Rocky Mountain News wasn’t likely to support many Democrats anyway, but they sure went out of their way to beat up Democrats Angie Paccione and Bill Winter in their endorsements today. The News backed Republicans Marilyn Musgrave and Tom Tancredo instead, but more damaging was what they said about Paccione and Winter…

4th District. Listening to rival candidates in this district is a little like being dropped into an Aesop’s fable and meeting the tortoise and the hare. Angie Paccione is the hare, bounding from one topic to another with great verve. Marilyn Musgrave is the tortoise – slow but steady, even boring – but if you remember the fable, slow but steady wins the race, and Musgrave should.

Paccione pointed with pride to her record in the legislature, but her record is part of the problem. She supported, for example, the economically illiterate bills banning outsourcing – “we’re not going to contract with companies that are mostly overseas,” she said, as if Coloradans benefit when they pay more for products and services, or get less. On national issues, she favors the sort of campaign finance reform that actually strangles political speech, supports a universal health care plan, and doesn’t seem to understand how Social Security financing works. She appears to be the most left-of-center major-party candidate running for Congress this year in Colorado…

6th District…Tancredo’s Democratic opponent, Bill Winter, rightly criticizes the congressman’s excesses. But Winter’s views on a broad range of economic and budget policies give us pause; in some cases they frankly don’t appear terribly well-informed.


19 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain News Smacks Paccione, Winter

  1. Pretty terse endorsements, I’d say.

    But Tancredo is actually a great deal more than a single-issue candidate with a penchant for controversy. He’s also a rare fiscal conservative who means what he says (he voted against the Medicare prescription drug program and was one of few in Congress who attempted to control post-Katrina spending); an advocate for human rights around the globe; a tax hawk who campaigns against outdated, economically foolish levies; and a relentless critic of bureaucratic complacency (which he proved again when he was one of the first Republicans last year to call for the resignation of Michael Brown as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.)

    Tancredo’s Democratic opponent, Bill Winter, rightly criticizes the congressman’s excesses. But Winter’s views on a broad range of economic and budget policies give us pause; in some cases they frankly don’t appear terribly well-informed.

    It’s amazing that the Rocky wouldn’t mention Paccione’s financial problems and her lack of integrity in dealing with them or discussing them. I guess integrity’s not an issue for the Rocky editorial page.

    1. Remind me again  — just how does having financial problems and filing for bankruptcy equal lack of integrity? If it wasn’t for his father, our current president may well have been forced down this road with his business dealings — and I’m going to assume you think W has integrity.

      I would re-state my earlier comment to you that is a better measure of Paccione’s character that she filed — and paid — her bills.

      We’re a nation that is headed down the road to bankrupcty given the drunken sailors that are manning the ship – the only difference is they have a printing press and can shove off the obligation to our children and grandchildren.

      1. That is a major character flaw and a deal killer for thinking voters, imho.

        Add to that here ignorance about the issues, as noted by the Rocky, and why would anyone vote for her?

        1. She apparently filed for bankruptcy because she didn’t have the money to pay her taxes at the time they were due — and the filing gave her the opportunity (and time) to do so under the protection of the bankruptcy provision in our legal code.  Under this protection — you don’t get a pass on paying off your federal tax obligations.  That’s why I’ve repeatedly said that she should be judged not by the fact that she declared bankruptcy — but that she did, and ultimately paid her debts.

          As for reasons to vote for her — if I was in the 4th — would be M-U-S-G-R-A-V-E.  I think Paccione’s financial problems pale in comparison to the trainwreck that is going on in Congress.  Do you think a single-issue candidate enabling a $10 trillion national debt would be an acceptable alternative to Paccione? 

  2. The Rocky reeks of the same hypocrisy that bedevils Tancredo. In 2002 the Rocky said he “should be booted out of office” for lack of integrity. What’s changed since then? Nothing.

    “Tancredo was a leader of the term limits movement and has pledged to stick to the three terms that Colorado voters tried to impose on congressional representatives in 1994,” the Rocky Mountain News wrote in endorsing Tancredo (“Tancredo in the Sixth,” Rocky Mountain News, Oct. 17, 1998). Several years later, in a 2001 interview with the Rocky Mountain News, Tancredo again swore to keep his promise to the voters: “For me, the issue of giving one’s word and promising to do something like this is more important than the rest of it… The overriding motivation for me today to adhere to the term limits pledge is that I made a pledge… I took the pledge. I will live up to the pledge. That’s it. That’s the overriding issue.”

    In 2002 the Rocky Mountain News attacked Tancredo’s lack of “credibility and integrity of political leadership… Tom Tancredo had every right to change his mind about term limits, but he had no business breaking a solemn pledge. He should be booted out of office.”

    Paul Jacob, Senior Fellow at U.S. Term Limits, the national organization that had worked so closely with Tancredo to pass Colorado’s term limits laws, has said: “Voters can count on one thing: They’ll never be able to count on Tom Tancredo.”

    Even Tancredo’s buddy at the Independence Institute, ultra-conservative Jon Caldara, criticized Tancredo as being dishonorable for running for a fourth term, declaring in 2004 that Tancredo should have stepped down and supported someone else who shared his values for the position.

    This year, more than ever, honor and integrity are critical values. Winter has them in spades. Tancredo lacks them completely. Way to go, Rocky.

  3. “an advocate for human rights around the globe”

    Does anybody know when and where Tancredo has been campaigning for human rights?

    Based on his rhetoric about immigrants and the “bomb Mecca” comments, I find it hard to believe that Tancredo is big on this issue.

    As somebody pointed out, their endorsement is much more flattering than waht they usually have to say about him.

    1. Tancredo was being vocal about the mess in Sudan long before he began focusing on illegal immigration. I recently saw a story about how he is one of the top Congressional five advocates for the victims in Sudan.

      1. Because the last time that I read a Nicholas Kristof article things dont seem to be going pretty well over there and our government has done nothing about it. So elucidate us as to what he has accomplished.

    2. I’m going to look into this.  There’s nothing in his record or usual rhetoric that suggests that he actually cares about human rights issues, but then again, who knows.

      I have a hard time believing that he really advocates foreign intervention in a genocidal disaster that would risk US troops and require expenditures by the government – but we’ll see.  I’m curious to see if it’s just lip service.

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