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October 18, 2006 05:36 AM UTC

Beauprez Drinks Kool-Aid, Laughs Hysterically

  • by: Colorado Pols

Is the race for governor going to be a blowout for Democrat Bill Ritter? No. It will be much closer than the 10-15 points polls have indicated because these races always tighten up.

Does Republican Bob Beauprez have the momentum in this race? Um, not really, and no-one in their right mind would say otherwise. If you believe that, we’ve got some cheap Internet tubes to sell you.

Beauprez, however, doesn’t think that the scandal threatening to destroy his candidacy altogether is a problem. In fact, he says that his campaign…wait for it…has the momentum in this race. From the Rocky Mountain News:

A fired up Congressman Bob Beauprez told veterans at a luncheon today that momentum is swinging his way in the race for governor.

“I’m absolutely convinced we’ve got momentum at our backs,” Beauprez told several dozen veterans in an appearance at Giuseppe’s restaurant.

That’s a shame. Unless, by momentum, he was referring to free-falling. That’s certainly a kind of momentum.


18 thoughts on “Beauprez Drinks Kool-Aid, Laughs Hysterically

  1. according to the Rocky Mountain News adwatch today…

    “What’s True:  Ritter’s office did offer Liapis a plea bargain.  What the ad doesn’t say is that Liapis had been married to Nagel’s sister and was involved in a bitter custody battle over his son.  They boy’s grandmother got into an alteration with Liapis when she arrived to take the boy away.”

    Sounds like a justification for beating up an old lady.

    “What’s False:  After violating his probation, Liapis was sentenced to five months in jail.”

    A probation violation is a separate offense. 

    Is it me, or is the Rocky really getting out there?  A few years ago they had it in for Dave Thomas and he couldn’t get a break, now they have it in for knucklehead.  Can’t they just go back to being a newspaper?

      1. I will post this on the open thread and post the other one I posted here.  I hope I’m in your good books now…

        Before talk of anyone getting shagged in the shower, we should look at the best case on point, the one referenced by Bill Ritter’s attorney in his letter to the CBI.  The defendant was the Republican Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama, which is Birmingham and the suburbs.  He lost an election by 39 votes and had his staff access over 2,000 individual records of voters in an attempt to find enough felons who had voted absentee to overturn the result.  And he did.  (Believe it or not, the Democrat turned Republican and beat him in the primary next time).

        The case was a real mess from the start.  Everyone had to recuse themselves, including the U.S. Attorney, because it was so political.  They finally got a judge and prosecutor from the outside to come in and the case was thrown out the first time for prosecutorial misconduct.  Then a lengthy appeals process and the case was allowed to go forward.

        After six years a jury rendered a split verdict and a judge sentenced the Sheriff and his lawyer to six months probation and a $500 fine.  The sentence is under appeal.

    1. When were they ever unbiased and when did they stop.  I’ve watched both papers for a long time.  It tough to be nostalgic for something that never happened.  Truth is they pander very hard to whomever they think may wield power.  BWB is going down, and they want access to the new administration.  It will get ugly ere the end.

  2. to talk to his DC friends more often – because EVERYONE out there knows this thing is over.  Colorado may be in a fog right now – but the world sees this thing very clearly.

  3. When a Channel 4 news reporter asked Beauprez to reveal his source he claimed confidentiality. “Just like Judith Miller or Woodward and Bernstein” I’m not kidding he claimed he has the same right to protect his source as the press. Channel 4 reporters went to 4 legal experts who all said he of course doesn’t. The press obviously is protecting the public interest. Beauprez is protecting his ass. Thank god this his criminal tendencies are being exposed.We dont need crooks for governors or congressman!

    1. There are important differences that separate this from Watergate.  Nixon authorized a break-in of Democratic National Committee headquarters. 

      Bill Ritter’s campaign has alleged that the Beauprez campaign violated the privacy rights of a heroin dealer (pled down to ag trespass) and subsequent child sex offender, who is in the United States illegally and possibly still at large.

      Whether or not it is in the public interest to uncover and discuss the possible prosecutorial misfeasance that led to the release of this criminal and the rape of a child is an issue of free speech.  You might disagree. 

      I don’t believe it is a “smear” to discuss such things and, given the current media environment, don’t know how else it would be raised except through a campaign.  Until the media does its job, how else would these issues be raised?

      1. You should take a closer look at the stories. This is about Beauprez’s campaign getting information that they probably should not have had access to because it is confidential.

        1. was promulgated to protect privacy rights.

          Now don’t get mad at me.  I want to do a diary here in November.  I’m very committed to your site.

  4. So are you all saying that it would be impossible for Beauprez to run the governor’s office from prison?  Has it ever been tried before?

    Seriously, Beauprez will never personally go down for this.  They’ll make some poor campaign intern the fall guy.  Like our other GOP friends have been doing in Foleygate, despite the truth he’ll deny that he ever knew of any wrongdoing.  Standard GOP policy: coverup and deny.

    Obviously won’t help the campaign though.  Every time I think that Beauprez has put the last nail in his campaign’s coffin, he pulls out another and drives that baby in.

    1. but I don’t think there is any danger of Mr. Beauprez being sworn-in as Governor.  We should turn our attention on getting to know and understand the new Governor (and I mean really know what makes this guy do what he does and did) and then keep an eye on him.  It’s going to be Governor Bill Ritter, and he’s a lot more unfathomable than the media offerings let on.

    2.   Phil Giordano, the Republican Mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut, briefly tried to retain his office and govern the city from prison after he was convicted of sexual assault on a child.  The city council soon took steps to remove him from office and installed the city council president as the acting mayor.

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