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October 17, 2006 06:53 PM UTC

If You Tell a Reporter it Exists, then it Must Exist

  • by: Colorado Pols

What is it with campaigns talking about polls that the press doesn’t bother to ask them about? For instance, take this paragraph from today’s Colorado Springs Gazette:

Hotaling said the DCCC characterization and a recent Denver Post poll showing Fawcett and Lamborn in a dead heat are misleading. He said a poll by the Club for Growth, a political action committee that has endorsed Lamborn, is more reliable. It showed Lamborn up on Fawcett, 49 percent to 32 percent with 19 percent undecided.

A Denver Post poll last week showed Democrat Jay Fawcett and Republican Doug Lamborn running neck-and-neck in CD-5, but Lamborn’s campaign manager says that a poll showing a 17-point lead for Lamborn is “more reliable.”


The reporter for the Gazette apparently doesn’t bother to ask a) to see the poll, and b) why the Lamborn camp would be running attack ads with a 17-point lead. Maybe this race isn’t really at 37-37, as the Post poll claims, but it is certainly not at 49-32.

Anyway, we’re announcing today that Colorado Pols has conducted its own poll, and Curtis Imrie leads both Lamborn and Fawcett by 20 points.



11 thoughts on “If You Tell a Reporter it Exists, then it Must Exist

  1. The days of journalists or reporters actually asking a question, or doing critical thinking, or getting facts right, or even using correct grammar are long gone.

    I constantly find errors or am left dangling.  “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” seem to be lacking from the halls of journalistic education.  My “favorite” is Lyn Bartels of the Snooze.  She wrote that the state Republican convention was held in Greeley.  When I busted her on that, her attitude was, “So what?”

    I am OMI (Officially Mathematically Impaired.) Yet, I’ve read numbers that at a gut level I knew were impossible.  I pull out the calculator, and lo and behold, another example of “journalists” taking the press release at face value. 

    A couple of years ago the Snooze did an article on CIBER of Greenwood Village.  They are one of the few companies that certify the election machine’s software.  Their CFO is a heavey Republican donor.  I noticed that his surname (Durham) is the same as our HAVA enforcer in the SOS office; his hiring has a sordid, suspicious history.  I pointed this out to Lyn Bartels. 

    Instead of researching this using her best fedora and trench coat, SHE JUST ASKS THE CFO IF THEY ARE RELATED!!!  “Did you rob that bank?”  “No, sir.”  “OK.”

    From Cronkite and Murrow and generations of great reporters we have idiots drawing a paycheck “informing” the public.


  2. hey guys, back from short vacation. Anybody miss me?

      Took a quick look at the FEC filings today couple things jump out.

      1) Fawcett may have more COH, but it doesn’t look like his expenditures include any TV media buy. He’s probably pushed that bill to the end of the month, which means he actually has less COH than reported (as in, he may have the cash now, but he can’t spend it, since it’s earmarked for the media).
      Lamborn on the other hand, has already paid over $60000 this cycle for media. Advantage -Lamborn.

      2) Fawcett’s taking on more loans to support himself (about 23000 this month) and is up to over 70000 total. Lamborn’s confident enough that he’s paying off his loans. Advantage -Lamborn

      3) As someone posted here before, Fawcett’s been having paid staffers writing letters the editor in the Gazette under the pretense that they’re “concerned citizens”. That strikes me as . . . ummm dishonest?. . .no no no, what’s that word du jour this election cycle? Ah yes -sleazy. That strikes me as rather sleazy.

    1. And in regards to the poll, who’s to say. I’m assuming the CFG poll was conducted by the PAC to see if they needed to start funneling money to the race. Why would they bias a poll that was for their own personal information? And of course, when it came back at a 17 point Lamborn edge, why not put that out in a press release to bolster your candidate. I trust it just as much as the DEMver Post’s polls which were conducted in order to spur public discourse.

        1. The last two statements pretty much made two opposite arguements against Lamborn.

            robert – “CFG and Lamborn are working together on this poll” (and good job backing that statement up).
            Colopols – “How come Lamborn doesn’t promote his poll?”

          Maybe, oh maybe, because Lamborn has nothing to do with this poll. It was done by CFG, and they put out a press release, and it was printed in the Gazette a few days ago.

          End of story.

          There was no collusion, and therefore, Lamborn is not going to march it around. Hotaling was referencing it in a personal statement in some interview. Are we now supposed to indict Hotaling for quoting polls numbers that were printed in the Gazette while giving an interview for the Gazette? Come on guys, seriously.

          1. My post was actually a question.  Can candidates work with PACs or is it just 527s who they can not work with?  Clearly Lamborn has worked with the CFG in the past, but I do not know what the rules are regarding 527 vs PACs.

    1. There’s no such thing as a neutral poll. What about the WSJ one that came out with Beauprez down 2%? That was a paper with more clout than the Post, but everyone here had fun trying to rip it up. SurveyUSA, Rassmussen, they all have elements that open them up to scrutiny. The Post is no different.

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