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October 17, 2006 04:40 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

The site is having a little trouble this morning, but we’ll have it fixed soon.


32 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

    1. was the one that Ken produced to announce his candidacy. I’d love to see it on the air. Ken has almost as good a self-deprecating sense of humor as Andrew Romanoff.

      In that early ad, there were many laughs, along with the serious message. I’m sad that they took it off his website.

    1. and more focused on sharks and just being a badass in general. This is a terrific ad to drop in these last several weeks, right when it doesn’t seem that ads could get any sleazier. Gordon has picked his moment to go up on TV and this ad looks like the harbinger of doom for Coffman’s listless campaign. Also, did I mention that Gordon has some serious huevos to get in there? Those sharks are not small….

  1. Another Gazette article:  http://www.gazette.c

    Lamborn has launched a series of attack ads on Fawcett.  As the article mentions, the fact that a Republican even needs to air TV ads in this district is incredible.

    Lamborn campaign is calling a poll done by the Club For Growth more reliable, showing him in the lead 49 to 32, with 19% undecided.  If that’s really the case, then why would Lamborn be so worried?

    I’m dismayed to think that someone that *continues* to run such a sleazy campaign is going to win this.

    1. Rs and Ds, no Us. Is that correct? Last polls I read from the D side had Fawcett up heavily in the Us. If the district is 45%R, 35%U and 20%D and the Us are splitting 55/30 for Fawcett with 15% undecided, that would put the numbers more like:

      42.35% Lamborn
      40.0% Fawcett
      17.6% Undecided

      The crossover for Fawcett – assuming you can use these numbers and these assumptions – is at about 58% of Us voting Fawcett (assuming 15% of Us are undecided).

      Has anyone seen enough of the methodology of the CFG poll to confirm or deny this? The Us – both in vote ratio and turnout – are critical here. It appears CFG has assumed Us will turnout will be low enough that it won’t effect the R v. D ratio.

      1. Aren’t unaffiliated voters between 20% and 30% of the registered voters in C.D. 5?  They didn’t poll any?  Do they think that none of the U’s are going to vote?

    2. The Club for Growth…….Isn’t that that looney group of right wing nuts which tried to bump off Arlen Specter in ’04 and Lincoln Chafee last month in Rhode Island?  And now saving Doug Lamborn is their latest project?  Let’s hope they can maintain their track record!

      1. Pat Toomey, the head of the CFG, ran against Specter.  Toomey is so bad that Bush campaigned for Specter who is pretty well at odds with Bush on a number of issues.  Toomey is a power broker with no ethics.  I think he saw an opportunity with Lamborn to purchase a House seat and that is exactly what he has tried to do.  Toomey is a real ass and is doing a ton of damage within the Republican Party because of his enormous ego an enormous thirst for power.  Lamborn has a weak enough spine that he will do whatever Toomey says if elected.  Great prospect isn’t it?

        1. Bush supporting Spector over Toomey is like Owens supporting Coors over Shaffer. They both thought (erroneously) that one was more electable. But your attempt at spin is admirable. I especially like how you do nothing but attack people in your statement. It’s very hate-filled.

              1. Something like 16000 votes out of a million cast. Bush’s stumping for Specter probably made the difference. I know Santorum was on Toomey’s side, and now he’s in the fight of his life.

                1. Yeah, I think there was zero chance Toomey would have won that seat in the General.  Now he is out trying to regain power via putting puppets into office so that he can regain power.  Sounds like just the kind of guy who should be in politics.

          1. Toomey used hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Lamborn into office and to keep out such “liberal gay lovers” as Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayburn.  Tell me that was not an enormous waste of money from well intentioned conservative donors (who he got to donate by outright lying to them).  He is right up Lamborn and Hoteling’s alley in terms of character and concern for pushing his own agenda rather than the Republican agenda. 

            What I don’t like about Toomey is what I don’t like about Lamborn.  They both purport to be conservative Christians, but they act like win-at-all-cost power brokers.  They have given up their personal integrity in pursuit of political power.  I am a conservative Christian and the politicians I have the least tolerance for are those who claim to be Christian but act without regard to integrity.  It’s not hate, it’s indignation at those from my own political persuasion who are hypocrites and are detrimental to the conservative cause. 

      2. It’s ironic that Lyin’ Lamborn is saying Jay wants amnesty for illegal aliens, when Lamborn has the support of one of the most notorious open borders organizations to be found.

  2. the liberal beacon touts Jay Fawcett as a possible winner. Interestingly, that former Kos Darling Bill Winter is nowhere to be found on the list. Angie Paccione is ranked as someone with an outside chance at best. Fawcett is going to win because he works hard and the people he surrounds himself with are loyal to his campaign. Winter should have kept Jim Merlino and Paccione never should have spent a fortune on really bad TV ads.

    1. Bill Winter is listed in the “others to watch” group, along with Victoria Wulsin (currently leading in polls in OH-02 against Mean Jean Schmidt), Scott Kleeb (recent recipient of the OK City paper’s first ever Democratic endorsement in NE-03), Zack Space (currently leading in OH-18 against Ney replacement Padgett), and yes Angie Paccione among others.

      The people Kos mentioned today in detail are candidates who have made the DCCC lists who are also Netroots candidates.  They are by no means an exhaustive list.  Go back into your little hateful hole and contemplate an honest assessment of what you’re trying to write before trying again.

    2. I don’t see how Winter would have done better by keeping Merlino.  Why all of the love?  Was it the lackluster fundraising, complete lack of coverage in the press, or the 9% name recognition?  Everything that I have heard suggests that Winter is better off without him.  I am sure that Merlino is a nice enough person but I don’t see why people are so impressed.  Winter fired him, Fern O’Brien’s fired him after her fundraising tanked at the end of Q1, Peggy Lamm lost her primary, and his one victorious candidate from ’04 has nothing nice to say.

      Maybe I am missing something.

  3. With all the money being pumped here and taken away there, isn’t it time to revise the Big Line?

    Ritter 3-1, Beauprez 10-1
    Coffman 4-1, Gordon 5-1
    Musgrave 3-1, Paccione 5-1
    Lamborn 4-1, Fawcett 5-1
    Salazar 2-1, Tipton 9-1
    Tancredo 2-1, Winter 12-1 (I think Winter’s finally getting a little more respect and traction. Tancredo’s website expresses some fear of the guy.)

  4. Phoenix is right.
    Bill Winter who spent a lot of money on Dzily Kos ads did make the also ran list. Jay Fawcett was given an actual chance of winning. For someone who started out so high it has been all downhill for Winter since he got rid of Jim Merlino. Even his liberal Daily Kos pals give him little chance of winning. By the time Merlino took over Lamm’s campaign too many mistakes had already been made. John Salazar’s first name is Congressman because of Merlino

    1. Why is it that Salazar doesn’t think so?

      Merlino had 5 months with Lamm’s campaign, one would have thought that he could have done better than losing by 15 points.  There’s only so long that you can keep blaming the former consultants.

      And I still can’t see where you think that the Winter campaign has gone downhill post-Merlino.  They seem to be doing better by every standard that I can think of.  According to their FEC filings, their fundraising is going well for that district and Bill has been getting quite a lot of press lately.

  5. It’s now okay to beat up your mother-in-law, according to the Rocky Mountain News adwatch today…

    “What’s True:  Ritter’s office did offer Liapis a plea bargain.  What the ad doesn’t say is that Liapis had been married to Nagel’s sister and was involved in a bitter custody battle over his son.  They boy’s grandmother got into an alteration with Liapis when she arrived to take the boy away.”

    Sounds like a justification for beating up an old lady.

    “What’s False:  After violating his probation, Liapis was sentenced to five months in jail.”

    A probation violation is a separate offense. 

    Is it me, or is the Rocky really getting out there?  A few years ago they had it in for Dave Thomas and he couldn’t get a break, now they have it in for knucklehead.  Can’t they just go back to being a newspaper?

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