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October 05, 2006 08:56 PM UTC

Fawcett's Ad

  • by: TheDeminator

(According to the Jay Fawcett campaign, this is the first television spot ever run by a Democratic candidate in CD-5. – promoted by Colorado Pols)


41 thoughts on “Fawcett’s Ad

  1. Isn’t that what Doug is already doing?

    Counting on the little ‘R’ after your name isn’t the sign of a good candidate.

    BTW, if the Democrats win back Congress like it’s looking they’ll do, Hastert’s promise to Dougie isn’t going to be of much worth.  Maybe he should talk to Boehner, who is probably most likely of the GOP leadership to survive this scandal and is also conveniently the Majority Leader…

    Now if Pelosi were to step up and announce just what a fine person Jay Fawcett might make for the Armed Services Commmittee…


      I am proud to endorse Jay Fawcett for Congress.  A veteran of the United States Air Force, Jay understands the meaning of service and the values that make our country so great.  And he understands the needs of veterans and the citizens of the 5th Congressional District and wants to serve their interests.

        Jay’s record demonstrates his commitment and dedication to serving others.  As the Ranking Democratic Member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I have fought to ensure that our country fulfills its duty to the men and women who serve our county.

        Jay shares my commitment to expanding and strengthening services to our vets.  His support of mandatory full funding of veterans health care, the 21st Century GI bill, and guaranteed full health coverage for National Guard and Reserve personnel is proof of it.

        Jay’s passion, intelligence and experience will make him a strong advocate and leader for our vets and the citizens of his district.

      Lane Evan – The House Armed Services Committee Member

  2. that Colorado Pols is now actively stumping for Fawcett by giving him free advertising on their site. Why don’t you air the Lamborn commercial that’s been on air for about a week now?

    I just posted this on the open thread, but it bears repeating.


    questions about ad

    1) Is this ad going to get off cable and onto the networks?
    2) Will Fawcett be able to keep in on air more than 6 days (see: Fawcett’s Radio Ad)
    3) Does Fawcett realize that this is the exact same ad Crank ran before the primary, only with lower production values?

    It is interesting to see Fawcett hitch all his horses to the military. He seems to know it’s the only leg he has a chance to stand on. There’s only three problems with that strategy.

    1) Retired and career military in CS are strong to the right.
    2) Most active rank and file military aren’t registered in Colorado.
    3) Most military in CD 5 are in the Springs, which is where Lamborn is strongest.

    But, I won’t fault him for trying.

    1. COPols isn’t actually giving the ad any space other than visual space on the homepage.  It’s all hosted by Youtube.

      I think the first ever TV ad by a Democrat in CO-05 is a newsworthy item on its own.  I plan on giving Jay a couple of points worth of ad buy myself, and I imagine others will, too.  It’ll stay on so long as they keep getting contributions.

    2. These are really your criticisms?

      – Will he be able to keep his ad on for more than 6 days?

      – Crank did a better one but he had more money to make his nice.

      – How lame of him to focus on his military credentials in a military town.

      – Look at him, he’s trying to get conservative Republicans to vote for him….in the most conservative district in Colorado.

      The day I’m forced to start picking on Republicans running in CD-1, I’ll know there’s a problem.  And that’s tantamount to what you’re doing.

    3. You can go to find a lamborn commercial and either post the link or embedded it in this thread or a diary. I think this is news because he has yet to have an ad out. It may not be up to your discerning taste, but its a start.

      1. Mr. Toodles,

          Your argument is cogent and civily articulated. I would say that many cadidates have commercials on youtube, but they don’t make the front page of colopols.

  3. 1) Retired and career military in CS are strong to the right. – Militay tend to vote with people with miltary over non Vets

    2) Most active rank and file military aren’t registered in Colorado. – Colorado’s CD5 had the 4th largest of concentration in the US.

    3) Most military in CD 5 are in the Springs, which is where Lamborn is strongest.

    Again you keep missing Vets and militaty vote with former military over someone who is not part of the community.

    I am sure you will see many more ads from the Fawcett Team, Blah you sure think you know how this works… but I’ll bet ya Jay wins by a point or two!

    1. 1) Rayburn was a retired general, yet more voted for Lamborn than for him. Military vote for a myriad of reasons, but issues trump all.

      2) What’s the concentration of active military in CS that are registered in state (not living here, but registered)? Why does USAFA and Ft Carson have the lowest turnouts of all the precincts then?

      3) Lamborn’s entrenched in CS, having represented the nothern section for the past dozen years (including USAFA). Lamborn won something like 83 out of 110 CS precincts in the primary.

      If your campaign thinks that all its takes to get the military to vote Fawcett is his having served, then I guess actually that I would encourage you to continue with that strategy. In fact, forget I said anything. You’re right, Fawcett should continue to tout only his military experience, and not talk about issues at all.

      1. It’s not my campaign, I am just following it as much as I can. As someone in Denver, I am very proud the dems are running someone like Jay. I am an average joe with lots of pals in CD5.

        Lamborn got what 27% of the vote… and Crank and Anderson are not supporting him. None of the other handful are working to get lamborn elected… I think.  The race has been downgraded by republican talkers and people are taking notice. 

        Lamborn’s ad is flat and a yawn, Jay’s been on the raido even if it was a small buy. Media is cheap in the springs, its not denver for sure!

        The Dems are really starting to understand they are the 2nd largest pocket of dems in the state… and the last event I was at for Jay was over flowing with people… The buzz is there.  Jay will be the CD5’s congressman.

        1. None of the data supports that conclusion.  It’ll be the closest the Dems have ever come, but Lamborn will still take it.  The thing you have to understand is that the ultra-right-wing Dobsonites at Focus On The Family have huge influence here.  Before they would vote for a Democrat, they would rather vote for Hitler provided he had an R behind his name.  Someone from Denver might not see how it’s possible, but the religious nutjobs own this town.

          CD-5 is a Republican stronghold and that’s all there is to it.  Only 27% may have voted for Lamborn in the primary.  That doesn’t mean the other 73% is going to abandon the Republicans because they didn’t get their first choice.  In Colorado Springs, *any* Republican canidate is better than a Democrat.  I wish people would stop and think before they voted but that’s not how it works here.  I would LOVE to see Fawcett win, but it’s just not going to happen.

          1. 32% of Republicans in a recent poll have said they will support the Dem due to the complete failure of Republican Party “leaders”.

            Say “good night”, Doug.

            1. It would be foolish to base your hopes on a national poll.  CD-5 is a rock-ribbed Republican district.  You would have to get most of the local R’s to stay home.  I don’t think that Lamborn is enough to get them to vote D.  There are just too many people to whom the phrase “Speaker Nancy Pelosi” is complete anethema.

    1. Vote with sending him a check, All of Colorado should be supporting this race. I am from a much larger media state where I worked in TV Buying. I just found out your dollar in the Springs will go like 5 times as far than it does in Denver. Media is less than 1/5 of the cost of the Media market in the 1,2,4,6 7th markets.

  4. Everyone hates Lamborn.  Focus on the Family is not ALL of Colorado Springs. As a matter of fact is statistically insignificant. Did you see the Republicans at the El Paso Club fundraiser- my sources tell that Marv Strait (long time Repub), Mary Ellen McNally (Repub activist), Scott Hente (Repub City Council) and the best was the guy who owns sporting goods stores all over the nation and about 100 more prominent Repubs!!!

    Everyone wants Lamborn to go!!  The ultra religious thing is terrifying to anyone who knows history.  And Lamborn is terrified of Jay Fawcett – hell, I am betting he won’t show up for tonight’s debate – Fawcett is going to make him look like the idiot that he is!

    As for the ad, guess what Blah – CD5 is the fourth largest concentration of Vets in America – they will not vote for someone who has said he is lockstep with the current admins cut to the very benefits they fought for!

  5. I am a Retired Army Veteran and registered voter here in CD-5, to me there is no doubt who I’ll be voting for. Obviously since we are at war, who better to vote for then someone with combat experience. I am definitly voting for Retired Col. Jay Fawcett. I am not a leftist nor am I part of the Religious Right, I am an American who wants to see us succeed in the “War on Terror”, every other social issue takes a backseat to victory in the middle east to me. Does Mr. Lamborn even know what a M16 rifle is?

    Mr. Lamborn says he loves the United States, but would he die for it? NO!

    Mr. Lamborn silently protested the United States and its military when he had the opportunity to volunteer to serve in our great military but decided not to. This man does not love our country as much as he says. At the VFW debate early on in the Republican Primaries, Mr. Lamborn said “I wish I could have served, but….” But what Mr. Lamborn, do you hate america, do you want the terrorist to win? Are you anti-american?

    I would love to hear what Mr. Lamborn’s plan is for victory. I bet I know, its “Stay the Course”. Is that a plan? When people say that, you know they have no plan at all.

    Will Mr. Lamborn follow in the footsteps of Joel Hefley when it comes to supporting our veterans. Mr. Hefley has a 25% approval rating from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). This man doesn’t care about our veterans who put their bodies on the line for our freedom, this is probably because Mr. Hefley never served either. Is this what were going to get from Mr. Lamborn. I can guarentee it!

    1. Of all the workers in the history of the United States, no group of people should even come close to getting as good of benefits as our Veterans. For any person to say that we should not be supported, you need to go live somewhere else, or atleast tear that bumpersticker off your car that says “Support our Troops”.

      Do you only support us when we fight? Do you even care about us when we come home after we’ve given our all?

      Your right, we do get great benefits, but thats not because of Joel Hefley. Go Check out this site and see how the Republican Party truly supports our veterans:


    2. Name one job where the dangers are just as high, but the benefits are so much less?

      Tax and spend? Come of it. Should we have what we have now, which is decrease taxes for the wealthy and increase spending? I think taxing the wealthiest 1% is not such a bad idea. In fact, i think it is a great idea and would probably help decrease the ever ballooning deficit that those FCINO Republicans that are drunk at the wheel are doing their damnedest to increase.

      And enlisted Benefits are not that great. you start out making 19K the highest you could ever reach as an E-9 is like 65K and that is after a lifetime of service. Thats not much money after 30 years of service.

      1. It’s comments like these that make me wish the Guvs would turn on ratings so I could give you a ‘4’.  (Of course, I understand why they don’t – we don’t need troll-rating trolls…)

        We pay our soldiers crap so that they get the enjoyable experience of sitting over in Iraq in substandard housing in 115 degree heat, complete with optional lead mosquitos and exploding HMMMVs.  And then when they come back after their multiple tours of duty, the GOP and this Administration tell them they couldn’t see it in their budget to provide the mental health facilities and other resources necessary for them to successfully re-adjust to life here in the U.S.A..

        Veterans deserve more than lip service from us.  They’re not getting it with the current folks in power.  America can do better that this with Democrats leading the House and Senate.

        1.   they put those f***ing ribbons on their SUVs but these cheap bastards won’t sacrafice even a tiny portion of their tax cuts to pay for body armor for these kids getting killed or maimed in Iraq! 
            Support Our Troops (as long as it doesn’t cost anything!)

  6. The general comments you will hear down hear in the Springs from Republican activists about him is that no one is really excited about him, but he can be removed in two years by a more qualified opponent in the primary.  He benefitted by not only running a well financed smear campaign but also by having more than one qualified opponent to split up the vote. 

    The only way Jay Fawcett will win down here is if there is a wide-spread suppression of the Republican vote.  That’s unlikely to happen down here.  That being said, he is probably the most competative candidate the Democrats have run in the history of the district.  He has run a good campaign and obviously wants to win.  It is nice to see someone who isn’t just a place holder for the Dems in this race.  We Republicans all too often get arrogent about our hold down here, just like the Democrats in Diana DeGettes and Mark Udalls districts.

    1. I disagree – My sense in talking to people in CD5 is that this is an opportunity for the moderate Republicans to gain back control of their party from the severe right.  So I do hear a lot of Repubs flocking to JF.  Besides, if it weren’t such a twisted political scene here JF could easily be passed off as a moderate Repub candidate on most issues.

      Dems are going to have a big turnout for this tasty race – a lot of Fawcett support in people’s front yards.  Dems are hungry for a win and to show the state that the severe right’s hold on this town is on the decline.  Viva La COS Liberal!

      1. But I don’t think that it will be enough for Fawcett to win.  I don’t really see the logic of “Vote Democrat, then Republicans win.”.  If Jay Fawcett wins he will be at best a one term rep.  It was a unique set of occurances that set up this race, and the Republican Party will set up a much better opponent in two years if it happens.  Jay will have no power to help the district because the leadership in the Democratic Party will know this.  I don’t like Doug Lamborn, but I can’t see myself taking any action or lack of action to help Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.  I am certainly not alone in CD-5 in feeling that way

        1. House Republican Leadership to support any incumbent for reelection regardless of what they know about that person’s fitness to serve, I would rather have a one term Dem who then encourages the Republican Party to nominate someone I can support than Doug for ten years.

          1. you’re not concerned about the house shifting to the Dems? I think that is cologeeeks point, with the possibility of one or two seats being the difference as to who owns the house for the next two years, is it worth voting for JF, or does it make more sense to stick yourself with Doug and find someone better in ’08?

            1. Why primary him if he wins? The NRCC definitely wont support a challenger and why would people want to have to start all over with someone who at least has one term under his belt. If doug gets in complacency will set in and CD5 will be Lamborn’s until he retires. If you want to find someone better in 08 vote for Jay. At least national money will flow in to take back the seat.

            2. You think this is a Bad Thing?

              The GOP leadership has no fiscal discipline, no moral discipline, no ethical discipline, and has been toying with our homeland security money by doleing it out as political favors.  They don’t support our veterans like they should, they give money away to oil companies who are making fortunes instead of investing it wisely…

              What part of this Republican leadership is it that you support?  As a former Republican and now staunch Dem, I’d be very happy if my former party got a swift kick in the pants and got some respectability back.

        2. I don’t think that is what people are thinking.  I hear a lot of people talking about voting for Fawcett as a protest vote because they believe Lamborn can win anyway.  That is a pretty well thought through and logical position in my opinion.  It’s not that Republicans would rather have Fawcett voting for them, they just want to send a message that Lamborn’s lack if integrity will not be tolerated. 

          Now since I have just succeeded in pissing off all of you Doug Bruce types, think about what just happened nationally in the Republican party.  We have a no name congressman from a Podunk district who has given Republicans a bigger black eye than just about anything in recent memory.  It is time that Republicans wake up and go back to their roots of integrity and holding the moral high ground less we loose control of the House, Senate, and White House.  Right now, we are acting like a bunch of power hungry jerks who will do anything to win regardless of how ethical our tactics are.  And that Doug Lamborn, Doug Bruce, John Hoteling type of politics is what will cost us so many seats in the upcoming elections unless we change.

          BTW, cologeek, thanks for your posts.  You seem thoughtful and well spoken in your arguments and I found your posts interesting to read.

        3. I sincerely doubt that if the dems take control of the house it will be because of this seat. In fact, if (knock on wood) dems do get control of the House it will be by a larger number than just one or two seats, no more than ten to be sure, but the “throw the bums out” mentality has only compounded with the whole Foley Fiasco.

          You are right, if Jay wins he will most likely be a one term congressman. I said it before and got lambasted for it, but I bet that will be the way it is. But you are underestimating to extremely important points in my mind. First, is that with a dem majority there will be a myriad of open committee seats. As a freshman, he obviously wont get the cream of the crop ways and means, but I doubt they will put him on something lowly either. In fact, if Fawcett does get elected the dem leadership may see this as an opportunity that wont happen again for a while and why not give him a seat on a committee that will make a difference? Whats the worst that could happen? He gets voted out in two years, and a sophmore takes his place. Whats the best that could happen? People in CD-5 take notice that, hey, he actually cares about us, why not give him another two years?

          Second point, you vote in Lamborn and then get complacent. Why primary him? That means more money; more money that could go to other races to take back the house. There is no reason to put up a primary challenger when the seat is held by a guy who at least represents a plurality of CD-5 constituents.

          What bothers me is that you are taking the “Well, shit, at least s/he is (insert party name here)” approach to voting. I vote dem 99.9% of the time, but that is only because the person running represents what I believe and I can get behind the guy. I have no compunction about crossing the aisle to vote against the dems if I dont like the person running.

          Again, lets say you vote jay, and he wins. You and I both know that smart money is on him getting voted out in two years. If you dont like Lamborn, why not make it easier for a repub you do like to get the office? I dont get it. 

  7. here is the truth.  Anyone, democrat, republican, independent, anyone short of being a Rush, O’Reilly neocon,  witnessing that debate knows who they should vote for.  I admit that I am a Jay supporter.  I admit I knew Jay could easily beat Doug in a debate.
    But I had no clue at how utterly incompetent a speaker Doug Lamborn is.  I knew I did not like his answers on many issues (like his extremely conservative pro-life, anti-gay stances), but when it came to things like the war in Iraq, veterans’ issues, taxes, or anything not connected to the religious right’s extreme culture conservatism, he was clueless.
    I honestly was embarrassed for him and his supporters because he was so awful.  He has no facts, was unable to articulate anything he stood for; contradicted himself, yelled at someone in the audience who made a remark to “SHUT UP” and then asked the moderator to make Jay answer first on a question about water issues.

    If the voters in CD-5, once that debate is shown around still vote for Lamborn, they deserve nothing.  Next to Doug, President Bush’s speaking skills make him look like a literary genius.  I have never in all my years of following politics seen a worse representation.  It is perfectly clear to me why many republicans are turned off by Lamborn.  Any thinking person would be embarrassed to vote for Lamborn to represent them.

    And before I am challenged with “just because he is a poor speaker does not mean he is a poor legislator”, I urge you to check his record as a state senator.
    GO JAY
    CD-5 deserves an articulate person to speak for them.

  8. The debate last was night was a complete embarrassment for Dougy Boy!!!!! How in the hell did this man get elected to anything.  He is a dumb as a rock, has absolutely no presence, his speaking voice is like fingernails on a blackboard and most importantly, he has no understanding of government.
    There was no moment last night were Lamborn came across informed or intelligent.  As a matter of fact he was defensive he lashed out at an audience member by yelling, “You shut up!” it was the only part of the night he had enough bass in his voice to sound like a man! It was amazing and horribly inappropriate.

    He has no understanding of the military or what to do with them
    He cried like a baby when asked to answer a questions first, “I answered the other questions first, make Mr. Fawcett answer first!”

    The best part was Jay taking him to wall on his press release about Fawcett getting money from Markos at Daily Kos.  Fawcett said, “Let me give my opponent a lesson in 21 Century Internet fundraising.  I did not receive $20,000 from Markos. As a matter of fact, I d o not believe we have any money from Markos.  What we do have is $27,000 from 1506 Americans from all over the country.  Those Americans are just like you, Dems, Repubs and Indeps.  As a matter of fact you too can go to and make a donation.”

      And as for Markos Jay told him that Markos immigrated legally to this country, served our nation in the Army’s 3rd battalion and went to Iraq.  When he returned he used his GI bill to go college, attend law school and opened a business where 1 million people per day can share their thoughts on politics.

    He then went into the quote that Dougy Boy mis-quoted (dishonest and sleazy again and again and again) and read the quote in it entirety and then explained that Markos was not speaking of American soldiers, but of the mercenaries that are paid over $1,000 per day to fight this war.  Fawcett then turned to Dougy and asked if he supports Mercenaries and a paid armed force.  Doug looked like a deer in the headlines and chock and stammered for about a minute and then said no comment!

    I am begging the people of my great city not to vote for Doug – he is the biggest idiot I have ever seen.  If we elect Doug we will be the laughing stock of America.  As for you Repubs that are afraid of a Pelosi take over, Fawcett is not in her camp. Notice no money from the leadership in the Dem Party. 

    Fawcett is as close to a fair minded politician that we will ever get.  Doug is just dumb and a religious fanatic – that my friends has always been a dangerous combination in American history!!!!!


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