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October 05, 2006 07:20 PM UTC

Dennis in Trouble Again

  • by: badboybilly

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Both the Rocky and Denver Post had stories today about how both Gigi Dennis and the republican trying to take her job Mike Coffman broke election law and were chairs of the Bush event for BB.



Republicans can’t seem to follow the law if their lives depended on it.


20 thoughts on “Dennis in Trouble Again

  1. From the Post:

    “Still, Beauprez praised Bush as a legendary leader. ‘In the time of great trials, great leaders emerge – Washington, Lincoln, Churchill and Bush.’ “

    No wonder my daughter is throwing up this morning.

  2. Newspapers can’t do fact-checking to save their lives.

    Mike Coffman was present at the meetings with Gigi Dennis where Trailhead’s anti-union changes to election law were given and adopted word for word.  Yet both the RMN and Boulder Camera endorsed him as being above the fray and uncorrupt, in contrast to his predecessors.  Sadly, that’s untrue.

    Ken Gordon isn’t even campaigning for other Democrats this season.  He takes no PAC money.  (I can verify that–he returned a contribution a volunteer group I’m part of made to him.)  He has a solid history of presenting and passing bipartisan legislation.  He has gone out of his way to work *with* Republicans, to find Republican co-sponsors for his bills, and generally to highlight that antagonism between the Parties is counterproductive.

    Ken Gordon takes the responsibility of the Secretary of State being neutral seriously.  He deserves your vote.

  3. I love this quote from Gigi at the end of the Post story:

    “I just don’t see what the big hoopla is over this since, if people don’t want the secretary of state to be a partisan position, then they need to change the constitution.”

    This is the Republican attitude–be partisan, change the rules in order to win, no matter the cost, and dismiss as silly any suggestion that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard.

    1. Right? 

      Let’s help Buffie McFayden by making up a bunch of lies about Jeff Shaw not supporting breast cancer research and mamograms.  Who cares if it’s true or not!  It’s no big deal if Jeff’s family has LOST people to cancer. 

      Well guess what Tim Knaus that is a CRIME if you don’t know that yet.  Maybe it will become real for when you get deposed. 

      Isn’t that what you were thinking Timmy?  Real nice way to run an organization.  What shining moment for the Democrat Party.  Slander a guy over breast cancer when he has family members that have DIED from it.  I guess Democrats are above the law.  GO BLUE!

      1. Before spouting off about who is lying, check your facts.  Are you sure Clear Peak was the one making claims against Jeff Shaw?  I dont see anything on their site that would prove that is the case.

        Check it out for yourself.  Actually, call Jeff Shaw and ask him!  Oh wait, you’re just another worker-bee over at the Trailhead group.

        I do not think anyone is above law, including the Republican Party and it’s hypocritical slush fund 527, the Trailhead Group.  A group that continues its lies each day agasint candidates in the House, Senate and gubernatorial race.

        Republicans on all levels of government and political interest need to stop breaking the law! Stop coordinating! Stop lying to the public!

        1. Indeed you are correct!!  I aplogize mixing up the Democrat 527’s.  Main Street Colorado is the bunch of scumbags that lied about Jeff Shaw, not Clear Peak.

          Clear Peak are the guys who LIED about Matt Knoedler’s immigration votes and had thier television ad taken off the air.  I will try to be more careful Tim.  Sorry for the mixup!

  4. elections, one of the curses that the progressive movement left Colorado (and much of the rest of the nation) with is inherently flawed.  It is bad in Florida, bad in Ohio and bad in Colorado.  It is bad at the state level, and, as Arapahoe County recently reminded us, it is bad at the local level too.

    Either violating, or coming close to violating the the law as Gigi did was, at the very least, extremely bad judgement.  But, the very process of selected a Secretary of State and at the local level, clerks and recorders, insures a partisan bias.

    It also insures that we get people intensely political people in jobs that, aside from the elections component, are ministerial — like the keeping of corporate and real estate records, which is now way to maximize competence of the non-political parts of the job.

    Elections should be turned over to the commission that handles state level redistricting in Colorado, not run by a partisan elected official.

    1. and the logic behind it but the fact is we had 30 years of people who held the office of secretary of state who were elected in partisan elections but who administered the election division on a non-partisan basis until Gigi Dennis.  She has decided to administer the elections division from a partisan viewpoint. 

      By doing this, she has breached the number one priority and duty of a Colorado secretary of state.  That priority is to insure the publics confidence in the fairness of the election process.  She has decided, most unfortunately, to operate the office in a manner that directly and, apparently without apology, favors the Republican Party and Republican candidates.  This is shameful behavior.

      One example will suffice.  The regulations she promulgated through emergency rules in August stated that unions must have permission from each member to use their dues for political contributions.  Republican lawyers gave her those rules almost verbatim in February 2006.  So why did she wait until August?  Why didn’t she announce normal rulemaking process back in March?  The reason is very simple.  She was told by the Republican lawyers that the rules would be immediately challenged in court.  They told her that if she waited until August and a court challenge was launched, even if the legal challenge was successful, she could file for a stay of the court’s ruling (meaning the rules would still be effective)while the appeal was pending.  What the outside Repoublican lawyers didn’t count on was how fast the Colorado Court of Appeals would hear and decide the case.  They told her that it would take months for the appeallate courts to hear the appeal (it normally takes about one year) and therefore her rules would remain in effect through the November 7th election and therefore the Democrats would be denied major campaign donations.  Her emergency rulemaking in August had nothing to do with implementing the election laws.  It was purely and simply a crass and cynical politically motivated attempt to block donations to the Democrats.

      We badly need a new honest and competent secretary of state who is evenhanded.  I don’t see how either Ken Gordon or Mike Coffman could be any worse than Dennis.  Either one will be a significant improvement from our politically corrupt secretary.

      1. She was the last GOP candidate I voted for, and from the looks of things, it’s gonna be a while before I ever vote for one again, if ever……

      1. You have to call ’em like you see ’em, and the GOP is pretty much giving us every reason on Earth to think they’re really the corrupt bastards we say they are.

        I do have to admit, the front page has taken on a more distinctly blueish tinge lately.

        1. If people wanted to we could have a slew of diaries that are distinctly repubulican, but that isnt happening, because republicans are screwing the pooch. I am sure if dems were having massive scandals and poor candidates we would be discussing that just as much as we are discussing republican failings. Some people here are critical of Fawcett’s ad. Some are hopeful, but, Ms. Bacall, I would hardly compare this site to Daily Kos. If the shoe were on the other foot, I would hardly call this site the free republic. There may be a bluish tinge, but that could easily change. Things are headed dem this year, and denying that or claiming bias hardly advances discussion.

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