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October 04, 2006 11:53 PM UTC

O'Donnell Campaign Office Vandalized

  • by: Colorado Pols

This wasn’t very nice, whoever you are.

Not to mention that pranks like these usually backfire completely, and inspire sympathy for the victim. We expect that everyone remotely associated with the Ed Perlmutter campaign knows this.

Some people we’ve talked to this morning think it may have even been self-inflicted, a la Karl Rove’s famously self-bugged office.

UPDATE: it’s tough to be certain, but speculation is growing that this may have been a staged event. The O’Donnell press release did include a photo of a tire punctured by a nail (some of you were wondering about this). But upon closer examination the nail in the photo appears quite worn, as if it found its way into the tire well before this morning:

Look carefully, and decide for yourself if that nail hasn’t been there for a week or more. We’ve all driven on one, after all.

O’Donnell camp’s press release below the fold.

Vandals Strike O’Donnell Campaign

In despicable display, hooligans litter O’Donnell headquarters parking lot with nails; unpaid O’Donnell intern has tire punctured

O’Donnell 4×8 sign also vandalized

WHEAT RIDGE – In what can only be described as a sickening and despicable display, vandals littered the Rick O’Donnell parking lot with nails last night in the hope that unsuspecting O’Donnell staff, interns and volunteers would puncture their tires as they came to work this morning.

The vandals ignored the fact that O’Donnell headquarters shares the parking lot with literally dozens of Wheat Ridge small businesses, such as Ambiance Day Spa, High Sport of the Arts and Mountain & Plain Electric, Inc. to name a few.

Kevin Leary, an unpaid O’Donnell intern, had the passenger-side front tire of his Jeep Wrangler punctured. The estimated cost to replace Kevin’s tire is approximately $175. The O’Donnell campaign will cover the cost to replace Leary’s tire.

A tire on Rick O’Donnell’s GMC Envoy had two nail punctures. That tire too will need to be replaced.

The hooligans also spray painted an O’Donnell 4×8 sign on Youngfield Street, approximately 20 yards from the O’Donnell headquarters parking lot. The sign had a capital “W” with an “X” through it in reference to President George W. Bush’s visit to Colorado today for gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez.

“Clearly this is the work of pro-Perlmutter hooligans,” said O’Donnell spokesman Jonathan Tee.  “This is a despicable display fueled by anger, hate, ugly partisanship and utter disrespect for personal property.”

“We expect Ed Perlmutter to publicly call for his supporters to immediately and permanently stop this pathetic behavior. Anything less from Mr. Perlmutter can only be seen as condoning these despicable tactics.”

Pictures of the vandalism are attached.

# # #


41 thoughts on “O’Donnell Campaign Office Vandalized

  1. When you are ahead by 15-17 points in the polls you don’t do anything to draw attention to your opponent. 

    Doesn’t make sense.

    O’Donnell’s campaign should pay for the intern’s tire though–his campaign certainly has the cash.

  2. After all, the hatred and vitriol spewed at Republicans during this election cycle couldn’t possibly have incited someone to any sort of acts of hatred. (sarcasm off)

      1. My previous car had tires that were nail magnets. I didn’t replace the tires every time I had a flat and found a nail. It was about $25 and a couple of lost hours to take the tire in and have it patched.

        Geez … is this how O’Donnell tackles problems, with expensive fixes?

  3. Those nails could be as long as my thumb or as short as a tack… experienced politico’s know you need to place a dollar bill next to the pile to correctly put them in spatial context.

    1. I have to say, no picture of the blown tire is a little dubious – and generally, I’d think any vandals could summon up a little more creative, profane, or just flat out better graffitti than that (whatever it is).  The nail picture looks like somebody went down to home depot and bought a packet and then dumped them out on the sidewalk.  The entire thing looks like an older staffer attempting to replicate what he imagines some political mischief makers might do.  This is a pretty sorry ploy, but at least it’s funny . . .

  4. I’m not involved in any way with promoting Perlmutter, but I think all the Dems here would be glad to proclaim that they despise this kind of incident and this incident in particular.  I think we’re also pretty united in wondering just how possible it is that Rick’s own people did this.  It’s a very Rovian thing to do.

  5. that someone would put a “P” in front of his first name on his signs….

    I would never do it myself, because I’m sick and tired of having my Democratic yard signs stolen and destroyed, and I respect the 1st Amendment too much.

  6. Stuff like this happens in campains all the time.  I doubt Perlmutter had anything to do with it, or anyone on his campaign full time.  And, unlike many here, I doubt O’Donnell did it too himself.  I used to work campaigns, and the first thing you tell your staff and volunteers is never do anything stupid to embarass the campaign.  Besides the fact that you’re wasting resources when you don’t need to, the backlash if it WAS your people is more than any campaign would be willing to risk.  It’d put money on it being rogue Dem supporters, probably young.  If this was truly Rovian, the damage would probably have been a little greater.

    1. about kids maybe doing this. But if I were on O’Donnell’s staff I would have included pix of the damage. It kinda lets air out of their tires (pun intended) to claim damage but not show it. They must have taken some photo, if only for the cops. They did report this to the police, didn’t they?

    2. I drive by this office every morning on my way to run along Clear Creek.  This is a very visible office right along I-70.  In addition, there is a major construction project on the road in front of the office with major equipment and manpower all day long.  My guess, so worker got tired of looking at the sign (and about 20 others) got drunk and just did a stupid thing.  As someone who is supporting Perlmutter, this is despicable and I hope they catch the bastard who did it.

    3. Neither camp was involved. I read that some other local businesses were vandalized. Probably some juvenile delinquent.

      I have to laugh at the concept that a stupid little episode like this would seriously cause anybody to change their vote. That’s kinda “inside the Beltway” obsession. Or “inside the Steel Belt” anyway.

    4. Here are the probabilities I think each of the listed groups did this

      85% chance it was stupid teens
      10% chance it was over-zealous Pearlmutter supporter
      5% chance it was O’Donnell’s people trying to get sympothy

  7. I don’t know . . . this race has lost a lot of heat.  Perlmutter pretty much has it sewn up if the polls are any indication this close to the absentee votes.  I’m not so old myself, and I kind of have a hard time believing that a bunch of fervently democratic kids got together and targeted O’Donnell for such a lame prank.  Frankly, today’s young people can probably think of a lot better things to do than sprinkle a parking lot with nails and deface one sign.  I’m not saying the behavior is innocent or excusable, but it still reaks of a desperate campaign trying to rally support from anywhere they can get it.  Maybe I just like imagining a couple of haggard O’Donnell staffers discussing the set-up, how to make it look legit, in hopes that the Post will run a sympathetic story.

    1. Why would they purposely link O’Donnell even more in the public’s mind with George W. Bush by defacing his sign with a “No W”?

      And why an SUV tire? Reminds everyone that Republicans drive gas-hogging SUVs. If it were staged, they’d have had that nail puncture a hybrid.

  8. You put the tire photo up and give us a blury close up and determine that it might have been there for a while?  Just come out and say you think they staged it.  “Speculation is growing that this was a staged event” you write.  Where has it been growing?  Whatever office you post from? 

  9. First of all, I have had punctures in my tires just like that and they did not need to be replaced. A new tube maybe, but not replaced. I think it would be hilarious if this guy noticed the nail and then sprinkled some around in an attempt to gain sympathy. The sign is with the W Xed out is just icing on the cake. I highly doubt any self respecting democrat, campaigner or not, would do that.

    1. Okay, so the nail in the tire looks worn and the head diameter a bit larger than the nails in the picture, which look like smaller 1/4″ wood nails or something around there.  The tire  and tread look to be a mid-sized 4X4 and the nailhead takes up a good amount of space.  We need a bigger picture of the nail pile, to scale, in order to see if it’s a match.  Could some stingy staffer at the O’Donnell office have tried to save a few bucks by buying smaller nails for the hoax than the one they found in the tire? 

      Just kidding about all that, but really, the tire isn’t even deflated,they can patch that in two seconds at a tire shop. And, a campaign that has had a personal fundraising visit from the President and didn’t need to run a primary can probably afford a new sign.

      The pissed off construction workers theory is very intriguing though . . . this whole thing is too funny.  Who’s pickin’ on Little Rick?

    2. I too have run over a nail, and while I left it in (about 10 days) all was good, but when I wanted it patched, they said I had to replace the entire tire. Now maybe that was a shady saleman, but I’ve found with tires (I’ve blown many), you can’t just know whether they are fixable or not.

      This whole thing reminds me of “The Accused”. They always blame the victim.

      1. But that is only when the nail has entered the tire at an odd angle; right next to where the tread begins. Plus he has really thick tread. I would think a patch on the tube and maybe a little of that filler stuff would eliminate the problem, but yeah, you never know.

        I dont want to don my tinfoil hat, but maybe that nail was there before the sophmoric attempt at sabotage. I have had nails in my tires that were there for days before I had to replace them. And I would hardly say that I am blaming the victim.

        1. I agree, I’ve blown tires at the side, and those are unfixable, but I had a sturdy car with a thick tread and even though the nail when straight up, they said that the circumference of the hole was too big to fix with a patch. But again, that may have been a sales pitch and not the truth.

          As for ‘blaming the victim’. I did not mean to imply you in particular. However I thought it was funny that the first dozen posts or so were accusing O’Donnell of staging the whole thing. I hadn’t yet posted on this thread, so I had to include that somewhere just to get my thoughts out in the the air.

          1. Yeah the tinfoilery was out early, but I think most of it was in jest. The other part was a reaction to the way the ROD spokesperson came right out and blamed the Perlmutter supporters for doing this and demand that he call for an end to this tomfoolery. The way he framed it made it seem as if there could be no other explanation and Perlmutter himself signed off on the whole deal. I found that to be a little repugnant. I doubt anyone from any campaign did this, but we shall see.

      2. The speculation is all just for grins.  I don’t seriously think O’Donnell ‘s staff vandalized their own office in a sympathy ploy.  I highly doubt it was anybody even remotely related to the Perlmutter campaign either.  The other comments were just stirring the mud, instigating a little bit.  It is a funny story.

        I do think it’s interesting that they bothered to send the pictures around.  Clearly they think it’s going to help them out or somehow be helpful to do so – which is stupid because if anything, if the vandals find out they got a little coverage, they’ll probably be coming back.

  10. Yesterday I noted that Rick and Bob’s signs at 69th & Indiana in Arvada were also defaced.  I agree with those who say this is going too far.  Let’s stick to the issues.

  11. Come on folks. I’m sure that the poor family that had the “No Moo Lies” sign burned in Colorado Springs put their 6 year old up to it too! I doubt if Rick or Ed would put anyone up to vandalism. There are a lot of frustrated people out there and I don’t know if anyone benefits from this type of behavior and it makes Colorado voters look pretty dumb. 

    1. It was an inside job but that’s alright,

      a tire puctured by three parasites.

      It had to be them it couldn’t be Dems-

      Cause we know that Ed is all for the free.

      It was an inside job, they had the nails,

      a desperate move no wind in their sails.

      It had to be Rick, however sick,

      to cover his tracks for the oil slick.

      Stay inside on this one. 

    2. Who let you in here Chronic Truth? Weren’t you taken out by that Sonic Youth. Or maybe from that one queer dude, old Ruby doesn’t really like it when she is rude.

      Where have you gone William Jefferson? Slick Willie is gonna be the first man. He’ll be back in the White House eating french fries while old W is tellingh who died when he lied.

      So what do you say Chronic Truth, are youstill mad that Toodles lossened your tooth. And what will you do when they hand you your lunch- most of them fools will beat you to the punch.

      Love from Sherman Street

  12. It’s so obvious O Donnell did it.  Anyone with a pea-sized brain or larger would not sabotage an opponents campaign.  Or some dumb teenager.

    1. Colorado Kate, was driving with her date, when she stumbled on some nails on the Campaign trail.

      She was blaming it on teens, and they don’t know what she means- but her tires came up lame cause of that nail- her tires came up lame cause of that nail.

      Oh- O’Donnell- what have you done? Was it you or was it some other son of a gun? Oh -Oh Donnell we ask you why? Ed Perlmutter is not that kind of guy.

      Colorado Kate was driving with her date, when she saw that he was Republican. She told him no don’t do it- and then as a good constituent, she confiscated all the man’s spray cans- so when in doubt blame Republicans.

      Love from 10th and Sherman 

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