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September 25, 2006 05:37 PM UTC

Don't Forget to Sign In

  • by: Colorado Pols

Republicans are having a hard time keeping their paperwork in order as outside political committees pop up every other week.

As Colorado Confidential reports, several new Republican political organizations didn’t bother to register in Colorado; Democratic groups registered the names themselves and are now taking the clever step of protecting those names in court:

This week the Republican Trailhead Group announced that it has a new and improved name. Perhaps the Denver-based political hit squad thinks that will make all of their troubles disappear — including complaints alleging possible money laundering filed with the Secretary of State’s office and the Internal Revenue Service.

We’re supposed to now call them “Coloradans for Justice.” But  the name “Coloradans for Justice” has already been reserved in Colorado by someone else — just as the name Trailhead Group, LLC has already been reserved by yours truly.

You would have thought that the brains behind the Republican Trailhead Group would have learned an invaluable lesson, to register the name before going public, the first go ‘round.

But in the latest identity crisis, the group that reserved the name “Coloradans for Justice” is likely to send the agents of the organization formerly known as the Trailhead Group a letter to cease and desist — or risk a lawsuit.

And they should probably think twice about using at least two other names in Colorado — Colorado Citizens for Justice and Coloradans for Change. Because, though Alan Philp, the executive director of the big-money Republican 527, registered those names in the state of Delaware, he didn’t bother to reserve them to do business in Colorado.



29 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Sign In

  1. The RGA, Coors and Benson need to demand a refund from Alan Philip. Not only has Trailhead been a complete debacle, Philip and his employees seem to be scamming money off the top. 

    How do you convince a group of investors that around $500,000 is the usual price tag for office supplies?

    1. trademark in early stages. Trademarks are registered with the US Patent office – many companies do not get them.

      From Wikipedia:

      Registered marks versus common law marks

      In the United States, a trademark which has been registered with the USPTO uses the В® symbol. A business that doesn’t actually register a trademark may instead use the common law designation “TM” in superscript next to the mark. Using the “TM” mark does not actually confer any legal rights in federal law, but it may nevertheless help a business acquire secondary meaning concerning a specific mark.

      Registered and non-registered trademarks are both eligible for protection under the Lanham Act, but the advantage of having a registered mark is that after five years of unopposed use, the mark becomes “uncontestable”. An uncontestable mark cannot be attacked on the grounds that it is generic or merely descriptive (even if it is). This means that the defendant in a trademark infringement suit cannot directly attack the plaintiff’s mark, but must instead focus on showing a lack of a likelihood of confusion. Even without incontestability, a registered mark has a presumption of being a valid trademark, placing the burden on a defendant to attack the plaintiff’s mark.

      Also, there is a tort of unfair competition.

    2. I love how Alan Philp (See Moonraker) spends so much of his time logging onto Coloradopols defending Trailhead’s moronic actions.  Yes we can say trademark, Alan, can you say money laundering?  How about illegal coordination?  You’re truly doing a tremendous diservice to the Colorado Republican Party. 

  2. See, this is what I love about Republicans, be they Bush or Beauprez or whatever. They claim to be businesspeople with real-world experience, who’ll deliver services more efficiently than those “Democrat bureaucrats.” Then they go and mess things up utterly, be it Katrina or Iraq or (on a far smaller scale) Trailhead.

    We need to remember that lots of businesspeople drive their businesses right into the ground. Bush got a Harvard MBA but did a lousy job running the Texas Rangers. He and Philp would fit nicely in with Enron or HP…

      1. conversation here, just like Dem attempts to register conservative-group names.

        Next they’ll register as the GOP!!  Won’t that be clever and equally as innefective.

        TancredoW- shouldn’t you be out defending murderers?  You’re probably billing hours while you type here. 

        If not defending filth, then I expect your organizing a rally for the guy who killed the lady on her wedding day.  Afterall, by your argument, he got screwed with 12 years in jail.  Wonder what he would have got if he had run over a whole family?

          1. Tancredo Watch said that the sentence for the lady who got 15 mos. for running over a family of 4 was a just sentence.

            I expect he is out working with Mike Litwin to “picket city hall” because they are outraged at the cruel and unusual punishment that this guy got http://www.rockymoun

            1. Alan Philip,

              You really should stop attacking the journalist from the two major papers.  To shun them for not writing the crap you want published, and for actually printing notable stories about how corrupt and dishonest your 527 is pretty funny. 

              Most people learn from their mistakes, but you must be of the Bush mentality; never admit fault…much like a child wouldn’t.

            2. Anybody that says that needs to have the same thing happen to their close family.
              12 years is a long time but definately not cruel.
              I wonder if anybody here that thinks it is too much has the guts to admit it…………takers?

              Of course I’m the kind of guy that thinks people like Jeffremy Dahmer (before the prisoners got to kill him) should be strung up in a public yard, by his feet, and let all of his victims relatives take one crack at him.
              And when they were done, set up a pay booth and let anyone that wants to take one crack at him. $500.00 a hit. Just fists, no weapons. Let it drag out a good long time. And give the money to his victims immediate family.
              (All of this after he has been convicted of course. I’m not an animal ya know…….)
              Love, hugs, and kisses,

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