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September 22, 2006 07:06 PM UTC

Colorado Polster of the Week

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s that time again – time to vote for the “Colorado Polster” of the Week. Phoenix Rising held off One Queer Dude for the title last time, but who will reign supreme this week?

Click below to vote. Apologies to those we inadvertently left out.

Who is the Colorado Polster of the Week?

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44 thoughts on “Colorado Polster of the Week

    1. Not sure how I’m a shill for Republican candidates but many on here, under the same standards, aren’t considered shills for Dems like Ritter.

      I’m sure your response will be something like “but we’re right.”

      1. Moonie, all you ever post about is one thing – Ritter Bad. That’s it! See, shills (who I think of as campaign workers posting campaign lit and talking points) tend to stick to one subject. I’m sure there are Dem shills here too but they, er, don’t grab our attention like you do.

        1. I’d also suggest one is a “shill” when that individual lacks even the most simple objectivity. 

          So like if Beauprez stumbled through a speech and got off message and very clearly looked uncomfortable, sweating and stammering, a real politico would at least say “OK, he had a bad day, I’ve seen him better, what went wrong and what can I do to make it better next time.”

          But a shill says “he was great, he was fired up (didn’t you see that sweat break from his sheer excitement?), and he connected well with the crowd.  Everyone was paying attention.  Didn’t you see that? Everyone was literally fixated on him and it was great. Just wait til next time. He’ll be 100% better then, too.”

          You, Dude, are a shill.

          Is there ever a time you get off the talking points of the day? Take your party blindfold off? Talk to real people about what’s actually happening? Hear something that even makes you cringe? Or makes you doubt the intelligence of the powers that be? 

          Because to be honest, I’m a little worried about you.  I fear for your mental health. 

      2. you get over your “shill” title. 

        Name me ONE THING the Beauprez campaign might have done better in this entire past year.

        One small comment.  One little sip of truth.  Just one itsy bitsy bit of reality.

        I think you can’t handle that challenge.

        1. The BB campaign could have done a much better job managing their people.  Or, the Am. 38 debacle.


          Folks – I talk about Ritter all the time because it is a very partisan issue and you guys are completely one-sided. You call me out – I guess so you can pile on after I come up with some examples – but just about every other person on here is ‘guilty’ of the same thing.

          It’s not like you all are on here saying, wow, Ritter probably shouldn’t have plea bargained that case.  Out of 61k examples in his tenure, none of you can find a single instance of mismanagement, mishandling or poor judgment. 

          You need to look in the mirror.

          1. I am proud of you.  If I could, I’d slap you on the back, look you in the eye and say “Well done, young man.”

            You see – I used to be like you.  I was once an establishment republican.  Towed the party line every time.  I even refused to get involved in primaries because I didn’t want to alienate anyone — my friends, associates or co-workers. 

            I was the perfect little soldier.  Stayed on message.  Rabidly went after Liberals and Commie’s (yes, there were some back then). Dressed the part, spoke the message, breathed the air and drank the kool-aid.

            But then something happened to me.  It was a wake-up call, really.  A metamorphosis.  I still work hard for republicans. Still vote republican.  I am the base.  And I will likely never vote for a democrat when my one vote may actually count. 

            But I won’t be lied to anymore.  And I will question authority and self-proclaimed prophets.  I’ll not tolerate corruption or entitlements.  And I will speak the truth when I see it. 

            1. Supported Republicans since my early days.  Have always supported and worked for Republicans.  However, like you, I am more of a realist and skeptic than a Party guy.  I too, am tired of listening to false platitudes and empty brovado from Republicans who only get in office and knife you in the back.

              Therefore, i will always be a “Conservative” first and a Republican second.  My principles will never leave me, my party has already begun to do so.  As the saying goes, it the political parties that destroy “Good Candidates.”

          2. Mr. Alan Philip,

            As all people,  Ritter has his flaws.  I’m not defending Bill on this case, but I would be interested to know if in-fact he actually talked to the mother, or if it was an Assistant D.A (doesn’t September have memory loss, along with a line of other mental and physical problems?).

            We all know you have your own flaws, and are currently under a lot of scrutiny with those lawsuits and the media watching you like a dog since you managed to completely piss them off (good thinking on your part, since you are running a PR campaign.) 

            Your rants against Bill Ritter’s character and your cherry picking of his D.A racord (one case out of 60,000 cases) is too little too late.  While Ritter’s campaign has come across smoothly, the Beauprez campaign has tripped over their own feet on too many occasions, and your obstructionist campaign of disinformation has not helped.

            By the way Alan, has the Governor, Pete Coors, Bruce Benson or the RGA asked for their money back.  What a poor investment you have proven to be.

            1. named Mr. Blue.  Moving.  I’ll say it again, until someone on here actually addresses the question, why is the sentence Shiela Towns got OK?

              Under your rules, you shouln’t be allowed to reference any of Bob Beauprez’s votes when you criticize him.  It’s not like Shiela Towns is the only case of this sort.  There are plenty.

              Bill Ritter had the option to give her more time in jail.  He chose not to.  Why did he do it? and, why is that OK to you?  Why is Bill Ritter’s record off limits?

              Why is Bill Ritter on the right side of the contrast of this story?  http://www.rockymoun

              Is there anyone here who can intelligently answer this question without calling me, Bob Beauprez, or any other campaign a name?

              1. I hit the nail on the head Mr. Alan Philip. 

                I do think you have distorted the facts of the Towns case (again 1 out of 60,000 cases).  I said I wasn’t going to defend Ritter on this until I knew more about the case.  It’s sad what happened.

                Mr. Alan Philip of the Trailhead Group.  Why are you running these ads against Ritter under the name “Coloradans for Justice?” Why don’t use Trailhead, or have soiled that name enough?  And, are going to make the case of coordination against easier with the blatant work between yourself and BB camp who claimed they were going to unseal this case?

                Mr. Alan Philip, (again I refer to your name not someone elses) please explain to the people on this blog why you insist on distorting the facts against every targetted candidated?  Is it because you have pocketed a couple hundred thousand from that 527 slush-fund for personal use and feel you must make it up to your investors?  Is that how a private corporation works?

              2. It’s still a negative way to go and it says something about the Beauprez campaign, whether you’re affiliated with it or not, that that’s how they’re playing the game.

                I’ve said it before – Beauprez can’t lead ant to a picnic. I suspect that’s why this is the best they can do. Vote for Bob – he never plea-bargained a drunk who later killed a little girl. No, the DA’s actions aren’t really defensible. But I don’t think the Beauprez campaign’s exploitation of it is, either.

                1. At least you take a glancing look at the issue.  I’m not sure what that other guy’s obsession with Philp is.

                  So, wise one, what in your mind is a legitimate way to go about Bill Ritter’s record?  If not case studies & crime statistics, then what?

            2. The strategy being employed by the Beauprez Campaign reeks of the strategy employed during the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s race in El Paso County two years ago.

              Dan May attempted to go after John Newsomes record, guess who is in office today?

              Why is it that in politics (as in government) we think that we can try something that once failed and make it work?

        1. I’m voting for Gecko, too.  This should really unnerve him.  Left-wing Democrats are starting to like him!  Perhaps we can get Barbara Streisand and Hillary to come in here and say a few kind words about him…..

      1. Give it time and the winds will change and we will all grow to hate you.  Just like politics, the dance ususally ends at some point in time.

        If this election will prove anything, it is that the Republican Ride (beginning in 1998) may be over.  Many of those political hacks are probably updating their resumes even as we write these posts.

        On a more positive side, the fact that I am posting here is an indication that 1) I’m not a political hack working for an organization, and 2) I actually have a means of providing for my family outside of the political arena.

        Isn’t life good.  Instead of relying on someone else, I am relying on myself.  There’s a level of freedom and independence associated with that.  Allows me to be FREE!!!

        Imagine having to work for a politician that you lost faith in and they keep saying and doing stupid things…going along simply because its your only means of providing for your family.  Sooner or later, the GRAVY TRAIN ends.  Then what???

        1. I dont think we will all grow to hate aristotle, and where does the leap from hating a long since expired greek philosopher turn into you providing for your family by not being a political hack because you dont update your resume when the gravy train ends on this site which began in 1998 with the positive side of the republican ride when the dance ends and life isnt good which allows you to be free going along with a politician that you have independance assoiated with what?

          (It is times like these that I wish we had emoticons on this site)

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