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September 19, 2006 04:52 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Instructions: See Monday Open Thread, repeat.


35 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

    1. Rick O’Donnell is extreeeeeeeme.

      Oh wait, I would like to privitize SS too. Seems that a large, unaffordable, entitlement policy bomb isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      1. Rick’s run in with orchestrating for lobbyists to have a one on one session with the official that was suppose to be regulating them.

        And who ever made that website should consider changing the picture of Ed.  The picture is one step away from being what a four year old might do by darkening in one of his opponents teeth.  It decreases whatever credibility the website didn’t have to begin with and is just incredibly immature and childish.

  1. had an article today saying that President Bush’s approval ratings have gone up to 44%. Not bad considering all the bashing he gets for Iraq. This is a good thing for Republicans in general. Especially if it continues to rise.

    I wonder what ‘ol gloom and doom Sir Robin has to say about that?

    1. You should work for a campaign if you think you can spin a 44% approval rating into “not bad”.  I think most people would look at a war time president with an approval rating of 44% as “pretty damned bad”.

      1. isn’t it?
        You know some day the Democrat party will be in the shitter again and you all will be looking for any bright spot for a sign of hope.
        I am no big fan of Bush. But I am a fan of conservative ideals. I completely disagree with the liberal agenda so a jump of 10 – 15% is a big deal when all we get from ya’ll is snide remarks about how bad our party is.
        You bet I’ll brag about it. When it goes even higher I’ll brag even more.
        Remember Nam? Remember how much the public wanted to hang a Democrat named Johnson? Not all war time Presidents are loved by all. Especially after a few years of war.
        Bush did have very high ratings at the start of the war. Of course those rating go down quickly when the war isn’t over and done with in just a few months. Then he is the bad guy.
        Imagine that?

          1. of a lot of good men.
            Bush isn’t much better but what I’m saying is that our party needs a shot in the arm.
            Kinda like being on death row. Hoping for any sign or a reprive.
            Ya know?
            Come on, give us a break. We can surely use it……

          2. to remember it, but I can recall seeing him on TV (black & white) visiting the troops and announcing something like “we’ve turned the corner” or are “turning the corner.”  Then the Tet offensive happened. 

            Scary times, much more than now.  You could get yourself shot just for being male, 18, and able-bodied.  And you didn’t get to volunteer either.

            1. but it sounds like Johnson stopped short of declaring victory. Not really trying to draw a comparison (global politics were very different then), but when I read Gecko’s comments that leaped right to mind.

            2.   There’s a bumpersticker out which reads, “Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam.”  It is looking more and more that way. 
                The last two Texans to assume the presidency lied to justify U.S. intervention militarily in another country’s internal problems:  L.B.J. had the alleged Tonkin Gulf incident; Shrub had his infamous State of the Union message about Saddam Hussein trying to buy uranium.  Maybe we should avoid electing Texans as president in the future.
                Yes, the Johnson and Nixon administrations used the “turning of a corner” metaphor whenever they weren’t telling us that they could see “the light at the end of the tunnel.” 
                However, your statement that any able-bodied, young man over the age of 18 could end up getting killed in Vietnam because we did not have an all volunteer army at the time is not entirely accurate. Many men (for example, Dan Quayle, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney to name just the first four that come to mind) somehow managed to keep themselves out of harm’s way by getting deferments.

        1. In a previous post on a different thread, I wrote, in essence, that I thought the GOP had gotten lazy and that this election might be a real eye opener for the party.

          There is an AP article in today’s Rocky (page 36A, Dems war chest thin next to GOP’s) that gives me pause for thought and I might want to reconsider my position on that post. The article states:

          “The Republican National Committee is prepared to spend $60 million over the next seven weeks on advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts to protect the GOP’s narrow majorities in the House and Senate.

          The Democratic National Committee plans to use about a fifth of that, all devoted to getting voters to the polls. Even in that effort, though, it has set aside only an average of $60,000 in each of the 40 most competitive congressional races in the country.”

          While the GOP is kind of bumbling along right now, they have an amazing GOTV machine and, apparently, the funds to run it. It seems to me that if they get their people to the polls, they stand a very good chance of maintaining or improving their position.

          I don’t think the Dems should take anything for granted or consider a slight increase in Bush’s approval rating to be inconsequential. If they do, the GOP just might pull a rabbit out of a hat.

          1. The RNC is spending its entire warchest on an off-year election.  At the end of the season, they will be broke – the same situation the Democrats were in before Terry McAuliffe took over.

            The Democratic Party structure is a bit different; the DNC has traditionally be almost uninvolved with Congressional elections, being focused on Presidential elections.  Under Dr. Dean, that’s changed, with lots of money going to statewide party-building efforts; the $60,000 per race in 40 races is not as bad as it seems, because the DNC is also paying for those party organization personnel in many if not all states; these funds aren’t accounted for in the article.  Additionally, the DSCC and DCCC have been outraising their Republican counterpart organizations this season, and those organizations will be spending lots of cash on advertising.  The DCCC alone is now targeting about 45 races – a much larger number than normal.

            Finally, Republicans are spending almost all of their money defending their own seats this year; they are targeting only 4 seats currently held by Democrats – total, including both the House and the Senate…  Democrats, in contrast, are spending most of their money targeting Republican-held seats.

            Consider the $60,000,000 a scare tactic.  The RNC knows it’s in trouble, and it’s going for broke.  Literally.

      2. (believe me, I really do because I can’t stand this President) but the jump in his approval ratings is real cause for concern for Dems.

        That’s the highest he has been in a year and if we’re smart, we’ll take note and leave the denial for another day.

    2. In November, we’ll right this badly listing ship of state, and it’s Republican controlled government, which has lost its strategic compass, it’s moral compass, it’s conservative compass….shucks, it doesn’t know up from down,

      – On Sept 15, an AP-Ipsos poll: Democrats 53%, Republicans 39%

      – On Sept. 14, a Pew poll: Democrats 52%, Republicans 40%

      – On Sept. 14, a Wall Street Journal poll: Democrats 48%, Republicans 39%

      – On Sept. 13, an ABC poll: Democrats 50%, Republicans 42%

      Then…..Impeach and jail the criminals.

    1. but, I am a fan of conservative ideals too, Gecko – you know, restraint on deficit spending, staying out of people’s private lives, etc.  However, this president does not seem to follow those ideals. 

      The fact that he COULD find Iraq when he could not find Bin Laden does not make the war right.  At least there was an agressor that we were fighting against in Vietnam – North Vietnam.  However, we seemed to be missing the will to win there, too. 

      Iraq was a target because Saddam “threatened my daddy”.  Doesn’t seem like a conservative ideals president to me.  And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Republican party is now in the “shitter”.  Most responsible R’s are distancing themselves from the very fringe elements, and trying to move back to a more conservative, centrist position – one that favors fiscal responsibility, promoting a good climate for business, etc.

      1. Those conservative ideas are now the base of the libertarian party. Sure many people who hold those same ideals would self identify as republicans but that does not mean that the party has left them behind, because it has. The fringe is now the base.

  2. This is a sad pattern repeating. Dems think it is about issues. It is not. it is about power, power, power. Repubs will keep Congress in November and US will go after Iran in December….Merry Christmas and Good Night.

    1. but I know what you mean. The R’s know how to mobilize their base with pointless votes like the one on the war and the freedom-of-speech-eviscerating flag burning amendment, not to mention gay marriage. But I think the D’s are doing a good job staying focused so far. We’ll see what happens.

      1. From the Washington Post today:

        TORONTO, Sept. 18 CANADIAN WAS FALSELY ACCUSED, PANEL SAYS – Canadian intelligence officials passed false warnings and bad information to American agents about a Muslim Canadian citizen, after which U.S. authorities secretly whisked him to Syria, where he was tortured, a judicial report found Monday.

        This should help the R’s cause in the polls. Calling what we have in this country right now “intelligence” is being mighty generous.

        1. of our crumbling infrastructure and the Bush Administration scaring away career intelligence officers left and right, anyone voting Republican in hopes of strengthening our intelligence infrastructure is seriously deluded.

  3. Buescher is on the run.  I got another mailpiece by progress now.  Apparently Bernie has been voting for all kinds of tax increases and he has caused my utility bills to increase.  This will kill him on election day!

  4. I just noticed Pols updated the line and compared the BB campaign to a “total train wreck”.  I couldn’t agree more.  Who wants to take bets as to who they will throw under the buss for this catastrophic and downright embarrassing loss?

  5. So, Preznint DrunkUncle took his vaudeville act uptown to the UN today.  Given this administration’s efforts to undermine and discredit the United Nations on so many levels, its hard to see this as much of anything besides another chance for him to preen in front of the cameras, except this time it’s a captive audience of international dignitaries and not a hand-picked crowd of kids from the Fox News daycare center or whatever.  But given that he only ever makes one speech, does it really matter who he’s talking to?


    The president, of whom many world leaders remain skeptical for starting a war in Iraq without U.N. backing, voiced support for Iraqis’ attempt at stability with sectarian violence leaving dozens dead every day, but said Iraqi leaders must “make difficult choices to bring security and prosperity.”

    How’s that for an utterly meaningless sound-byte?  “You’re going to have to make some difficult choices” roughly translates from BushSpeak to Real-World English as “You can take this ass-fucking from my administration bent over or lying on your back.  But you do have a choice.”

    Then he told a bunch of big fat lies (GASP!):

    “My country desires peace.”

    But first we have to start a whole bunch of wars, kill your civilians, steal your oil, and leave behind a bunch of depleted uranium, see?  Heh heh.  But after that, it’ll be real peaceful.  We guarantee it.  Once the whole middle east has been turned into a sheet of radioactive glass, you’ll be able to hear a pin drop!

    h/t Firedoglake

  6. and that includes virtually ALL Republicans:

    Seriously, could Bush be a bigger hypocrite?”
    Declaring that “a more hopeful world is within our reach,” President Bush called on world leaders at the United Nations today to “stand with democratic leaders and moderate reformers” across the Middle East.

    But he also upbraided several countries by name, demanding that Iran “abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions” and telling Syrians that their government has allowed the country to become “a crossroad for terrorism” and “a tool of Iran.”
    His audacity is amazing. He railed against Syria at the U.N. the same day after we learn that the U.S. conspired with Canada to send an innocent man to Syria to be tortured:
    Canadian intelligence officials passed false warnings and bad information to American agents about a Muslim Canadian citizen, after which U.S. authorities secretly whisked him to Syria, where he was tortured, a judicial report found Monday.

    The report, released in Ottawa, was the result of a 2 1/2-year inquiry that represented one of the first public investigations into mistakes made as part of the United States’ “extraordinary rendition” program, which has secretly spirited suspects to foreign countries for interrogation by often brutal methods.
    This is another reason why Bush has no credibility. Bush liked Syria when they were a tool for our torturers. But now Syria is evil because, among other reasons, they torture their prisoners.

    h/t Americablog,ocm

    Argue this ignorant Gecko and all subservient Republicans

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