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September 15, 2006 05:55 PM UTC

Friday Poll

  • by: Colorado Pols

In the last two gubernatorial races we’ve seen two really bad campaigns: Rollie Heath in 2002 and Bob Beauprez in 2006.

Vote away, mateys!

Which Gubernatorial Campaign Was More Inept

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31 thoughts on “Friday Poll

  1. Rollie Heath, though a great guy, never had a chance.  Beauprez started this race as a perceived frontrunner for the office and has blown it.  Beauprez hands down has run the most inept campaign.  The only one worse….Holtzmann who failed to even make the ballot—but arguably got the best one liner in…Both Ways Bob.  It stuck!

    1. I heard he really did make the ballot but that Gigi was a team player all the way.  Considering her latest rulings (all decided to help her party nominee), I think it’s a real possibility she was (ahem) very active in the certification of signatures. 

      1. according the laws that were in place before Dennis came to office and started making up her own.

        The law stats that a candidate must have 1500 signature from each of the congressional districts. Holtzman failed in CDs 1 and 7.

        Even if he had been successful in getting all of the signatures he gathered from those districts counted, they still numbered less than 1500. In CD1, he was very far short.

  2. Republicans need to dump Marshall and the whole gang right now.  Bring in Tonner to close the gap and hire the entire conservative gaggle who were responsible for the conservative wins in the primary. 

    Hell, give the keys to some intern from the JFK school of Campaign Management — because anyone could do better at this point. 

    There is no question here; Holtzy made Beauprez a better candidate and with his campaign folded, the BB campaign team has no one to steal ideas from. They are left to their own devices.  And apparently, pulled every trick from their collective hats months ago. 

    Can they get Gessler to sue Ritter now, too? Because I fear that’s our only recourse at this point in time.

            1. I know you hate me so I really, really owe you for putting me out of my misery because I’ve been humming it all afternoon and was starting to go a little batty trying to think of the name.

                1. for this country to solve its problems.

                  We all have to turn over that leaf, be less nasty, less unwilling to consider other viewpoints, and more willing to reach consensus and common ground.

                  Bravo, Gecko!

                    1. I’ve been posting less because I think I really need to learn not to be such a snot sometimes when I post.

  3. You can’t fight the market in politics or when trading commodities and securities.

    Heath lost to a popular governor and BB is being swept away in the anti-GOP tide, which may have peaked a bit early for the Dems.

    BB’s biggest problem is not his strategy, it is who he is. He’s a radical Republican running in a year when independents and swing vote Dems are in no mood to vote for Jim Dobson.

    Ritter’s not doing anything particularly brilliant. He’s just staying out of trouble, for the most part. And that’s easy to do when you have no record and your party hasn’t had the opportunity to anger voters—an opportunity that seems to be coming.

    Two and four years from now, Colorado voters are going to be really upset with the radical Dems who control the legislature and the lefty gov who will sign socialistic legislation.

    Then the GOP will have it’s day again.

    That’s poltics.

    1. All those business people who are contributing to Ritter are convinced that he’s NOT a “lefty” Dem and that he WON’T sign “socialistic” legislation.

      (What a tired word, by the way – and indicative of the intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican party. The worst “socialism” we have today is the massive subsidies we direct to fat-cat agribusiness billionaires. The worst irresponsible government spending we have today are the gigantic deficits the Bushies and Republicans have racked up by slashing taxes for billionaires while at the same time pouring hundreds of billions into a Middle Eastern rat-hole.)

    2. because you both love the strawman.  You can’t actually debate anything that Ritter stands for so instead you make up what he stands for and then argue against that.

      Name one thing that Ritter stands for that would fit your definition of radical or socialistic?

    3. Rosen this morning and was thinking the same exact thing.
      After a few years of Dems in whichever office they get, Gov, President, whatever, we will be sick of their lying bullsh*t and vote the other party in.
      It is human nature. No one party is so freaking much better than the other. There are dumbasses in both.
      They just take turns screwing the country is all.

      1. Especially when it comes to calling this crop of Dems “radical.” Another Cynic – name one prominent Colo Dem who’s anywhere near Kucinich. Just one.

        1. DeGette and Udall on some issues, but you’re “right”, the Congressional Dems aren’t as radical as BB and Musgrave. But as Rosen points out in today’s Rocky, Ritter will be forced into lefty radicalism after he’s elected. :sigh:

          1. Rosen is no objective observer. Colorado isn’t California, Massachussettes, or Vermont. If “lefty radicalism” were that strong here the Dems wouldn’t stand united behind a pro-life candidate for Governor.

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