Ramirez Files for Hudak’s SD-19

It seems like Andy Kerr isn’t the only incumbent state representative with eyes on the next chamber up.

From Eli Stokols:

DENVER — State Rep. Robert Ramirez filed papers Thursday to run for the re-drawn Senate District 19, now held by Democratic Sen. Evie Hudak, FOX31 Denver was first to report.

Ramirez, who’s in his first term as a state representative, decided to run for the senate because the new map of legislative districts took a big chunk of GOP voters out of his House district.

Also, changes to Hudak’s Senate district have made it more favorable to a Republican challenger.

se I want to continue to represent my neighbors, the people who were in my House district,” Ramirez told FOX31 Denver at the Capitol on Thursday.

“It’s not going to be easy, but here we go.”

Ramirez narrowly defeated Democratic Rep. Debbie Benefield to win House District 29 in 2010 and helped secure the GOP’s one-seat House Majority.

Although Senate Republicans have recently targeted Senator Evie Hudak on television and in mailers, Rep. Ramirez’s challenge to the incumbent Democrat still comes as a slight surprise. Of course, Ramirez never formally filed papers for re-election to the House, so it’s likely he was waiting to hear how reapportionment would change both his House and Senate districts before jumping into the race that he could win more easily.

Ramirez was being challenged for his House seat by Democrat Tracy Kraft-Tharpe. His entrance into the Senate race certainly gives Kraft-Tharpe an advantage: she’s been campaigning for months for what is now an open seat that’s favorable for Democrats.

As for Hudak? Former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy won what is now Senate District 19 by a grand total of 5 votes in her 2010 re-election bid. Republicans also hold a slight registration advantage in the district. SD-19 would’ve seen a competitive race between Hudak and any Republican challenger, really, but Ramirez’s entrance as a sitting state representative makes it all the more likely to be a messy fight.

Ramirez’s win over Debbie Benefield in 2010 was instrumental in giving Frank McNulty the gavel. With Ramirez switching instead to a Senate race, Speaker McNulty might be coming to terms with the fact that he probably won’t keep the big office next year.

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  1. Craig says:

    Sorry, you’re just wrong.  Held by Al Meiklehohn for years and then by sue windells.  Now by Evie Hudak.  Cary Kennedy??????  You’ve just got your facts wrong.  

    This seat has never been held by a right-winger.  The last twelve years since Mieklejohn retired have been by teacher’s union democrats.  Mieklejohn, we he was a teacher’s union Republican when there used to be such a thing.  

    This area of Jeffco has always been strong for teachers.  Many have served, including Tancredo.  For whatever reason, they like them some teachers in North Jeffco.

    • rathmone says:

      … Does Pols have corner and a dunce cap?

      Dear Craig, everyone votes for statewide candidates. If you count the votes for and against that office in a particular district, you get a number, in this case,five. Cheers

  2. Say Hey Kid says:

    Good ol’ Evie Hudak always seems to figure out a way to win.  Ramirez is the favorite but don’t count Evie out.

  3. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    And I’m in the district, so I think I get to thump my fist on the table a few times for emphasis.

    1) Evie has a Senate record; Ramirez is on the record crying a lot.

    2) People know Senator Hudak in this area. She’s probably been to their door, in person, repeatedly, if they’re in the old district. She probably will be at their door soon to introduce herself if they’re in the part she just picked up.

    3) Why do you think Ramirez is swapping races? He’s got a surprisingly tough opponent for HD29 in Tracy Kraft-Tharp, and it’s becoming obvious that he risks being embarrassed by losing his seat if he stays there. Much less detrimental to his future aspirations if he fails to unseat a sitting Senator with tons of connections and a long, strong record than if he fails to defend a mission-critical house seat.

    Evie should have no problem dismantling Robert “It’s soooooooooooo hard for me to vote the party line… yet again….” Ramirez.

    I feel like Pols is way off on Jeffco races lately. Time for me to start diarying on JP. Did one of the admins used to live in Jeffco and move away or something? This site used to be on the ball, as did JP, but now it seems like all Jeffco races get is kinda half-assed analysis and random bitching about perfectly good press releases.

    • Evie is the kind of representative everyone hopes for when they have to go to the polls.  She’s knowledgeable, committed to her office, very in-touch with her constituents, and not afraid to stand up for or against an issue.

      I loved having her as a BOE representative; she was perhaps the single most likely state type representative to show up at our meetings, even though she lived down in JeffCo and had to travel up the mountain for the visit.

      • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

        She shows up EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I’m certain she’s actually in two places at once. I don’t know how she does it, but ask her to attend an event and there she’ll be. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (running in Ramirez’s old HD) is the same way. Poor Ramirez can’t catch a break!

  4. A-bob says:

    I moved from Szabo’s district to his and would like to know. I’ve seen Ramirez everywhere but never Hudak…then again I’m conservative so we probably don’t go to the same types of events. I still find Ramirez very in touch with his district and active. Should be a fun fight.

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