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“Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good.”

–Henry Rollins

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  1. kwtree says:


    “We mistook violence for passion, indolence for leisure, and thought recklessness was freedom,” Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye.

  2. davebarnes says:

    Today (Saturday) is Pokémon Day

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Colorado judge doesn't seem shy about expressing a judgment of a Colorado Nazi. 

    AP: Man gets nearly 20 years for Colorado synagogue bomb plot

    Judge Raymond P. Moore set the 235-month sentence for Richard Holzer, 28, and imposed a 15-year term of supervised release.

    Throughout the sentencing trial, Moore expressed harsh criticism of Holzer’s previous statements to undercover FBI agents and social media accounts — describing Holzer’s life as filled with violent and hateful imagery.

    “It is one of the most vulgar, aggressive, evil crimes that can be committed against an entire group of persons,” Moore said….

    “The notion that he’s turned some corner is fantasy,” Moore said before listing the swastikas found in his jail cell and supremacist symbolism in his signed letters from jail.

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    This man is a national treasure…

    Willie Nelson Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again

    You might think that Willie Nelson, at age 87, would enjoy a chance to slow down his constant touring, after decades of playing about 150 shows a year, two weeks on and two weeks off. But when Covid-19 shut down live performances last year, the self-proclaimed “road dog” didn’t repair to his Texas ranch or his Maui home to relax and wait things out. 

    “This is the worst time of my life,” he says. “I have never been this frustrated. I try to think positive, but I feel like I’m in jail—I can’t go here, I can’t go there—and that really pisses me off.”

    Mr. Nelson remains strikingly prolific, averaging about a new album a year while also writing books. He also oversees a SiriusXM channel called Willie’s Roadhouse and two cannabis companies: Willie’s Reserve, which sells a range of products with THC (the principal intoxicating compound in cannabis) and says it operates “under a simple philosophy: my stash is your stash,” and Willie’s Remedy, which features hemp-based “wellness products,” including CBD-infused coffee, tea and lotions.

  5. unnamed says:

    While it is about the Georgia Qaren, this could apply to our own Qaren. 

  6. kwtree says:

    Pols, is there an issue with spam filters or ? Some are having trouble posting.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      PewPew is all fired up! 

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Boebert's audience … I think I can see 4 masks.  Nobody's going to tell them what to do….


        I'm starting to wonder … will there be another element to the demographic decline of Republicans, with more of them dying than Democrats, minor party members or the unaffiliated?  So far, the casualties among the minority and poor are likely to have greater impact on the Democrats.  But as vaccines are administered to the willing, will Republicans' "choice" rationale reverse that trend?

      • Duke Cox says:

        I guess we are the party of “no”, Michael.

        No racism, no homophobia, no injustice, no poverty…like that.

        To her, we are no more than a barrier to her freedom to seek those conditions

  7. MichaelBowman says:

    Ummmm….what just happened here? 

  8. JohnInDenver says:

    Given the Nixon-esque upraised arms with Victory fingers up, can Stone's television appearance with the retro "sock it to me" be far behind? 

  9. Genghis says:

    Once again, the savagely cruel illusion that the U.S. has a "healthcare system" is laid low.

  10. davebarnes says:

    Today (Sunday) is National Tooth Fairy Day

  11. Diogenesdemar says:

    Well, isn’t that . . .

    . . . umm, I dunno’, . . . biblical ???

    (Anyone seen if Franklin’s slaughtered the fatted calf, yet?)

    and, while we’re on the subject of gilded spuds, it’s . . . 


    . . . MR. PRESIDENT Potato Head! (. . . Hasbrosib be damned . . .) 

  12. Hyatt's spokesperson responded saying, "We take the concern raised about the prospect of symbols of hate being included in the stage design at CPAC 2021 very seriously as all such symbols are abhorrent and unequivocally counter to our values as a company."



  13. harrydoby says:

    Trump and the CPAC Republicans are a match made in Purgatory.  They deserve each other.  Long may they suffer together until the cancer they relish consumes them all.


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