At Least She’s Not Your City Councillor–Oops, Sorry Lakewood!

Lakewood City Councillor Anita Springsteen.

CBS4’s Shaun Boyd has a wild story out today out of suburban Lakewood, Colorado involving a dispute between recently-elected City Councillor Anita Springsteen and a local assisted living center for dementia sufferers, which allegedly devolved into knife-wielding threats of violence–from a man identified as Springsteen’s boyfriend in this story:

“We’ve always tried to be really agreeable and we’ve always tried to go out of our way to be good neighbors,” says [Rocky Mountain Assisted Living] Executive Director Meghann Ziegler.

She admits they didn’t always succeed. Neighbors complained of the alarm system, parking, and trash pickup. Among those neighbors is Lakewood City Councilwoman Anita Springsteen, whose boyfriend took the feud to a new level. Police say Jeremy Axtell threatened employees at the assisted living facility with a knife.

“It’s crazy, I never would have thought, I just never would have thought,” says Ziegler.

Police say Springsteen initially lied to them about knowing Axtell, [Pols emphasis] who suggested he was just trying to help her. Officers say when they arrived, Axtell, who has a long criminal record, began screaming “shoot me” and ”f— you.” They say he pointed at Springsteen saying, “She’s your boss.”

Springsteen, elected last year after rising to prominence backing Lakewood’s highly controversial anti-growth measure, is a practicing attorney in her day job. On the one hand that’s probably a good thing, since it looks like her boyfriend charged with felony menacing is going to need one! But if serving on the City Council doesn’t oblige Springsteen to meet a higher bar of accountability where it concerns things like lying to the cops, the office in charge of regulating licensed attorneys might have something to say about this little incident. We haven’t seen whether Councillor Springsteen has been criminally charged as of this writing, but lying to the cops as we understand it is always a crime.

As for having better significant others, that’s beyond our scope in this space. But once your boyfriend (or girlfriend, this criticism is not gender specific) is on the evening news threatening disabled people and healthcare workers with knives, in the street, it’s going to reflect negatively on your own judgment as a public official.

At least we hope so.


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  1. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    If these fuckers had ever had a loved one in memory care, they'd never harass them or the people who help them. Just despicable, and Springsteen should resign.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Fortunately, she is not in my ward. As to her resigning, not sure about that, JeffcoBlue. I'd like more information. But she certainly hasn't done herself any favors with this dust-up.

  3. MADCO says:



    It's not like she was driving around Capitol Hill drunk or with a gun under the seat, or showed up at DIA security with a loaded gun in her purse.

    Pshaw – she should put up the go fund me page right spanking now, open a restaurant to open carry in and announce… CD7? Governor? Is it too late to have the GOP chair get her on a ballot somewhere?

  4. kwtreekwtree says:

    If everyone who had a crazy or violent partner, or ex-partner, had to leave public office because of their partner’s actions, we’d be missing a lot of elected officials.

    The CBS story doesn’t say whether Springsteen attempted to resolve the dispute through regular channels, but I assume that as a Councilperson, she did, and that issues remained. That doesn’t excuse the boyfriend’s criminal actions. 

    Springsteen will be judged on what her partner did, and does, if she chooses to stay with him. He seems like a scary guy, and that judgement should be tempered with the understanding that it is often difficult for women to get out of relationships with scary, unstable guys. 



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