Who Will Win the Race for Governor?

Since we can’t really see many of you choosing someone other than John Hickenlooper at this point, we’re going to mix the question up a bit. What do you think will be the order of finish in the race for Governor?

Remember, we want to know what you believe will happen, not what you might want to happen. To repeat our usual description, if you had to bet everything you owned on the outcome of this race, who would you pick?

What Will Be the Order of Finish in the Governor's Race?

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  1. reubenesp says:

    Can’t underestimate Tancredo:

    Reportedly 25% of his support is from Democrats.

    He won five terms in office from the 6th Congressional District, where immigrant bashing is wildly popular.

    Freda Poundstone, a key supporter, is shrewd, gutsy and politically savvy.

    But Hick WINS in a plurality.

    • Leonard Smalls says:

      Tancredo is also polling consistently better with unaffiliated voters than Maes.

    • Half Glass Full says:

      Tancredo won his first term only because there was a five-person primary and he won a plurality there. Then he rode the then-popular issue of term limits to a win in a very Republican district.

      After that it was just name recognition, baby. Most of us in the 6th CD didn’t give a rip about immigration.

      In 2008, there were more registered Democrats than Republicans in Arapahoe County! And by then Tancredo wasn’t running.

      He’s not nearly as popular as you think he is, Reuben.

  2. raymond1 says:

    Each party probably has a core of 1/3 the electorate who’s low-information and would just vote for “the Republican” despite having heard, but not really read up on, some accusations against Maes that sound like typical media claptrap.

  3. Aaron says:

    At the 1 person who picked Maes/Tanc/Hick.

    That’s an excellent prediction….

    assuming Obama reveals himself to be a secret muslim plant sent to America by his reptilian overlord to dismantle the government and enforce his alien sharia law.

    Oops. I totally just spoiled the plot to Glenn Beck’s next book.

  4. Pam Bennett says:

    Will one of you post a current list of Maes views of the world? Thank you in advance.  

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