Bernice King Slams Denver GOP Chair Over Sick Sniper Crack

UPDATE: A statement from the Denver Republican Party chairwoman Kristina Cook acknowledges the clap back from Bernice King but blames the controversy on rascal Democrats on social media– while admitting both the photo and the comment are accurate if not originally meant to be, you know, viewed together:

On Tuesday, as happens too often in the current political climate, a comment made as part of an online conversation was photoshopped to appear connected with a photo taken 3 years ago. This action was taken in an effort to misrepresent the intent of my comment. I wish the thread was still available for people to judge for themselves, but in the interest of maintaining this ruse, the other party has deleted the thread.

Regardless of the context of the conversation, my comment about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drew the attention of Dr. Bernice King. Her tweet helped me understand that while I wish that he’d had a protective detail on that day so that he’d still be with us, that would not have been her father’s wish. I have reached out privately to Dr. King to thank her for helping me understand her father’s perspective. I will also be issuing a public response to her tweet following an opportunity to speak with her further.

We could use Dr. Martin Luther King’s presence in this divided world. Doctored memes like the one being circulated of me only serve to increase the division, when in a case like this both sides share the same ultimate respect for Dr. King. The Denver County Republican Party will continue to reach a hand over that divide in the hopes that we can join others looking to find unity, peace and healing for our community.

We must have missed the “unity, peace, and healing” part, because we surer than hell never saw it here.


We were forwarded a Facebook post attributed to Denver Republican Party chairwoman Kristina Cook from a couple of days ago that, whether it was intended as a throwaway line in an unrelated argument or whatever the purpose was, has now become a major embarrassment for Republicans nationally after being denounced last night by Bernice King, the youngest daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr:

So first of all–actually second after we note how gratuitously offensive this post is in any context–we’re curious whether this photo was taken in the City and County of Denver, which has had an assault weapon ban in place for many years. We’re not lawyers, but we do know that Denver’s assault weapons ban has withstood plenty of legal challenges–and it’s possible this photo was not a good idea for Denver GOP chairwoman Cook for very straightforward criminal liability reasons.

Setting that issue aside, the idea that Dr. King would have wanted a “a sniper on his side” on April 4th, 1968 when he was killed by a white man with a high-powered rifle is sufficiently ignorant of everything King stood for that we believe his daughter’s powerful rebuttal is absolutely sufficient. If Denver or other Colorado Republicans possess any residual shame, we expect to be hearing from them soon as well.


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  1. Mike W. says:

    These idiots want us to think having a firearm makes you invincible, and every instance of being shot at is some Die Hard-esque firefight for you to live your own evil fantasy.

    The single shot that King suffered went through his face, spine, and shoulder. He wouldn't have been able to physically respond to that past collapsing on the floor. If someone was standing next to him that day with a gun he still would've been shot dead, or his companion would've been shot first. If someone in public sees you carrying a firearm and they intend to do harm with their own, you're the first person that gets shot. Even if you aren't shot, the chances are slim to none that you'd be able to do anything other than cause even more chaos as many of the carriers in Las Vegas were quickly aware of. 

    Every instance of the GOP bringing up this utter and complete nonsense is nothing more than a SALES PLOY. They want dupes to keep investing in their cash cow. 

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    I once had to listen to Shawn Mitchell, acting in his capacity as an attorney for some RMGO idiots, argue as part of a presentation to our town council in support of unregulated open carry, using quotations from Mahatma Ghandi . . . 

    . . . I think we all already know what kinds of assault armaments that Jesus recommends his faithful followers carry????

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    This idiot reminds me of that moron whose name escapes me but who ran for the Jeffco school board a couple of years ago with a collection of firearms spread over her 8-year old son's bed.

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