Beauprez Campaign Says St. Martin Resigned

The Rocky Mountain News has more on a story we first reported yesterday:

Bob Beauprez’s campaign manager left the Republican congressman’s campaign for governor after just three months on the job, a spokesman for Beauprez said Monday.

Introduced as “permanent leadership” in December, Jack St. Martin joined the Beauprez campaign Jan. 3. By March 31, it was clear things weren’t working. “It wasn’t quite the right fit,” said John Marshall, who had been the deputy campaign manager.

Beauprez accepted St. Martin’s resignation and Marshall stepped into the top job. The campaign staff was told about the changes on April 3. Before joining Beauprez’s team, St. Martin served as a regional political director for the Republican National Committee and worked for the Christian Coalition and Americans of Faith.

“He’s an absolute consummate professional and he put the campaign’s interests above his own,” Marshall said.

St. Martin said the decision for him to leave Beauprez’s campaign was mutual but that he was disappointed. “I have a ton of respect for John, and Bob’s going to be the next governor,” St. Martin said, adding that he chose to leave out of consideration for senior management. “There was a little bit of disagreement about where the campaign should go,” he said.

Marshall and St. Martin agreed that the departure was amicable.

Outside the campaign though, there were other interpretations. Dick Leggitt, who is managing Marc Holtzman’s underdog campaign for governor, said the departure showed things weren’t running smoothly on Beauprez’s campaign. “You don’t change quarterbacks unless you’re losing,” Leggitt said.


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  1. weldco says:

    most insiders know how much atkinson and williams dislike eachother. bitterness held over from the benson campaign.  so I could appreciate katy’s comments about “senior consultants.” jack probably thought he might actually run the campaign, but learned it would really be run by williams, benson and tonner.

  2. Rock 5 says:

    Notice there is no retraction of the “we won’t debate” message from yesterday even though they had retracted it in the Post.

    Anyhow, back to the Campaign… I give them two weeks before they fold up the tents and Bob announces accepting a great new job on the beltway which he will start next January.

  3. answermethis says:

    Does Bob Beauprez’ decision to not enter another debate with Marc Holtzman reflect the positive characteristics we need in our next governor? Does Beauprez’ behavior reveal the professionalism and leadership qualities we need in our next governor? Will he run from problems when there is adversity and opposition? Can’t he defend his past political record?

  4. CoPolsNeedsUpgrading says:


    No.  No.  Yes.  No.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And the wheels of the bus come OFF OFF OFF, oh yes the wheels of the bus are comming off.

  6. Cliff says:

    Benson campaign, that is a very interesting theory.  I could see this happening.  St Martin probably didn’t want Owens and these other guys playing their usual role of establishment powerbrokers and Beauprez playing the role of their puppet.  Since these are the same guys that have “made” Beauprez he is afraid to tell them off.  He is in too much “political” debt-preventing him from standing on his own two feet.

  7. then answer this too says:

    Does Holtzman’s embarrasing childish behavior at the club 20 debate reveal the professionalism and leadership qualities we need in our next governor?

  8. wow... says:

    Shit happens. People disagree. It happens in the private, corporate world every day and campaign managers change every election. And of course Leggit is going to try and spin this–if he didn’t, there would be even more questions about why he is a campaign manager (and lend even more to the rumors that he is soon heading the same way as St. Martin?). 

    All of the speculation of the wheels on the bus falling off is hard to believe, especially when poll results show him ahead of Holtzman and kneck and kneck with Ritter. Also, the finance results should shed further light on this whole situation; seeing that as the sole Democrat Ritter raised $465K, anything above $390K would be a positive result in the midst of a primary.

    Only time will tell now. When do finance results have to be filed? Mid-month?

  9. BeauBeau ByeBye says:

    I think Bobbi is struggling…can little Swiss-Miss Marc unseat the Diary Farmer cum Yes Man?  Will B.O.’s losing touch foul Mr. Beauprez too?  Time will tell.  But its looking better and better for Bill.

  10. post the post says:

    post the post’s story. reading how marshall is willing to let beauprez debate marc again is priceless.

  11. Rock 5 says:

    “Guess What?” – I totally agree with your assertion that “Shit Happens. People Disagree”. Very true.
    But there are times when bad things can’t happen and still allow an organisation any chance of success. Imagine what would happen to a business if their CEO left right before an IPO? Bye, bye IPO, that is what would happen.
    Let’s look at Dirk Hallen leaving the Holtzman Campaign: Left last fall right? Went straight to another campaign as the CM rather than 2nd in Command which is where he was with Holtzman. This gave six months for Leggitt to build his team and shape the campaign in his own image. He had time to build the campaign when hardly anyone was paying attention.
    Not so with St. Martin’s departure. This was not planned… St. Martin’s “I’d like to stay in Colorado [but don’t have a job]” statement says as much. They have how many weeks before State Assembly?
    Both Campaigns are in a big push right now to find and/or steal Assembly delegates. The pressure is on.
    And the Beauprez Campaign just kicked the pressure on themselves up a notch by shaking things up. Their little flip-flop with the “we won’t debate”/”yes we’ll debate” message is a good example of a lack of direction.
    The next two weeks will be the killer… I just don’t think the Beauprez Campaign will survive.

  12. Holtzman Intern says:

    Marc is my hero!!  First he will come from 20 points down in the Primary to defeat Beauprez.  Then Holtzman will defeat Ritter by 40% in the General.  After that Marc will be elected President in 2008 with 75% of the vote!!  Then, in 2012 the United States will do away with elections and appoint Marc king!!  then Marc will conquer Asia, Africa, Europe and the rest of the world!! 

    If all of us Holtzman supporters on this blog say these things enough times they are bound to come true because every regisered voter in Colorado gets on this site on a daily basis to find out who they should vote for.

    Lets drink the Kool Aid!!!

  13. KoolAidRocks says:

    I like Kool Aid.  Are you saying I should vote for Marc?

  14. JeffCo Republican says:

    I’m surprised the Beauprez Camp isn’t trying to spin this better. I mean the guy was only there for 3 months. Why try to cover it up for a week before admitting he quit the day after a really bad press day for the campaign. They turned one bad press day into two… Isn’t there a political rule about doing stuff like that?

  15. ProPolOp says:

    After reading the comments about what is occuring on the Beauprez campaign, only one really stands out. It seems as if that the bb dog and pony show has made all the establishment republicans (those who do not think for themselves)drink Bob’s smurf blue (SEE: new Bob Beauprez yard signs)kool-aid.  However, they fail to realize that soon after the campaign manager quits, many others will jump ship. And, as stated previously, bb will announce that he is replacing Jack Abramhoff as D.C’s premier lobbyist.  And that can only be good for the state party.

  16. Holtzman Intern says:


    Absolutely you should vote for Marc. Once Marc is ordained as Supreme Potentate by receiving every single vote cast for governor he will appoint Iron Mike as Enabler in Chief, Laura Teal will be in charge of the Inquisition against Beauprez supporters, and Rock 5 as Head Gimp (I hear that he will live in a box and wear leather, just like in Pulp Fiction).

    Anyways, once Marc is in charge, Global warming will cease, peace will spread throughout the world, there will be no unemployment and most importantly Marc will make sure that every child gets a pet pony

    I can’t wait.  Tell us again how wonderful it will be Iron Mike and Rock 5!!

  17. Seriously says:

    kool-aid has a point you know… He/she points out that the BB Camp tried to cover up the loss of the Campaign Manager for a week before it got out. A week has gone by and BB had all of those problems over the weekend. Who else had quit and left everyone hanging?

  18. Iron Mike says:

    Can Rock 5 and switch spots? I kinda like the leather… and boxes are cool… and I don’t know what an “enabler” does, so… Could we switch?

    Do you have any other ideas “Holtzman Intern”? Keep them coming, everyone has such high respect for you right now.

  19. BeauBeau ByeBye says:

    Bobby is in a rough and tumble sort of way.  Little Swiss-Miss Marc is tacting to the right…  B.O.’s touch is like the turd wand, and the primary-masses are swarming for one they perceive as their own (whether he is or not), and I think things are shaping up for an all out Republican Brawl, fowwoed by a Dem mop up.

  20. Iron Mike says:

    I’m sorry BeauBeau… Fowwoed by what?

    Do you have something on your wip? You should go ask Babbwa about that. She wives over in Wakewood, by the owd Ewitches Gardens.

    Don’t forget, awways buy Cowowado.

    Ha, ha! Writing impediments are always fair game!

  21. BeauBeau ByeBye says:

    ha ha ok, point conceded

  22. Tipton race says:

    No credible campaign manager quits two weeks after caucus and going into county assemblies.

    *Spin, Marshall, all you like.*

    But St. Martin was fired. He must have been too conservative for the crew.

  23. Anonymous says:

    He totally got canned for incompetance. Did anyone else get that Allard Letter for the Caucuses? We did down here… Last week. Yeah, last week. Two weeks after caucuses we get our big endorsement for BB.

    The guy was a loser. He deserved to get fired.

  24. Holtzman Intern says:

    Iron Mike,

    I will have to check with Marc to see if you can switch with Rock 5. 

    Just so you know that in addition to her duties of ferriting out Beauprez supporters, Teal will be in charge of beating the gimp, but you may be into that kind of thing. 

    rebel rep, you are so right, St. Martin was way to conservative for Beauprez.  After all just look at Beauprez’s record on social issues like abortion and traditional marriage, he is over there with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean.  In fact I don’t think there has never been a politican as liberal as Beauprez. 

    Fortuantely Marc is the most conservative person in the world.  All hail Marc!!

    Now I have to run to Safeway and get the Kool-Aid for tonight.  Who likes tropical punch?

  25. Idiots says:

    I like Kool-aid (it’s easy too spell), can I have some?

    Yours in Fysical Phitness,
    Bob Beauprez

  26. Iron Mike says:

    I’m still probably cool with that. There was this one time in college, at this party, it was after Desert Storm and… Never mind… Probably best to keep that one to myself.

    Talk to Marc about the switch and give Bob my kool-aid, I think he needs cheering up.

  27. Tripod says:

    Holtzman needs to fire his media team. Anyone who knows him, knows he’s nothing like these people portray. His press is awful. Juxtaposed Ritter, Beauprez will be short and dumb. He’ll get creamed. Holtzman will be shorter, but he’s smarter and will get more votes than Beauprez. Ritter will come off as slow against Holtzman. Our best shot is Holtzman. Vote for Holtzman beginning July 29. (I’ll bet Beauprez doesn’t even know what that date is.)
    FURTHER, seems to me the person masquerading as Bob Beauprez on this site is breaking a rule. Isn’t he? Don’t we have rules here?

  28. Idiot says:

    I know we have rools.

    Yours in Fiscal Phytness Freedom,

    Bob Beauprez

  29. Anonymous says:

    Kan someoone Tel faaarmer Bob he are an idiot pleaz??  Both ways Bob is the best name anyone could ever have given the poor guy. 

    Yesterday: no more debates.  Today: yes of course I will debate.

    What is he? A twin of John Kerry?  A fake republican for sure. 

    Marc 2006 all the way!  Forget both wayzzzzzzzz bob.

  30. Holtzman Intern says:

    Wow – What a great Kool-Aid party last night at the Holtzman Campaign.  Who new that Teal could bong a gallon of Kool-Aid ata a time?  Fortunatley the Kool-Aid was only spiked with animosity toward the Beauprez Campaign. 

    Now for today’s marching orders –

    1) Even though the Holtzman campaign is down by 15+ points please play up that every single delegate to the state assembly has already promised to vote for Marc.

    2) Remember, every registered voter in the state of Colorado reads political blogs every day, so make sure you make Beauprez’s campaign team look bad – and Rock 5 please remember to be demeaning because that get us lots of votes

    3) When a Beauprez supporter actually has the nerve to respond our attacks be sure to call them a shill, because everyone who supports Beauprez is a shill, right?

    All hail Marc!

  31. Anonymous says:

    You heard the intern… He’s a Funny Guy! BB is up by 15 points in some poll. Not sure what poll, maybe the campaign he works for ran one among BB supporters.
    So if Bob keeps going up in the polls who do we think he’ll fire next? He did such a great job at Caucuses, why he had to can the Big Cheese… his Campaign Manager. Can’t let someone get away with stuff like that you know.

  32. funny guy says:

    How funny – I like this intern! And Rock 5… you sound a little shaken this morning… not sure how to respond when someone talks back? Maybe you should start posting as Iron Mike again. The gruff ol’ vet talk really makes them bloggers scurry!

    What’s also funny is Holtzman saying he’s done so well at the Caucuses – whatever! I heard he didn’t even show up for his own county assembly!!! Even worse, from what I hear, no one would even read the letter from Mighty Marc that he sent to his own county assembly! That sounds like a more accurate account of the sort of funny grassroots support Holtzman REALLY has…

  33. Iron Mike says:

    You rang?

    I thought Bob had all of the grassroots support… Why wasn’t he paying a group to create that “grass roots” support for him?

    Yeah, as a matter of fact, last year someone on this blog said that Holtzman’s Campaign was going to be “forced and baseless”…

    But hang on… I get it now! You’re saying that Marc is the one who really has the grassroots campaign! Hence, your criticism that Marc’s has a few chinks in his “grass roots” armor.

    I don’t care if Marc showed up for his own County Assembly, maybe he was busy.

    What about Bob? Did Beauprez show up for his own home county assembly in Boulder? What about the Boulder LDD? Did he go to that?

  34. Iron Mike says:

    By the way there Funny Gay, has anyone mentioned how foolish it is for you to still be on this thread desperately trying to wipe the crap off Bob and onto Marc?

    You’re kinda turning two days of bad press into three don’t you think?

    Oh wait, maybe you’re going to do you’re pull a Shamus and say that you’re not really a Beauprez supporter at all.

  35. shamus says:

    Mike you sound a little agitated today.  I am not a Beauprez supporter.

  36. Iron Mike says:


    I don’t know how I can be agitated when I’m laughing so hard. This is too funny. I real your last post shamus and all I could think to say in responce was:

    “Open the pod bay door HAL.”

    Yeah I know I’m a geek. What can I say, unlike Beauprez, I was too healthy to play footbal at CU and had to join the Army instead.


  37. shamus says:

    I think your tin foil hat is on a little tight today Mike.  I don’t think you were even in the Army.

  38. Iron Mike says:

    Open the pod bay door HAL.


  39. Iron Mike says:

    Boy, Beauprez got spanked here! Do you think he’ll be dropping out?

  40. shamus says:

    Yeah, BB is still licking his wounds.  He said he’ll quietly walk away as long as Holtzy dosen’t hurt him again.  Who else could withstand such a tongue lashing from a 5 foot “rock ribbed conservative”.

  41. Holtzman Intern says:

    please Holtzy don’t hurt ’em,

    Hey – how dare you talk about Holtzman that way!! 

    Marc is going to come back from 20 points down to win every delegate vote at the state assembly!!  And with Iron “the gimp” Mike, Rock 5, and Laura Teal at his side he will rise to ultimate power in Colorado!!

    In fact I heard the other day that Marc Holtzman has a night light – Not because Marc Holtzman is afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of Marc Holtzman.

  42. Bad Press says:

    That’s funny… The dark is just like Both Way Bob… He’s afraid to debate Marc you know.

  43. joseph says:

    Okay – obviously someone on either the gov’s staff or the bb campaign is posting here again… but he has totally blown his cover in addition to passing on bad intel. Guys – believe me when I say this – you shouldn’t believe everything your surrogates tell you. If fact, when they leave Denver and drive hours out into rural Colorado to represent your campaign, all they’re really thinking about are ways to secure a job in the next administration. They’ll tell you anything to make you think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. And remember the rule: the only support you can count on comes from the person who says he’s voting for the other guy.

  44. Defero Veritas says:

    First – I’ll admit I’m no professional in this business. I’m one of those many Captains that actually go out and walk my neighborhood and stand at corners in the morning with signs for good republicans on election day. But I have never been swayed by someone “skeaking on behalf of” someone else. Never.

    Funny Guy, whoever you are, I checked on this with a friend who also lives in the same county as Mark. She cleared up the whole thing for me. She said Mark went to Larimer and Weld, instead.

    And again, I’m no professional here, but if I had my choice of going to counties where there are something like 800 delegates versus a county with 30. I’d go to the 800.

    Are you nuts? Sure, you may be one of those eastern establishment campaign managers, but you are so clearly off the mark here it’s almost insulting.

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