Brauchler Announces Possible Gubernatorial Run in 2018

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Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler.

Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler.

In an interview on KNUS 710-AM Saturday Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler announced he’s considering a run for governor in 2018.

Asked by host Craig Silverman what he thought about going for the governor’s job in 2018, Brauchler said:

Brauchler: “I am going to consider it, Craig, of course. I am going to look hard at it. And I have been really encouraged by a bunch of different people across the spectrum… It’s surreal for people to be saying, ‘Hey, you should consider taking a stab at the biggest statewide office in Colorado.’ That’s kind of bizarre.”

When Brauchler announced his decision in September, 2015, not to run for U.S. Senate, he told The Denver Post he “had gone pretty far down the road” toward running but had decided against it for family reasons.

But now, looking ahead to 2018, he said:

Brauchler: “It’s something I would definitely consider. I wouldn’t say no. I love this state. I’ve been here almost every minute of my life. And I want my kids to want to be here. I want other kids from across country to move to Colorado and have the same opportunities I had. And I’m concerned that that may not be the case. So for those reasons, yeah, I will definitely consider it.”

Brauchler is the first candidate, Democrat or Republican, to announce a possible gubernatorial run.

Listen to Brauchler on KNUS 710-AM here:

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  1. PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

    Salazar can't be far behind.  Especially seeing as he's free.  Ken's gonna be a hard nut to crack.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      I don't know. Electoral response to politicians who went to Washington to serve and then stayed to be lawyers or lobbyists didn't seem to work well this year.

      I'm thinking there may be some other Democrat who has been here in Colorado who catches fire.

  2. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Ken is a very fine man.  I just might sign on with him as a last hurrah.

  3. Roger Edwards, Candidate CO 6th DistrictPowerful Pear says:

    Not unexpected.

  4. Gray in Mountains says:

    It's Salazar's if he still wants it

  5. Civics101 says:

    I fully expect it will be George Brauchler vs Ken Salazar.  They are both fine candidates… not like we got with the GOP and Democratic candidates for president.

    Walker Stapleton might be interested, but I don't think he can beat Brauchler for the nomination.

    The real question is who would be the Democratic candidate, if Salazar passes.

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